Woman Trapped For 10 Hours Under Awning

CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reports the weight of the melting snow brought down an awning trapping a woman underneath—The fire department used an airbag to lift the heavy awning.

Video Transcript

- Also breaking, a harrowing rescue. Firefighters racing to get to a suburban woman trapped for 10 hours under a collapsed awning. CBS 2's Charlie De Mar live in Schiller Park with how they finally got her out. Charlie.

CHARLIE DE MAR: Erica, pretty incredible. 10 hours underneath that awning. The weight actually brought that awning down and the fire department used an airbag to lift the awning off the woman. Check out this incredible video of the Schiller Park Fire Department aggressively working to free that woman from under the large awning that was covered in ice and snow.

The canopy was finally stabilized with struts, and the woman in her 50s was pulled out after an airbag was used to slowly raise the awning, similar to a jack. The fire chief says the woman went out sometime around 12:00 or 1:00 yesterday afternoon to shovel, and it wasn't until 10:15 last night that a family member called 911.

The next door neighbor said she had no idea that the woman needed help. She was there for 10 hours. Did you hear her screaming or anything, coming from the backyard?

JESSICA MELESIO: No, not from the backyard. I don't know, maybe 'cause stuff was on top or what happened. But I didn't really hear anything. All that caught my attention was all the lights and stuff last night.

CHARLIE DE MAR: That woman was eventually rescued, taken to a trauma center. But Irika, again, 10 hours underneath all that snow, ice, and that heavy awning.

- Thank you, Charlie.