On Women Festival 2021 Ready To Once Again Showcase Some Of The Best Talent Around

In celebration of Women's History Month, a theater company in Brooklyn is presenting a monthlong festival with a wide variety of work by, for and about women. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: In celebration of Women's History Month, a theater company in Brooklyn is presenting a month-long festival with a wide variety of work by, for, and about women.

MAURICE DUBOIS: And it features contributions from around the world. Here's CBS 2's Mary Calvi.

MARY CALVI: In this converted church in Brooklyn, the Irondale Theater Company is not letting a pandemic stand in the way of its fourth annual, month-long On Women Festival.

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MARY CALVI: For this Women's History Month this most challenging year, they'll be showcasing two stage productions that have been recorded and will be streamed.


They're offering a global showcase of women-focused video submissions in a new media category. There will also be two live but virtual cabaret nights. Maya Carter is a cocurator of the festival.

MAYA CARTER: I think that all of the pieces that are in this festival are gorgeous in a variety of different ways and talk about, you know, women's issues in a variety of different ways. I think that there's a lot of different points of entry to the conversation around womanhood.


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MARY CALVI: Broadway vet Jessica Hendy is the star and creator of a one-woman show "Walking With Bubbles," a true story of a harrowing divorce and the scary realities of mental illness. But she says right now it's actually being on stage again that's striking an emotional chord.

JESSICA HENDY: Being in a theater, I mean, it makes me want to cry. Like, I will never take for granted being on stage again, ever. This is what I was born to do.

MARY CALVI: Another actor, Liz Neitge, is starring in "If There's a Breakage, You Will Find Chips." She says Women's History Month is the perfect time for a deep dive into the far reaches of women-focused programming.

LIZ NEITGE: It shows really a different kind of way that we can think about Women's History Month and how anyone from these these genders that are marginalized, it's really diverse and it doesn't just mean one thing. It means a lot of things.

MARY CALVI: Last year, On Women was forced to pause in the middle as the city went into lockdown. This year in the true spirit of the show must go on, organizers have found a bright spot in presenting a theater festival even in a pandemic. Emilio Circi is one of the festival producers.

EMILIO CIRCI: We just want eyes on it. We want as many people as possible. And I think this year, more people than ever are going to be able to see it because of the way we're doing it.

MARY CALVI: Mary Calvi, CBS 2 News.