Woman sparks debate after revealing she was called out for wearing crop top to a job interview

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 (TikTok / @xoemmss)
(TikTok / @xoemmss)

Rule of thumb: dress for the job you want. This TikToker took that advice literally when she revealed in a viral video that a hiring manager called her “unprofessional” for wearing a crop top to a job interview.

In the TikTok, Em records herself in the car wearing a short-sleeve red crop top. The voiceover says, “He asked me why I wore a crop top to an interview and said it was unprofessional.”

Em cuts the video to show the location of the interview, a Twin Peaks restaurant, and a uniform. “If you know, you know,” she says.

The video received over one million views, and TikTokers backed Em’s clothing choice in the comments.

The top comment came from user @kaylana1998, who said, “You have to dress for the part. You don’t dress the same for an interview at Walmart vs a bottle girl at the club.”

Another user did the same as Em and wore a crop top to her interview at Twin Peaks: “Yup I wore a crop top and got hired on the spot!” According to TikTok user Amber, “The best rule is dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”


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