Woman sues LAUSD over alleged sexual abuse by former teacher

A second woman is suing the Los Angeles Unified School District, alleging she was sexually abused by a teacher from 1989 to 1991 when she was in elementary school.

Video Transcript

- --new lawsuit is being brought by one of the teacher's alleged victims.

- She says she was suffered abuse decades ago as a small child and is now coming forward as a way to help other victims do the same. Here's Eyewitness News reporter Leo Stallworth.

- As a little girl, I wasn't able to speak up about the abuse that happened to me.

LEO STALLWORTH: This woman says she was one of many students who suffered sexual abuse as a mere child while a student at 96th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles in the late '80s and early '90s. Attorneys for the woman filing a civil lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District claiming the district was negligent in hiring and supervising this man, Luis Moreno, a teacher at the elementary school at the time.

Moreno pleaded guilty in 1993 to 11 counts of sexual battery against minors under 14 years of age.

MICHAEL CARRILLO: In 1989, and 1990, and the 1990, 1991 school years, Mr. Moreno was molesting little girls left and right. He would call them into his classroom, touch them all over their bodies, in their private parts and their private areas-- and we're talking about five and six-year-old little kids, little girls.

LEO STALLWORTH: Attorneys for the woman saying even though she was sexually abused as an elementary school student some three decades ago, she's found the courage to speak up and seek legal action against the school district. The woman's attorneys add she's not alone.

MICHAEL CARRILLO: As of now, there are three total that have filed the lawsuit. But only more will come against the LA Unified School District for what happened to them in the late '80s and the early 90s.

LEO STALLWORTH: A Los Angeles Unified School District spokesperson issuing this statement, "we have not been served with a suit and we do not comment on pending litigation. However, the safety and well-being of our students remains our top priority." The civil suit doesn't spell out a particular dollar amount in damages. However, attorneys say their biggest priority is ensuring the school district does whatever is necessary to ensure children are safe from sexual abuse at school.

LUIS CARRILO: It's a shame that the LAUSD has permitted these kind of abuses to go on for many, many, many years.

MICHAEL CARRILLO: These young women that we represent, they've gained the courage to come forward after all these years because they know it's right. They're seeking justice for what happened to them. Because they want change. They want change to come to the LA Unified. And it's just not happening.