Women's Flag Football Team To Debut For St. Thomas University

CBS4 photojournalist Rafael Murciano caught up with St. Thomas University's new women's flag football team.

Video Transcript

- Also new at six, flag football is one of the fastest growing sports in the nation and St. Thomas University is joining the trend introducing a women's flag football team. They play their first ever home game tomorrow. On CBS 4, photojournalist Rafael Marciano caught up with the ladies of the gridiron before their big debut.

- Family on me, family on three. 1, 2, 3.

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KAYLA ALVAREZ: Yeah, I feel very grateful to be part of the first group of women to play the sport collegiately, and it's an honor to be able to pave the way for future generations. It's a huge thing to be the first team to ever do it, and one of the first few teams in the entire nation. So it's only going to grow bigger from here.


JADA GRAHAM: I've been playing flag football all my life, since sixth grade. And I've been playing every grade since. I'm here now in college, at a collegiate level.


TIFFANY WALKER: If I had scored the first ever touchdown in my program's history. Super exciting. It was the perfect play, Jada scored-- got the perfect ball on me. I ran it up the field, had to turn on the gas a little bit. But it was it was a crazy game. I loved it. I love the sport.


ERICK BURZANKO: I just think our team's a relentless group that has a good attitude, good effort, and they're always going to-- they're always going to want to improve every day. And they come to work every day, ready to improve and-- and be better as human beings and athletes so.