Woman unwittingly stirs up U.S. passport debate on TikTok

The United States and Great Britain have a rivalry that dates back centuries. Our sports, entertainment and even just way of life are pitted against each other often, and one TikToker has been able to capitalize on it.

Kobie Jordan (@kjordyyy) has a series on TikTok in which he asks people in the United Kingdom “What pisses you off about Americans?” His mission, as stated in his bio is “Bridging the gap between cultures.”

In one of his more recent videos, he asked a woman that question and her response sparked an interesting conversation.

“You guys go on holiday in your own country,” she said. After Jordan tried to explain to her how big the United States was, she replied, “I know, but like, explore the world.”

The initial question of “What pisses you off about Americans?” already invites conflict. Yet, the comment section was ready to go to battle on this one.

“She’s going to mad when she finds out we vacation in our own state,” said @darlingsarah817.

“Tropical, desert, plains, mountains, islands, artic, beaches, rainforest. We have it ALL,” replied @dhenry256.

One of the most popular comments made the case for Americans not going abroad and using the small size of Great Britain to show it isn’t as easy as the woman made it seem.

“Our country isn’t the size of Rhode Island!” said @love4life0704.

The kicker of the video came when she found out that Americans don’t need a passport to travel inside the country.

“We don’t have to have passports to travel,” Jordan told her. “We can just use our driver’s license.”

It was then that Jordan edited the video to zoom in on her confused face and put question marks all over the screen.

“…..wait do you need passports to travel in your own countries? It’s the same in Canada,” commented @kelsdoh.

On the screen, Jordan repeatedly showed pictures of how big Great Britain is compared to the United States — revealing how different it is to travel within the U.S. and out of the United Kingdom to neighboring countries.

The woman’s responses sparked a big enough debate that this became one of Jordan’s top 3 most watched videos.

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