Woman Struck, Killed By Car At Queens Car Wash

A woman in Queens was struck and killed while waiting at a car wash on Monday. Police said it happened in front of her daughter. CBS2’s Ali Bauman reports.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: I'm Dana Tyler. We start with breaking news tonight. A woman in Queens is struck and killed while she was waiting at a car wash, and police say it happened in front of her daughter.

CBS's Ali Bauman, live in Ozone Park with more. Ali?

ALI BAUMAN: Dana, police are here talking to car wash employees, investigating after a woman was hit by this car here and killed this afternoon. It happened around 2:00 PM at the car wash on Cross Bay Boulevard by Gold Road.

Police say a car wash employee was pulling a Jeep out from the wash bay when he apparently lost control and struck a 54-year-old woman standing nearby with her daughter. The mother was killed, her daughter was not injured, and the vehicle stopped when it hit another car.

I spoke to one employee off camera, who told me the woman's family has since returned to pick her car up that she was waiting here for, and he said they were understandably beside themselves, upset.

Now, back here live, you can see that it is still an active scene here with police. The car wash employee was taken into custody for questioning, but at this time we're told the incident is not being investigated as a criminal matter.

For now, we're live in Ozone Park, Queens, Ali Bauman, CBS2 News.

DANA TYLER: All right, Ali. Thank you.