Women's lacrosse team at UD suspended after COVID violation

The women's lacrosse team at the University of Delaware has been suspended for six weeks for violating COVID-19 protocols.

Video Transcript

- A breach of COVID protocols has landed Delaware's women's lacrosse team in hot water.

- The team now facing a six-week suspension by the university in the middle of their season. "Action News's" Walter Perez joining us now live in studio to break this one down. Walter?

WALTER PEREZ: That's right, [? Brian ?] and [? Sarah. ?] As you mentioned, this is a six-week suspension of the women's lacrosse team at the University of Delaware. But since they're already six games into a 12-game schedule, the Blue Hens' season is, in effect, over. It started when school officials were notified of a big indoor gathering on Sunday, March 21, about two weeks ago, reportedly hosted by members of the team. The university investigated those claims and later sent out a release describing that gathering as a violation not only of the university's COVID-19 guidelines, but also of a student athlete social pledge and a city ordinance for indoor gatherings there in Newark limiting indoor gatherings at 10 people.

So university officials saying they felt as though they had no choice but to suspend the women's lacrosse team. Now, Chrissi Rowak, the university's director of intercollegiate athletics, released a statement reading in part, "We have spoken to our student-athletes at length about the protocols and guidelines that must be followed for us to provide a safe environment not only for the university but our community as well. We will continue to communicate with our student-athletes how important it is for them to honor the social pledge and stay disciplined in their choices."

So once again, the University of Delaware women's lacrosse team found in violation of COVID protocols has been suspended for six weeks, effectively ending their season. Back to you guys.

- All right, Walter, thank you.