Woman Suing BLM For Using Fake, Racist Messages She Says She Didn't Send

The Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter is being sued by a Texas woman after she says the group’s founder accused her of racist and threatening emails she never sent.

Video Transcript

- Tonight, a Texas realtor suing the Sacramento chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement over racist messages she says she never sent. The messages were posted to the group's Facebook account. And ever since, that woman says her family has been living in fear.

- CBS13's Laura Haefeli is live in Sacramento with the libel lawsuit tonight. Laura.

LAURA HAEFELI: We did get a chance to sit down and speak with Kara Crowley at her lawyer's office here in Rockland. We asked her about those messages sent to the BLM chapter in Sacramento. She says, when she read them, she was shocked. Her name's on it, CrowleyKara64@gmail.com. But she claims the Gmail account's not hers and neither are the messages it sent.

- I was shocked. I was in total disbelief.

LAURA HAEFELI: Black Lives Matter Sacramento received these racist emails last week.

I'm looking at some of the emails that this CrowleyKara64@gmail sent. Some of the things that were said in it, "white people are kings." "We've always taught our children to fear African-Americans." You're saying none of this came from you and--

- Absolutely not. And I don't believe any of that.

LAURA HAEFELI: BLM Sacramento took to Facebook to post the hateful emails, garnering hundreds of likes and sparking backlash on social media. To expose the person behind the account, BLM Sacramento founder Tanya Faison went on to write about Crowley that her information has been verified.

- She knew my business address, my PO box, my home address, my phone numbers.

LAURA HAEFELI: Crowley claims she asked Faison to remove the post.

- When Kara wrote them and said, this is not me, they should have pulled it down. And they refused.

LAURA HAEFELI: So Crowley is suing BLM and its founder for thousands of dollars.

- The real goal here is to have this trash taken down off the internet and to have BLM apologize for what they've done.

LAURA HAEFELI: Faison did not return our request for comment. But other local activists say they've received hateful messages like these before.

- We're constantly getting death threats.

LAURA HAEFELI: Barry Axias is the founder of Voice of the Youth.

- A lot of people use, you know, fake identities. You have to deal with that kind of rhetoric, that kind of poison. A lot of us just don't react to it.

LAURA HAEFELI: Crowley and her lawyers say they approve the messages aren't hers after Google traces the account's IP address.

- We did reach out to Tanya Faison, the founder of BLM's chapter in Sacramento. We reached out to her several times. She has not gotten back to us.

- All right. Thanks, Laura.