Woman unknowingly carries winning lottery ticket in purse for weeks

Woman unknowingly carries winning lottery ticket in purse for weeks
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A German woman who didn't know she had a lottery ticket worth over $38 million in her purse reportedly carried it around for weeks.

The unnamed 45-year-old from Lower Franconia sent officials from LOTTO Bayern, a German lottery company, into a weekslong search when she did not come forward after she won the drawing. She learned of her winnings the next time she played the lottery, according to a press release from LOTTO Bayern.

“At the thought of having carried almost 33 million euros in my wallet for several weeks, I still feel dizzy,” the woman said in the release.


She bought two lottery tickets for $1.42 each, picking her own numbers for both. On one of the tickets, she guessed six correct base numbers in addition to one “super number,” making her the lone winner of the jackpot in LOTTO Bayern’s first prize class.

This is the last time the woman will play the lottery, according to the release.

“Almost 33 million euros are more than enough for my husband, my daughter, and me. I now give priority to other tipsters and wish them as much luck as I had,” she said.

The woman will focus her winnings on developing a more “conscious” lifestyle for her family.

“By this, we mean healthy eating, more time for exercise in the fresh air, and responsible treatment of our environment," she said. "We are also very much looking forward to soon being able to build our own energy-saving and resource-saving house with a natural garden.”


In May, a Massachusetts convenience store owner returned a scratch-off lottery ticket worth $1 million to a woman after she threw it away thinking it was worthless.

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