Woman Stabbed 30 Times in the Face Forgives Attacker

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Julissa Marquez was brutally attacked and stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. Miraculously, she survived the horrific attack and joins The Doctors to share her story of survival.

Following an argument, her ex came to her home and began to beat her. Her son was home at the time as well, Julissa told him to lock himself in his room. The attack continued and only became more horrific as he pulled out a knife and began to stab Julissa repeatedly on her face and head. He then began to choke her and screamed, “Why don’t you die already.” Luckily, Julissa was saved by her pastor, who pushed the man off of her and called the authorities.

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Julissa joins The Doctors to tell her story and share what helped her persevere through such a life-altering event. She credits her son as the driving force behind how she overcame the violent attack. She tells ER physician Dr. Travis Stork during the attack she thought to herself, “My job isn’t done, I still have to raise my son.”

In what may be most shocking, Julissa did not press charges against her ex. She reveals that he was suffering from schizophrenia and she was able to forgive him for what he did. In fact, in the midst of the horrible incident she says she was able to forgive him.

“He was sick, he doesn’t need jail time. He needs help, he needs medical attention,” she explains to a shocked audience. She goes on to credit her belief in a higher power for her ability to forgive, saying, “I have a lot of faith in God, he’s been my strength.”

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Initially after the attack, Julissa’s doctors thought she would never see again and offered her a glass eye. She is now left with 30 percent of her vision in her right eye, but it’s very blurry and limited. Doctors had to reattach her retina in order for her to regain some of her ability to see. While she might currently only have 30 percent vision, following the attack she had no vision at all. Even with a limited ability to see, Julissa says she is grateful for what she has and for the fact that she is alive.

In an effort to help improve her life, The Doctors lined up a slew of surprises for the brave survivor – including one that will help her see the world again. Julissa was equipped with a pair of eSight glasses, high-tech eye wear that enables those with impaired vision the ability to see better.

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As for who she is most excited to lay her eyes on first with her new high-tech gadget, an emotional Julissa tells Dr. Stork, “I can’t wait to see my son.” See all of the surprises for Julissa in the video below.