Woman's sandwich 'hack' divides TikTok

user @hannahsmithhhh came up with a "hack" that got her some food without asking. She tested it out on her significant other and captioned the video "What he doesn't know won't kill him”. Simply all she does is cut a sandwich down the middle and then cut off a portion of the sub from one of the inside pieces. When she pushes the larger pieces back together, it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary. The video concludes with her secretly filming her unsuspecting partner eating his sandwich. The food hack has been viewed over 1.5 million times. the comments seemed divided on whether this was "genius" or whether it was a problem that her partner wouldn't just give her half of the sandwich. "She is a d*** genius," one person commented. "This is why I have trust issues," another added. "He doesn't share with you?" someone asked. "Do it for the TikTok," @hannahsmithhhh replied

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