Woman's body found after NE Houston travel trailer fire

Investigators believe she was staying in the abandoned travel trailer to get out of the cold.

Video Transcript


- Well, a woman's body was found after fire burned up a travel trailer parked in Northeast Houston. Firefighters were called to Bunte and Lockwood about 1:30 this morning. And after firefighters got the blaze out, they discovered a woman dead inside. Detectives believe she was staying in that travel trailer to get out of the cold.

- Do you think she may have been like a homeless person who was on the street, or?

THOMAS SIMMONS: Possibly. From what I heard, a man-- this gentleman met her just tonight. And since it was cold, you know, he offered her a place to get out of the cold for the night. But he wasn't around when the fire happened. Actually the owner of the property went and picked him up and brought him back over here.

- There's a live look at the scene this morning. Firefighters brought out arson sniffing dogs to see if they can pinpoint where that fire got started.

THOMAS SIMMONS: Thomas, T-H-O-M-A-S, Simmons, S-I-M-M-O-N-S. I'm Detective Sergeant of Houston Police Department Homicide Division. At approximately 1:30 this morning here in the 5400 block of Bunte, HFD was called for what they thought might have been a trash fire. When they finally got to the back of the property, it turned out to be a small travel trailer. After the fire was extinguished, there was a body found inside the trailer.

We're talking to witnesses now. It appears that-- we're thinking it's a possible female. We don't have any identification on her just as yet. She had apparently met a man that's allowed to come stay on the property, and he let-- since it was so cold tonight, he was going to let her stay in the back trailer. But he had left, was down the street at the time of the fire. There was a resident at the front of the property, noticed the fire and called it in.