Wooster family: Child still hospitalized after being struck in crosswalk

WOOSTER, Ohio (WJW) — An 11-year-old boy remains hospitalized days after being struck, his parents said, in a crosswalk on the College of Wooster campus.

Ezra Swartzentruber is described by his mother Joanna and father Karl as a kind-hearted and thoughtful child. He was leaving a basketball game when they said he was hit crossing Beall Avenue.

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“It’s a mess of emotion,” said Joanna Swartzentruber, who witnessed the incident. “You’re scared for your kid.”

Swartzentruber said his son was hit by a student driving around 6 p.m. Saturday. No one else was injured.

Wooster Police did not respond to a request from Fox 8 News for additional information about the incident.

“The College of Wooster put on an event last Saturday for one of the local elementary schools, so there were a lot of elementary school students there attending this basketball game,” Ezra’s mother said.

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The road to recovery will be long Swartzentruber said, after suffering broken bones, multiple skull fractures and expected hearing loss in one ear.

“His jaw is fractured,” she said. “He has fractures all along the right-hand side of his skull. There are some puncture wounds in the back from him hitting something when he hit the ground.”

An online fundraiser is underway to help pay for medical expenses.

“He should be at home playing with his siblings,” Ezra’s mother said. “He should be at the guitar back at guitar lessons yeah I just think that he is a child and he should be doing what children are supposed to be doing which is enjoying his life.”

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The family thanked the continued support of the community and said cards have lifted Ezra’s spirits during this difficult time.

“He’s been dealing with feeling so sad being here,” she said. “Anytime he is awake he misses his younger siblings, he misses his friends. So when we read those letters, it’s such a big deal to him.”

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