WOODS TO WRITING DESK: Celebrating the Earth

Taylor Ann Bradford, Gloucester Daily Times, Mass.
·1 min read

Apr. 16—It is time to party.

Why, you might ask?

Because, faithful reader, the Earth is pretty cool.

While the hemlocks and granite boulders have been around a lot longer than you and me both, humankind finally came to its collective senses around the late 1900s and realized that these beautiful, natural phenomena deserved a celebration.

And so, in 1970, junior Sen.Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin established the first Earth Day to bring awareness of environmental issues and encourage community engagement in preserving the Earth.

Prior to Nelson's initiative, according to the official Earth Day website, "Americans were consuming vast amounts of leaded gas through massive and inefficient automobiles. Industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear of the consequences from either the law or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity. Until this point, mainstream America remained largely oblivious to environmental concerns and how a polluted environment threatens human health."

The initiative to save the Earth went global in the 1990s with more than 200 million people in 141 countries setting the stage for environmental preservation.

Since then, communities all over the world have been celebrating the Earth on this day — and an additional 364 days — a year in a myriad of ways.

On Cape Ann, our community is charged with a special mission as the natural world is so intertwined with society.

The party has already started, how will you celebrate?

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