Woman sparks debate by saying only insecure men order bottle service: ‘Trying to flex’

 (TikTok / @jcraigslist)

A woman sparked an online debate when she claimed that men who order bottle service at a club are insecure. Some internet users defended the right to order bottle service during a night out, while others agreed that it’s a major red flag.

The Toronto-based TikToker named Julia Craig shared her controversial opinion in a video that has since gained more than 260,000 views. In the clip, the text overlay reads: “A statement that’s going to piss a lot of people off: bottle service is the fastest way to pick out insecure men. They try to use their money to flex through bottles meanwhile they look like idiots for paying $700 for a $40 bottle and stand there on their phones taking pics of the bottle the entire night”.

Craig’s TikTok video caused a debate in the comments section. Many viewers defended ordering bottle service, saying, “If you’re with your friends and you only want to party with them and not deal with lines and other people that’s when bottle service is fun.”

Craig agreed, replying, “Totally! I’m talking about the weekend warriors that do it every time they go out and spend the night on their phone.”

Some commenters pointed out that ordering bottle service is oftentimes the only way they are able to step inside a club. Others shared that paying for their own section lets them enjoy a night out without being bothered by the crowds.

“When you go to really popular places, girls are ushered in through the line, guys have to pay a lot of money to get a table to get into those venues,” one person commented, to which Craig replied: “Fair point!”

“Actually I want my own space to enjoy the DJ and not deal with people spilling drinks on me or bumping into me or my gf,” said one person.

“I disagree, if I like the DJ performing that night and have the money, and want to be comfortable with my girl this doesn’t make me insecure,” said someone else.

However, Craig’s video also drew a lot of praise.

“Couldn’t be more true,” commented one TikToker.

“As an ex bottle girl, yes,” said someone else.

One user shared their experience of watching men order bottle service at a club: “Went to a day club in Vegas and it’s all men and their bros on the day beds/cabanas just staring at women. Wonder what their success rate is.”

Last week, a bottle service waitress went viral on TikTok for sharing just how much money she makes in tips in a single day. Nina, also known as a “bottle girl”, took her followers along as she documented her shift at a club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nina shocked viewers when she showed her $1,800 tip on one tab and a $3,000 tip on another.

“I’m in the wrong profession,” commented one shocked TikToker.

“You just made six months of my rent,” another person shared.