Woodworking team build desks for remote learning children

A woodworking team built desks for children learning remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video Transcript

STACEY BACA: In a Batavia wood shop a woodworking team led by David Anderson builds desks for children learning remotely, 36 and counting.

DAVID ANDERSON: Most of us have grandkids and we know the impact on them. So we're helping grandkids all over the country, because this movement has gone everywhere.

RICHARD JACOBSON: The motivation is that it gives us a sense of great satisfaction to be able to help others out.

RONALD HECHT: We can do together as a group for a very great cause.

STACEY BACA: And a group they are, sharing woodworking, sharing life.

DAVID ANDERSON: We talk about our problems, and our physical ailments, and what's going on, and this and that, and the grandkids. We all have a story. We're all in the same time of life.

RICHARD JACOBSON: We have a lot of interest in each other. And so we hear all these great stories from, and of course, being the age we are, a lot of them go back to many years before and we have lots of laughs.

STACEY BACA: So they've never met the children who are receiving these desks. But look what they're getting today. Thank you cards.

DAVID ANDERSON: He looks just like you, Ron.

RONALD HECHT: I thought it was you.

BONNIE BAUMGARTNER: These kids are just so, so thankful. The families feel very blessed and very fortunate, and they're really excited to have received these.

DAVID ANDERSON: This is their spot, and this is where they can do their studying and feel like it's their own.

STACEY BACA: Yes, it's about the desks, the children, the cards.

RONALD HECHT: That's worth all the work we put into this, is the cards we've gotten.

STACEY BACA: And it's also about life and sharing it together. At Covenant Living at the Homestead in Batavia, Stacey Baca, ABC 7 Eyewitness News.