Women Sue LAPD Alleging Officers Wrongfully Targeted Them

The Los Angeles Police Department is facing a lawsuit after two women say they were wrongfully targeted by officers.

Video Transcript

- Now, two local women say moving day turned into a nightmare when they found themselves facing police with guns drawn. They claim they were wrongfully targeted and now they're suing. KCAL 9's Brittney Hopper's live in Pasadena with more on this case, Brittney.

BRITNEY HOPPER: And Pat, these two women tell me that they've never been arrested. They've never even been in trouble with the law. Yet, they were treated like criminals. What looked like a scene from out of a movie was actually these two women's worst nightmare.

SHEILANEE SEN: It was terrifying. It was probably the most afraid I've been in my life.

BRITNEY HOPPER: Shibani Balsaver, a film producer and Sheilanee Sen, who works in community development had rented a U-Haul to help move Balsaver into a new house from Hollywood to Los Feliz when they were pulled over by the LAPD. They recall wondering what they had done. Parked the U-Haul in front of Balsaver's new home but looked in their rearview mirror and saw this-- at least 10 officers, guns drawn, and a helicopter flying above.

SHIBANI BALSAVER: I thought I was going to get shot. I really thought that that was the end.

BRITNEY HOPPER: They were ordered to get out of the U-Haul with their hands behind their heads and walk toward the officers backwards. Then they say they were slammed to the ground.

SHIBANI BALSAVER: I felt his knee in my back and my neck and pushed me down into the pavement. Pushed my face down. It's really scary.

BRITNEY HOPPER: It wasn't until they were in the back of the police cars. They say they were told by LAPD. They had been pulled over because they thought the U-Haul had been stolen. Balsaver told the officer a receipt for the U-Haul that she had rented it earlier that morning was in her purse. And later, the two women were let go. The incident happened February of 2020 but their attorney Brian Olney, says this never should have happened. And has filed a lawsuit against the LAPD.

BRIAN OLNEY: Courts have made very clear. But the LAPD refuses to listen. They know what the law is. They're sworn to uphold it, but they made a deliberate decision to break it.

BRITNEY HOPPER: Now, we did reach out to the LAPD, they said no comment pending litigation. Back to you guys in the studio.

- OK, Britney, thank you.