Woman Sought In Theft Of Dog In Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade police are looking for a woman accused of stealing a husky and now they are also looking for her boyfriend, who allegedly called the dog's owner and told her to stop posting posters with his girl's image or he would contact an attorney.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: Now at 5:00, a South Florida family desperate to find their dog after someone was caught on camera stealing the pooch. What's worse is they tried to put up fliers for help, and that move ended up making her safe return even more uncertain.

ELLIOT RODRIGUEZ: CBS4's Ted Scouten is live in Southwest Miami-Dade with the latest on the search. Ted?

TED SCOUTEN: Elliot and Lauren. As you can imagine, this family is very upset that their dog is gone, and they're angry because they said they got a phone call saying they wouldn't be getting the dog back.

Now, what they've been doing is they've been putting these posters up around the neighborhood. This is Southwest 122nd Avenue and 34th Street in the Village Green area.

YAMI POLO: I'm feeling really hurt. I feel hurt.

TED SCOUTEN: Yami Polo is missing one of her dogs. Her seven-month-old husky, Snow, is gone. She and Bronco got out of the yard a week ago.

YAMI POLO: I noticed my girl is not here, so I go out and I start screaming her name. My neighbor tells me, "I saw a girl grabbing your dog in a white Mercedes ML 350."

TED SCOUTEN: A couple of neighbors gave Yami surveillance video. You can see Snow running not far from the house. Then Yami saw the video of that white Mercedes SUV stop, someone get out, and take the dog.

YAMI POLO: It was really quick. They see the dog, they pull up to the side. You can see where she opens the door, she goes down, she takes the dog, and then she leaves. She leaves. She didn't even look back.

TED SCOUTEN: She was hoping when that car stopped and took the dog they were just trying to keep it safe. Yami put up posters with the girl's picture on it. That's when she got a phone call.

YAMI POLO: He calls my boyfriend. He calls my boyfriend asking, "Are you the one that is looking for the husky?" And he goes, "Yeah, please. Do you have any information?"

And then he says, "You are shameless. You're posing my girl on every flyer. You cannot do that. You're going to see my lawyer." So he goes, "I'm not going to give you the dog back," he hung up.

TED SCOUTEN: And that's when Miami-Dade police got involved. Investigators tell us they're looking for that man and the girl in the video. Police say they called the man back, they said he was using a non-traceable internet phone.

YAMI POLO: And he goes, "No, the police is in this. So I'm going to call a lawyer, you're going to hear from my lawyer." He hung up on the police and he put his phone off. And nothing. Since then, nothing.

TED SCOUTEN: So now, investigators are looking at this as a theft case. They're looking for the man who they said made that phone call, also, the woman that you see on the video. If you have any information that can help give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers a call. That number is 305-471-TIPS.

Live in southwest Miami-Dade, Ted Scouten, CBS4 News.