How much did the new neighbors pay? Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, April 16

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.
Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.


$217,500, 2 S Main St, Savoie, Clarence R, to Cg Northshore Prop LLC.


$350,000, 38 Heywood Rd, Blr Prop Managment LLC, to Torres, Reynaldo, and Torres, Nancy.


$325,000, 670 Brooks Rd, Waslaske, Ida M, to Gonzalez, Dulce A, and Camacho, Juan G.$287,000, 557 Lenox St, Brighenti Robert J Est, and Hicks, Angela M, to Barber, Tania, and Barber, Paul.$177,000, 539 Sanders St, Nidia Ferreira-Morales T, and Lockheimers, Juan N, to Davis, Lilian R, and Silva, Denilson.$167,700, 143 Moore Hill Rd, Tidlund, John, to East Village & Main LLC.$95,000, 124 Cottage St, Holland, Leo, to Richard Holdings LLC.


$600,000, 128 South St, Virgilio Deborah Est, and Bacon, Donna, to Faires, Jay S.$525,000, 230 Hampton St, Johnson, Jermain, and Johnson, Jennifer, to Hawthorne, James T, and Dyberg, Allison J.$507,500, 13 Prentice Ave, Prc Construction Co LLC, to Sliwinski, Michael, and Sliwinski, Rosemary.


$110,000, 24 Wheelwright Rd, Pace, Michael, to Dosdourian, Kevin, and Sunden, Tina M.


$225,000, Taylor Rd, Lighthouse Holdings LLC, to Eni 265 Ctrl Street LLC.$140,000, Central St, Eni 265 Ctrl Street LLC, to Turning Point Invs LLC.$140,000, Taylor Rd, Eni 265 Ctrl Street LLC, to Turning Point Invs LLC.


$560,000, 399 Sewall St, Poe, Harold G, and Poe, Rekha, to Eldredge, Melanie, and Chauncey, Timothy L.


$186,000, 5 Sutcliffe Rd, Cox, Christopher, and Cox, Julia, to Puzio, Peter D.$57,500, 104 Wales Rd, Green, Elaine F, to Banfield, John.


$276,000, 13 Central St, R & L Property Invest LLC, to Birri, Alexandra R.$210,000, 54 Town Farm Rd, Ferrazzi, Kathryn, and Varjian, Vanessa M, to Harrington, Kevin J, and Varjian, Vanessa M.$150,000, 54 Town Farm Rd, Perreault, Andrew J, to Ferrazzi, Kathryn, and Varjian, Vanessa M.


$550,000, 2 Sawmill Cir, Beeman, Timothy J, and Beeman, Andrea B, to Scott, Alexander H, and Jasmin, Allison M.$379,900, 69 Stevens Park Rd, Broullon, Matthew, and Murphy, Nicole, to White, Michele.$50,000, Harrington Rd, J Dubois Contracting LLC, to Harrington Road LLC.


$409,900, 3214 Briarwood Vlg #3214, Woodlands View LLC, to Mccarthy, Kimberly B.$398,000, 126 Summit St, Pierce, Mary J, and Pierce, Todd A, to Goddard, Andrew C, and Goddard, Scott.


$325,000, 2 NE Main St, Williams Ct Douglas LLC, to Beech Me LLC.$325,000, 5-7 William Dr, Williams Ct Douglas LLC, to Beech Me LLC.


$181,326, Dresser Hill Rd, George W Hall Jr T, and Hall Jr, George W, to Fairholm Farm Inc.$181,326, Farley Rd, George W Hall Jr T, and Hall Jr, George W, to Fairholm Farm Inc.$180,000, 32 Quinebaug Rd, Chickering, Amy C, and Chickering, Charles C, to Premier Rc Properties LLC.

East Brookfield

$321,068, 797 Podunk Rd, Drapos, George N, and Drapos, Barbara L, to Drapos, Gabriel N.


$1,300,000, 305 Wanoosnoc Rd, Wanoosnoc Road LLC, to Lrks LLC.$495,000, 62 Sheldon Rd, Maskaleu, Dzmitry, to Riddell, Alicia M, and Buckingham, Nathan A.$390,000, 57 Clifton St, Sales, Eric A, to Costa, Joshua, and Ou, Selena.$350,000, 39 Henry St, Skidmore, John M, to Phongsamouth, Vida.$325,000, 219 Highland Ave, Litsa S Haidousis RET, and Idaris, James, to Salib, Makram A, and Hanna, Sameh.$324,000, 43 Maple St, Ramos, Marisol, to Bermudez-Ortiz, Michael A, and Bermudez-Ortiz, J V.$311,000, 218 Rollstone St, Quiros, Gustavo, and Padilla, Maikira, to De Paula, Vanessa, and De Paula, Jacson.$250,000, 23-25 Davis St, Freddie Mac Seasned T, and Fed Hm Loan Mtg Corp Tr, to Vieira, Valdeir G.$225,000, 280 Townsend St, Fiandaca Peter L Est, and Noel-Labienic, Diana M, to Bocchino, Leonardo L.$210,000, 13 Pacific St, Martinez, Carlos, to 13 Pacific Street Rt, and Naughton, Joshua.$133,500, 715 Pearl Hill Rd, Pearson, Karen L, to Everbeck, Robert, and Everbeck, Cathleen.


$1,100,000, 4 Oak St, Huhtala Oil & Templeton G, to Abf Realty LLC.$38,200, 446 Parker St, Gallant, Arthur J, and Strom, Leo R, to Berkshire Prop Buyers LLC.


$925,000, 8 George Hill Rd, Cardenas, Johnny, and Cardenas, Shauna, to Poe, Harold G, and Poe, Rekha.$508,000, 22 Daffodil Ct #22, Radhakrishnan, Naveen K, to Bigelow, Jeanne M.$500,000, 85 Brigham Hill Rd, Kilik Rose Est, and Kilik, Edward, to 85 Brigham Hill LLC.$399,900, 28 Fairlawn St, Harvie, Alan L, and Harvie, Janice M, to Fournier, Anthony J, and Fournier, Kathlene M.$325,000, 56 Nottingham Rd #56, Keane, Anne E, to Chichinov, Andrey, and Chichinov, Dmitry.


$282,000, 42-44 Barre Rd, Chestnut Farm Prop LLC, to Stolgitis, Maryann, and Stolgitis, Dane K.


$509,990, 5 King Philip Trl #5, Poets Corner LLC, to Arena, James, and Mansfield, Deborah.$342,000, 39 Village Way #39, Han, Jun, and Wang, Mengqiang, to Nazarchuk, Maxim.$333,995, 533 Reservoir St, Wernholm, Deborah M, to Carroll, Amanda.$284,500, 246 Bullard St, Cascade Funding Mtg T Hb1, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Snow, Charles C, and Snow, Allyson.


$203,524, 8 Heritage Dr, Dodge, Eric J, and Select Portfolio Servicin, to Federal Hm Loan Mtg Corp.


$410,000, 20 Madison Way #20, Egan Cathleen M Est, and Egan, Caitlin M, to Shick Lt, and Shick, Grier A.$320,000, 111 Gardner Rd, Parker, Jason J, and Fohlin-Parker, Alecia G, to Knowles Jr, Scott, and Knowles, Barbara.


$1,154,900, 5 Indian Farm Rd, Indian Farms Estates LLC, to Sharon A Zaniboni RET, and Zaniboni, Sharon A.$1,055,500, 4 Glendale Rd, Rego, Michael J, and Rego, Maryann, to Lebrun, Eric, and Lebrun, Tiffany.


$540,000, 480 Whittemore St, Muchugu, Margaret N, and Chinga, Daniel M, to Backstrom, Tonia L, and Backstrom, David.$389,000, 131 Mccarthy Ave, Dougwill LLC, to Hanneman, Cheyanne N, and Cleveland, Matthew R.$212,000, 75 Huntoon Memorial Hwy #4-11, Lamontagne, Andrew L, and Lamontagne, Erin K, to Smith-Fearon, Nascillia.


$665,000, 811 West St, Pappas-Boscardin, Joy C, to Richard, Darlene M.$565,000, 172 Johnny Appleseed Ln, Lemay, Nicholas, and Lemay, Erin, to Cadet, Richenol, and Rene, Ruth.$395,000, 34 Lorchris St, Lim, Victor, and Yong, Sreynuch, to Finnerty, Kelsey E, and Styles, Joshua D.$375,000, 608 Abbott Ave, Dehorsey, Olivia R, and Gravel, Joshua M, to Meciak, Angela.$245,000, 192 Pleasant St #9, Dasilva, Zequias J, to Oliveira, Jusimar.$225,000, 146 West St #3A, Lewandowski, Richard P, to Alexander, Genevieve F.$163,800, 30 Abbey Rd #105, Quercus Mortgage Int, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Archstone Properties LLC.


$220,000, 258 Pleasant St, Varville Jr Francis J Est, and Pierce, Alicia A, to Lattanzi, James, and Lattanzi, Allison.$200,000, 18 Kirby Ave, First Landing Invs LLC, to Lpem Designs LLC.$190,000, 18 Kirby Ave, Rivera, Alvin, to First Landing Invs LLC.


$675,000, 30 Rogers Ave, Krikorian, Carole J, to Smith-Galvin, Lauren, and Smith, Ryan.$565,900, 627 Concord Rd, Suchocki, Alexandra V, to Pipik, Shannon.$559,000, 60 Edinboro St, Peltak, Donald K, and Peltak, Terry E, to De Lelis Julio Cesar Rodr, and Butcher, Megan A.$480,000, 74 Stetson Dr, Feeley, David C, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to Pretium Mtg Acquisition T, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc.$450,000, 48 Winter St, Brennan Ft, and Brennan, James M, to Puente-Quispe, Janett, and Ostalaza, Michael E.$400,000, 27 Beach St, Franciosa, Deborah A, and Franciosa, Joseph V, to Hogan, Benjamin, and Hogan, Lauren.$200,000, 688 Boston Post Rd E #123, Strive Capital LLC, to Oliveira, Arthur L.


$600,000, 18 Lovell St, Kaplan, Irene N, to Vandervalk, Cornelis S, and Vandervalk, Susan H.$505,000, 191 Providence St, Zook, Loren R, and Zook, Rosanna, to Zook, Raymond G, and Zook, Jane M.$200,000, 20 Lovell St, Kaplan, Irene N, to Vandervalk, Cornelis S, and Vandervalk, Susan H.


$416,000, 7 Country Club Ln #C, Landry, Amber, to Martin, Michelle, and Martin, Stephen.$285,000, 16 Madden Ave, Daprato, Alfred A, to Turning Point Invs LLC.


$635,000, 4 Diana Hill Dr, Sacino, Paul F, and Sacino, Mary E, to Klinkhamer, Erik, and Klinkhamer, Sara.$451,000, 11 Woodland St, Henault, Paula, and Henault, John, to Meuse, Nahani L.$440,000, 20 Linda Ave, Legacy Investors LLC, to Shea, Sandra L.$390,000, 4 Jackie Dr, Slavin, David S, and Slavin, Kaitlin M, to Lavallee, Joseph, and Lavallee, Denise.$360,500, 60 Sutton Rd, Larson, Frances T, to Mack, Kimberlee, and Mack, Silvia.$347,500, 184-A Wheelock Ave, Rosario-Borges, Geralis, and Briones-Morales, Paul, to Zelayandia, Erick.$63,000, 23 Grove St, Worcester Cnty Mgmt Corp, to Tdmls LLC.

North Brookfiel

$241,000, 32 Forest St, 32-34 Forest St Condo T, and Cournoyer Jr, Donald C, to Gafford, Majenta.


$866,000, 62 Genivieve Dr, J & F Marinella Dev Corp, to Doddapaneni, Bhuvana S, and Challagulla, Sivani.$744,675, 52 Crestwood Cir #28, Stone Hill Partners LLC, to Barksdale, David A, and Barksdale, Janet A.$612,000, 715 Mendon Rd, Witkus, Stephen C, and Witkus, Marcia A, to Trosclair, Rachel L, and Trosclair, Macy R.$548,355, 86 Secluded Ct #86, Stone Hill Partners LLC, to Gould, Jeanne A.$420,000, 95 Carpenter Rd, Dimare, Stephen, and Dimare, Denise, to Frink, William T, and Saucier, Katelyn C.$400,000, 42-44 Upton St, Costigan, Richard P, and Costigan, Laurie A, to 42-44 Upton St Northbridg.$350,000, 107 Union St, Chauvin, Mark A, and Chauvin, Cathy L, to Chauvin, Evan M.$150,000, 13 Heritage Dr #13, Hutchings, Ian, to Rith, Meghan.


$470,000, 304 Main St, J & J Nt, and Tagg, Mark J, to 5m Commercial LLC.$400,000, 19 Little John Cir, Belis, Andrea, to Clement, Alexander, and Deotte, Kelly.$225,990, 1 Thayer Pond Dr #5, Bibeau, Jason, to Zoduah, Maima.


$662,000, 48 West St, Berube, Charles B, and Berube, Sherry L, to Leclerc, Lori L.$70,000, West Rd, Barnes, Richard F, and Oconnell, Ryan, to Rivers, Peter, and Rivers, Laurie.


$849,900, 340 Hubbardston Rd, The Normandin Group LLC, to Carta, Antonio D, and Carta, Lindsay J.


$30,000, Bliss Hill Rd, Mohegan Real Estate LLC, to Rogers, Steven.


$585,000, 7 Thurston Hill Rd, C B Blair Dev Corp, to Mintah, Nana D, and Mintah, Nana G.$540,256, 15 Arrowhead Way, Stoney Brook Estates LLC, to Usama, Muhammad.$430,000, 28 Orchard Hill Dr, Kirrane, Paul B, to Paulsen 3rd, Robert E, and Wong, Nicole A.$135,000, 539 E County Rd, Lamorticelli, Dana J, and Lamorticelli, Sherri L, to Furse, Suk Y.


$899,000, 2 Shannon Dr, Chern, Shyh-Shi, and Wu, Chiung-Chuan, to Gowda, Shrikanth G, and Thimmappa, Pushpalatha B.$805,000, 6 Vinnie Way, Bd Homes LLC, to Paladugu, Pruthvinath C, and Gutha, Krishna V.$537,000, 114 Harrington Farms Way #114, Pottipati, Pradeep, and Chandrashekar, Harshitha, to Sivasankaran, Bharath, and Ramachandran, Krithika S.$180,500, 52 Shrewsbury Green Dr #D, Marjollet, Jean P, to Ayachitam, Shashidhar, and Kuncham, Kalpana.


$315,000, 309 Worcester St, Fydenkevez, Lynne, to Beeso, Michael D, and Beeso, Edward A.$150,000, 15 Cady Ln, Federal Natl Mtg Assn, to Salinas Solutions LLC.


$400,000, 19 Prospect St, Lista, Anthony P, and Lista, Judith A, to Tetreault, Brett.$400,000, 84 Main St, Bryant, Steven W, to Shay-Kalliel RET, and Shay, Richard M.$85,000, 109 S Spencer Rd, Tetreault, Tammy R, and Zanauskas, John D, to Zanauskas, John D.


$489,000, 45 Mcgregory Rd, Rogers, Paul R, and Rogers, Maria S, to Stagias, Casandra S, and Bennett, Hudson L.$410,000, 2 Field Dr, Penney, Russell D, and Penney, Therese M, to Carey, Shaun T.$220,000, 598 Main St, Manchester, Lori A, to Millionaire Map Co.


$775,000, 17 Tournament Way #17, Malcolm R Ketchum T, and Ketchum, Cathleen J, to Sadralodabaei, Maryam, and Pourali, Saeed.$764,900, 24 Golf Ridge Dr #24, Hanesian, Colleen, and Hanesian, Darrow, to Paolucci, Mark, and Paolucci, Judy.$650,000, 165 Stone School Rd, Coderre, Kevin J, and Coderre, Lynn, to Slavin, David S, and Slavin, Kaitlin M.$415,000, 24 Pleasant St, Brooks, Richard N, to Hong, Brian, and Hong, Angel.$250,000, 2 2nd St, Picard, Mark R, to Croteau, Ryan.


$70,000, S Main St, Leblanc Lt, and Leblanc, Paul O, to Richard, David R.


$480,000, 88 Stones Throw Dr, Jacobs George Est, and Jacobs, Linda, to Lord, Gregory, and Lord, Amy.$50,000, School House Rd, Waugh Marcella M Est, and Moran, James F, to Pelchat, Philip J, and Durand, Rebecca.


$543,000, 121 Greenville Rd, Lindemayer, Lucas, and Evans, Kara, to Minutolo, Jennifer M.


$730,000, 114 Chestnut St, Pupczyk, Adam, and Pupczyk, Beata J, to Lesperance, Brian, and Lesperance, Danielle.$700,000, 158 Main St, Bd Homes LLC, to Dasilva Property Mgmt LLC.$649,000, 47 Grafton Rd, Leboeuf, Roger L, and Leboeuf, Christina, to Mcpherson, Timothy S, and Elbel, Elizabeth L.


$2,750,000, 33 Depot St #7, Bernat Complex LLC, to 15 Liberty Way LLC.$465,000, 114 Taft Hill Ln #114, Devries, E T, and Devries, Patricia C, to Christine Oneill Irt, and Oneill, Christine M.


$374,900, 557 Cronin Rd, Carty, Jillian, to Korch 3rd, Leonard R, and Korch, Megan E.$25,000, Nelson St #4, Nelson Street Hldg LLC, to S S Skowyra Inc.


$3,500,000, 15 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 21 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 25 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 26 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 27 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 28 Prospect St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 28-1/2 Prospect St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 29 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 29 Prospect St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 29-1/2 Granite St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 31 Prospect St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$3,500,000, 79-81 N Main St, Hancock Holdings LLC, to Webster Rentals LLC.$441,000, 116 Thompson Rd, Fritz, Raymond L, and Fritz, Caroline L, to Meadows, Denny G.$400,000, 37 Maple St, Lista, Anthony P, and Lista, Judith, to Tetreault, Brett.$355,000, 1 Brookline St, 28 5 Mechanic Street Nt, and Conner Land TLLC Tr, to Vazquez, Jeffrey L.$335,000, 25 Hillside Ave, Foley, Clarissa M, to Voutas, Michaela L.$308,000, 3 Vine St, Debassio Ft, and Debassio, Jonathan W, to Armenti Jr, Joseph A.

West Boylston

$575,000, 30 Central St, L L Pearson D 4 A T, and Jacobs, Joan E, to Westerman, Daniel R, and Westerman, Brittany M.$440,000, 24 Bowen St, Westerman, Daniel R, and Westerman, Brittany M, to Slaght, David T, and Slaght, Laura E.$412,000, 51 Hillside Village Dr #51, Gloria F Reycroft Irt, and Gillis, Jennifer, to Starr, Timothy E.$351,000, 75 Horseshoe Dr, Letitia, Todd, and Cichucki, Anna E, to Platt, Barry A.

West Brookfield

$400,000, 77 Snow Rd, Richards, Christopher H, and Richards, Colleen T, to Richards, Jeffrey C.$287,400, 68 Lakeshore Dr, Ratliff, Wesley A, and Ratliff, Somer, to Niessner, Timothy, and Niessner, Meredith.$25,000, 203 Shoreline Dr, Brogan, Cain C, to Dold, Robert.


$942,000, 29 Thomas Newton Dr, Degnan, Stephanie M, to Lai, Jiann-Jyh, and Tzeng, Te-Chen.$630,000, 4 Crestview Dr, Martin, William S, and Martin, Roslynn, to Farrow, Thomas, and Needels, Samantha.$605,000, 7 Gary Cir, Voutas Judith M Est, and Voutas, Michaela L, to Coughlan, Ryan C, and Lee, Sandra.$600,000, 29 Charles St, Arena, James M, and Mansfield, Deborah M, to Degnan, Stephanie.


$460,082, 181 Hitchcock Rd, Matson Homes Ii Inc, to Connor, Michael, and Connor, Heather.$302,000, 14 Hyde Park St, Limbert, Felicia, and Iannuzzi, Anthony, to Franchi, Matthew S.


$665,000, 48 Beaver St, Mejia Jr, Wilson, to Gonzalez, Melitza D.$644,000, 45 Freeland St, Emery-Le, Patrick, to Harb, Bassam, and Harb, Nada.$630,000, 182 Canterbury St, Simancas, Ariana, and Castillo-Andino, Kendra, to Oconnor, Sean P, and Zhang, Anjun.$609,000, 24 Broome Ave, Hap & Lep LLC, to Bacelar, Glaucio S.$600,000, 140 Shrewsbury St, J L Bread & Butter Inc, to Wl 140 LLC.$600,000, 60 William St, Haims Inv Group Inc, to Rizika, Daniel.$585,000, 38 Oberlin St, Chen, Yao H, to Qureshi, Waqas, and Khalid, Fatima.$570,000, 661 Burncoat St, Gm Properties LLC, to Aryal, Aashish, and Ojha, Smriti.$539,000, 33 Russell St, Xia, Hong, to Blue Sky RET, and Chen, Ching F.$500,000, 102 Beaconsfield Rd, Kennedy Properties LLC, to St Pierre, Brunell, and St Pierre, Wildalys.$490,000, 54 West St, Hampton Properties LLC, to Rizika, Ying, and Chang, Xiulan.$480,000, 29 Rodney St, 31 Rodney Street Rt, and Lussier, Stephen, to Nasrah, Gledia.$472,000, 8 Monticello Dr W, Sahota, Lukhveer, to Twum-Barimah, Edward.$450,000, 44 Dixfield St, Antonucci, Stephen A, to Orfalea, William J.$430,000, 44 Elm St #501, Keister, Linda W, to Lindsay-Ward, Zachary S, and Ward, Edwin J.$380,000, 53 Whispering Pine Cir #53, Wagner, Timothy, to 53 Whispering Pine Cir Wo.$355,000, 81 Maranda St, Hammond, Julianne K, to Hirudayasamy, John P, and Pichai, Jayalakshmi.$349,900, 770 Salisbury St #262, Simon Bessendorf 2021 T, and Beriyeva, Yelena N, to Maclean, Gay.$345,000, 55 Channing St, Provost, Ward A, to Soriano, Adrian.$335,000, 112 Pasadena Pkwy, Appleton Grove LLC, to Guerrero, Venecia.$317,000, 3 Mason Ct, Thambash, Ralyane, to Walter, Floyd L.$305,000, 537 Park Ave, Harvey A Leib RET, and Leib, Harvey A, to Umgozi LLC.$282,000, 2 Varnum St, Dyson, Barry C, to Vuong, Quoc T, and Huynh, My T.$280,350, 112 Norfolk St, Mastr Adjustable Rate Mtg, and U S Bank Na Tr, to Alma Construction Co LLC.$224,500, 926 Southbridge St #20, Byrnes, Kevin, and Byrnes, Joseph P, to Bois, Gwendolyn.$215,000, 63 Illinois St #204, Spillane, Rosemary A, to Dasilva, Roselma A.$198,000, 48 Gibbs St #3A, A & H Investment Inc, to Raymond, Rose K.$144,000, 330 Sunderland Rd #15, Bartle, Rebecca A, and Bartle, Keith, to Buchannan, Terence.$131,777, 25 Burncoat Ter, Brunell, Evan S, to Brunell, Sarah M.$95,000, 125 Whipple St #25, Macomber, John M, to Karabelas, James.$82,555, 521 Sunderland Rd, Worcester City Of, to Deoliveira, Leonardo.$60,000, 2 Milton St, Milton-North Prop LLC, to Groberio, Anacieto.$40,000, 8 Nyland St, Pearson Development Corp, to Gold Star Builders Inc.$30,000, 1560 Main St, Ag Dream Flip LLC, to Sajjad, Tallat.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, April 16