Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 6

Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.


$835,000, 19 Blueberry Rd, Michael P Dolan LT, and Dolan, Michael P, to Ross, Alan R, and Ross, Patricia A.


$335,000, 970 Richardson Rd, Maskewich, Stephen, and Maskewich, Ofelia, to Semeraro, Jake, and Fotino, Sarah.


$277,900, 64 Marble St, Adams, Kellyanne L, and Adams, Carol L, to Johnson, Ta Lia, and Kahassai, Shanay L.$110,000, 115 Mechanic St, USA VA, to Bergeron, David.$100,000, 157 Pinedale Ave, Mcgrath, Eric R, and Mcgrath, Pamela, to MMA Home Renovations LLC.


$450,000, 25 Southbridge St, Johnson, Timothy R, and Johnson, Thomas M, to Caliber Realty LLC.$420,000, 26 Boyce St, Connolly, Michael, and Connolly, Rachel, to Dearent, Nolan, and Benson, Mariah.$400,000, 373 Oxford St N, S&K Development LLC, to Mero, Tara.


$61,500, 24 Wheelwright Rd, Velocity Com Cap Loan T, and US Bank NA Tr, to Pace, Michael.


$668,280, 51 Wheeler Hill Rd #26, Homes At Highland Rdg LLC, to C&S Baird RET, and Baird, Caryl S.


$475,000, 29 Bellingham Rd #B, Huntley, Ernest, and Huntley, Cheryl, to Grinnan, Brian G, and Grinnan, Laura E.$370,000, 39 Lakeview St, Burnham, Nicholas J, and Burnham, Lisa M, to Barrett, Victoria E.$360,000, 12 Residential Ln #12, Cotnoir, Jeffery A, and Cotnoir, Melissa A, to Desouza-Leal, Andre, and Leal, Karolline R.$298,000, 15 Diana St #15, Dambra, Mia, to Roberts, Denise R.$10,000, 20 Park St, Masse, Sherry L, to Hagan 4th, James E.


$525,000, 62 Bolton Woods Way, Gagnon, Michael, and Gagnon, Margarette, to Youngs, Brittany.


$425,000, 340 Mile Hill Rd, Brissette, Robin J, to Brissette, Blair R, and Brissette, Heather L.


$400,000, 8 Harwood Cross Rd, Jolicoeur, Adam J, and Jolicoeur, Maureen D, to Nardone, Philip.


$605,000, 75 A Young Rd, Daigle, Monique C, to Paul, Fredo, and Paul, Deanna M.


$470,000, 906 Ridgefield Cir #D, Duffy, Dennis C, and Albetrini-Duffy, Frieda, to Gottlieb, Alexander.$460,000, 5 John F Kennedy Ave, Penha, Evaldo A, and Penha, Rosalina B, to Borgem, Edjam.$389,333, 18 Eagle Nest #333, Faulkenham, Daniel, and Newman Jr, Stephen F, to Lowney, Cheryl.$295,000, 36 Union St, Doolittle, Erin, to Flaval Hm Improvement LLC.$199,900, 299 Sterling St, Burke, Helena F, to Alvarado, Ariel R, and Deoliveira, Jennifer V.$106,458, 225 Berlin St #A, Lundy, Anthony J, to Lundy, Stephany L.


$1,100,000, 334 SW Main St, 334 SW Main LLC, to Laliberte Jr, James, and Laliberte, Rachel.$445,000, 68 Compass Point Dr #68, Northbrown LLC, to Arcand-Johnson, Jennifer.$248,400, 55 Compass Point Dr #55, Northbrown LLC, to Patrice, Leila.


$405,000, 53 Mason Rd, Wagner, Pamela, to Melville, Michael S, and Melville, Nicole L.$355,000, 318 Mason Rd Ext, Gevry Allison G Est, and Gevry, Bernard G, to Bombard, Robert J, and Bombard, Theresa D.$187,500, 9 Budd Dr, Fournier, Thomas, and Fournier, Susan, to Lee, Samantha M, and Lee, Richard N.


$540,000, 114 Plymouth St, Iwano, Daniel, to Bella RE Investment LLC.$440,000, 11-13 Providence St, Bolio, Stephen M, and Carmo, Renildo, to Cronin, John.$400,000, 153 Scott Rd, Lucas, Suzanne M, and Lucas, Simon R, to Salmi, Erik W.$365,000, 63-65 Pine St, E&N Holdings LLC, to Alves, Luan V, and Alves, Marjorie M.$345,000, 38-40 Wachusett St, Valladares, Veronica, to Acevedo, Esmelkyn.$345,000, 92 Depot St, Cosme, Luis F, and Cosme, Dilcia E, to Ferraras-Rivas, Cristobal.$327,200, 13 Mattson St, Osuri, Stalin J, and Osuri, Devamony, to Lazcano, Rodrigo R, and Lazcano, Marcela F.$313,000, 14 Proctor Ave, Nelson, Jeffrey D, and Nelson, Danielle, to Guerrero, Julio, and Hernandez, Brenda E.$299,000, 36 Gage St, Martinez, Francisco, to Toussaint, Kenneth, and Toussaint, Necime.$185,000, 717 Westminster Hill Rd #717, Henry-Hanson, Montel, to Olden, Kelsey.$35,000, Marshall St, Higher Elevations Dev LLC, to Aponte, Angel L.


$500,000, 119-121 Greenwood St, Simon, Howard L, to DIM Investment LLC.$316,000, 42 June St, Nivala, Deborah J, to Rincon, Marbella, and Rincon-Torres, David.


$655,000, 21 Flint Pond Dr #21, Perrone, Joseph F, and Perrone, Pamela S, to Knight, Kendall L, and Nalivaika, Ellen.$380,000, 6 Deerfield Ct #6, Driscoll, Brenda L, to Hou, Yuting, and Mo, Weilan.


$1,000,000, 132 Littleton Rd, Ansin, Ronald M, and Ansin, Kenneth S, to Tse, Christopher, and Loh, Mona.


$358,000, 19 Pinehaven Dr, Porcaro Mary Jane Est, and Belsito, Gina M, to Belsito, Gianna L.$258,000, 111 Manning St #3, Russell, Laurice, to Grandmaison, Daniel.


$910,000, 17 Moore Rd, Garramone RT 2021, and Garramone, Anthony J, to Brown, Bryan R, and Brown, Veronica I.


$330,000, 28 Elm St, Harris, Larry L, to Harris, Austin S, and Puntanen, Chelsea M.$26,500, Bemis Rd #21, Roman Catholic Bishop, to Platinum Development LLC.


$675,000, 3 Causeway St, Stmartin, William C, and Stmartin, Christine C, to Celia, Kellie O, and Wisneski, Eric C.$485,000, 35 Pope St #2, Cardona, April, to Salzberg, Benjamin M, and Mckenney, Amanda.


$373,000, 83 Monarch St, Blakeman, Susanne, and Neto, Joseph M, to Porto-Caetano, Gabriel, and Caetano, Maria C.$360,000, 72 Carter St, Pro Painting Inc, to Santana, Miguel A, and Serrano-Marrero, Ana L.$335,000, 9 Eden Gln, Logue, Rachel C, and Logue, Derek S, to Velez-Acosta, Manuel, and Rodriguez, Sasha.$280,000, 60 Fox Meadow Rd #B, Rainey, Lenore C, and Darsie, Jerry, to Howard, Geoffrey L.$272,000, 72 Pennacook Dr #72, Fogg INT, and Fogg, Anita L, to Shelton, Lewis A, and Shelton, Kyle A.$252,000, 36 Fox Meadow Rd #E, Gabis, Steven E, to Pidel, Emily L, and Pidel, Lawrence.$193,920, 20 Abbey Rd #301, Xarras, Margot, to Sampaio, Bruna.


$400,000, 89 Page St, Patterson, Meghan, to Wagner, John M, and Condon, Kristen M.$326,000, 145 Woodland Dr, Chevrette, Marly I, to Nuzzolo, Caesar.


$660,000, 50 Houde St, Barlow, Denise M, to Harrison, David J.$650,000, 54 Spoonhill Ave, Oliveira, Iraja J, and Oliveira, Samantha M, to Povoas, Nayara B, and Sales, Rodrigo.$242,100, 10 Ames Pl, Reynoso-Tavarez, Andrea, and Freedom Mortgage Corp, to Nguyen, Van, and Ames, Kim.


$740,000, 8 Pine Needle Rd, Schmitt, Kristin, and Schmitt, Daniel, to Dacruz, Edevaldo A, and Jordao, Raphaella F.$720,000, 2 Gaskill St, Frost, David G, and Frost, Jane C, to Collins, William, and Breen, Samantha.$460,000, 53 George St, Phipps, Shirley E, to Allard, Cody A, and Allard, Nichelle N.$450,000, 47 George St, Deluca, Joseph M, and Deluca, Steven L, to Cahill, Brian K, and Cahill, Ana M.


$610,000, 250 Congress St, Deangelis NT, and Deangelis, Richard J, to Beaudoin, Anjali K, and Beaudoin, Alex J.$395,000, 186 Medway Rd, Dion, Grace A, to Club RE 1 LLC.$320,000, 17 Salvia Dr, Saunders, Scott, and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, to BD Homes LLC.


$439,900, 121 Horne Way #121, Pearson LT, and Pearson, Deborah A, to Palmer, Irene, and Palmer, Edward.$380,000, 37 Johnson St, Frongillo, Anthony, to Quiles, Yvonne D, and Garcia, Alberto.$300,000, 41 S Main St, Paille RT, and Paille, Sandra A, to Whitman-Raymond, Jessica.


$385,000, 9 Vineyard St, Wetherell, Andrew L, to Glaude, Sylvio P.$205,000, 12-A&B Quaker St, Snow, Eric J, to Central City Prop LLC.


$625,000, 2 Edge Way, Albers, Trent W, to Arguello, Bergman.$620,000, 348 Brigham St, Shapiro, Keith, and Shapiro, Shari, to Norbrigham LLC.


$560,000, 154 Hill St, Palmer FT, and Palmer, Edward J, to Mcgrath, Justin P.$525,000, 369 Cooper Rd, Johnson, Paul K, and Johnson, Jennifer L, to Abouhasira, Houssam, and Albizreh, Suzanne.$501,000, 99-103 Church Ave, Evans, David J, and Evans, Teresa A, to Silva, Davi.


$189,460, 91 Crawford Rd, Dickman, Richard B, and US Bank NA Tr, to US Bank NA Tr.


$350,000, 18 Gay St, Pultorak FT, and Pultorak, Craig A, to Walker, Kelly M.


$625,000, 2 Cathy Way, 112 Old Webster Road NT, and Conner Land T LLC Tr, to Ricciotti Jr, Michael, and Laflamme, Paige A.$550,000, 5 Fox Run Dr, Sparhawk, Nancy L, and Sparhawk, Keith, to Balboni, Elizabeth.$330,000, 14 June St, Nurkanovic-Hamdeed, Alisa, to Bennett, Dillon P.$233,000, 9 Thayer Pond Dr #3, Forget, Kristen, to Sanchez, Esther L.


$530,000, 17 Walbridge Rd, Stone, Benjamin, and Stone, Brenda M, to Sierra-Cosme, Sarah, and Cosme, Carlos.


$367,500, 196 East St, Page, Marc T, and Page, Sandra T, to 196 East Street RT, and Desmarais, David M.


$660,000, 135 Secret Lake Rd, C&R RT, and Reppucci, Richard, to Farmer, Randy E, and Farmer, Lisa M.


$55,825, 98 Bliss Hill Rd, Soden, David, and Soden, Stephanie, to Leblanc, Pierre.


$397,000, 15 Caroline Ave, Ruggere Paul M Est, and White, Justine L, to Fisher, John C.$100,000, 9 Redland St, Fiver Homes Inc, to Fiver Homes Inc.


$742,500, 50 Oregon Rd, Defazio Oregon RT, and Defazio, Mario D, to Iasiello, Ryan F, and Rizaj, Armela I.


$456,000, 191 Worcester St, Regal Remodeling Inc, to Amparo-Ubiera, Albert G, and Martinez, Johanna M.$338,000, 631 Charlton St, Atchue, Matthew, to Gonzalez, Joshua.$210,000, 825 Alpine Dr, Gevry, Lawrence L, to Julian, Michael J, and Julian, Sheri L.$170,000, 53 West St, Mitchell, Bruce, to Royal House Invs LLC.


$581,500, 195 Charlton Rd, Laliberte Jr, James, and Laliberte, Rachel R, to Gibson 3rd, Elwin F.$455,000, 5 Taylor Dr, Vandam, Joshua, and Vandam, Michelle, to Agyei, Isaac, and Frimpong, Susy.$240,000, 23 Donnelly Cross Rd, Mazzone Anthony Est, and Mazzone, John A, to Mazzone, John A.$35,000, Marble Rd #8C, Sweet, Andrew, to Chasse, Stephen L.


$449,000, 51 Bennetts Rd, S P&C B Fitzpatrick RET, and Fitzpatrick, C B, to Ferguson, Liam.$426,000, 24 Cricket Dr, Simpson, Kevin N, and Simpson, Dawn M, to Bruneli, Stephen D.$368,000, 7 Simpson St, Abysalh, Carrie, and Wollaston, Timothy, to Fraser, Olivia, and Flynn, Shawn.


$780,000, 17 Fairway View Dr #17, Duca, C Michael, and Duca, Jane F, to Reilly, Kevin, and Reilly, Sheri.$711,750, 71 Fairway View Dr #71, Simon, Mark W, and Simon, Lisa, to Benison, Timothy J, and Benison, Tracey M.$425,000, 121 Ariel Cir #121, Chunis, Joshua T, and Chunis, Kellieanne F, to Mello, David, and Mello, Susan.


$525,000, 9 Muskett Dr, Quattlebaum, Terry L, and Quattlebaum, Mary L, to Brousseau, Jason, and Brousseau, Shannon.$375,000, 152 N Main St, Gardrowski, Jesse, to Shepard, Zachary J, and Spada, Rachel.


$560,000, 10 Hickory Dr, Thompson Jr, John S, and Thompson, Stacey, to Pinet, Michelle E.


$715,000, 8 Stearns Rd, Menchin, Michael J, and Matthews, Florence K, to Pelli, Gail L, and Pelli, Joseph.$610,000, 125 Westboro Rd, Vanbossuyt Jr, Rufin, and Richard, Rena M, to Washburn, Scott A.$360,000, 149 Westboro Rd, Allard, Cody A, and Allard, Nichelle N, to Donovan, Dennis.


$352,000, 82 Rivulet St, Voss, Rosemary, to Woodrow, Mary B, and Maher, Paul.


$175,000, 24 Marjorie St, Zulkiewicz, Elizabeth M, to Sager, Robin.$170,000, 27 Pulaski St, Modzelewski, Wieslaw, and Modzelewski, Alicia, to Perez-Martinez, Chu J.$139,000, 7 Spring St, Megliola Realty LLC, to Boisvert, Joyce.


$239,000, 234 Old West Warren Rd, Merriam, Edward, and Merriam, Ann, to Cowen, Alexander S.$161,000, 138 Coy Hill Rd, Borowiec, Rosalia M, to New England Hm Buyers LLC.


$479,000, 505 Treasure Island Rd #505, Johnson Barbara D Est, and Johnson, Nathan, to Koloski, Jeffrey, and Koloski, Kimberly A.$255,000, 3 Lyndale Ave #E, Peterson, Christopher, to Bindman, Melanie F, and Bindman, Debra L.

West Boylston

$375,000, 63 Shrine Ave #2, Kastenhuber, Kimberly K, to Agyemang, Nana.


$720,000, 25 Deerfield Way #25, Driscoll, Thomas M, and Driscoll, Wendy M, to W S Hurley 2002 T, and Hurley, William S.$465,000, 11 Cedar St, Rissmiller, Kurt R, and Welsh, Kathryn R, to Walsh, Adam, and Walsh, Nicole M.


$755,000, 156 East Rd, Neill Judith O Est, and Rojcewicz Jr, Walter A, to Laplante, Kaitlin, and Volk, Daniel.$450,000, Knower Rd, Donald A Leblanc 2003 LT, to Barkley Enterprises LLC.$405,000, 127 S Ashburnham Rd, Gimenez, Mauro, to Silverman, Maxwell E, and Brailovskiy, Ratchel A.$389,900, 25 Gatehouse Rd, Laehn, David C, and Laehn, Tammy J, to Leslie Biasi T, and Biasi, Leslie.$20,000, 47 Old Mill Cir, Courtney, Kathaleen, and Moroney, Nancy, to Courtney, Kathaleen.


$384,900, 281 Hale St, Carrescia, John P, and Carrescia, Pamela, to Britton, Roger B, and Britton, Margaret.$55,000, Royalston Rd N, Ordile, Anthony, to Asher Construction LLC.


$520,000, 1 Saint Elmo Rd, Papalilo, Chris, and Papalilo, Marina, to Conille, Geraldine.$490,000, 41 Longfellow Rd, Campbell, Margaret M, to Willand, Amanda B, and Willand, Benjamin C.$464,000, 41 Eureka St, Young, Eva Marie, to Siaweh-Fonge, George, and Fonge, Atebezi.$460,000, 61 William St, Hampton Properties LLC, to Moran, Marc, and Barnes, Elizabeth.$453,000, 52 Flagg St, Morse, Robert C, to Hicks, Matthew, and Hicks, Precious M.$450,000, 211 Clark St, Whalom Property Svcs LLC, to Azzolino, Frank, and Azzolino, Vincent.$420,000, 106 Illinois St, Cardoso, Kyanna, to Perpetuo, Edson F, and Perpetuo, Rosilene.$415,000, 12 Ives St, Pham, Dalen T, to Perpetuo, Edson F, and Perpetuo, Rosilene.$410,000, 19 Hartford Rd, Houser, Andrea B, to Ruggieri Jr, Daniel.$399,900, 24 Hartford Rd, Danielson, Mary E, and Danielson, Paul F, to Lindberg, Todd.$395,000, 12 Lanark St, Alvarenga, Ada R, to Alvarenga, Luis A, and Alvarenga, Jiovann.$389,000, 27 Wayne St, Ames, Thaddeaus, and Cummings, Jason, to Ryan, Evan J, and Muller, Jennifer.$386,000, 42 Blue Bell Rd, Mcgee Family IRT 2006, and Mcgee, Marc J, to Mckelvie, Jacob C.$385,000, 106 Richmond Ave, Riordan Lola R Est, and Riordan 2nd, James F, to Cora, Veronica, and Desrisa, Dolph.$370,000, 19 Wayne St, Molinari, Dennis P, and Molinari, Salvatore F, to Loja, Bruna S.$350,000, 38 Indian Hill Rd, Lonzana, Guido, to Miranda, Yuri C.$350,000, 90 Kenberma Rd, Clement, Fabienne, and Clement, Rugens, to Persing Realty LLC.$315,000, 2 Sherwood Rd, Randall, Katrina, to Sanchez-Contreras, Maria.$293,000, 1 Kenilworth Rd, Knowlton, Patricia A, and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, to QBR Ventures LLC.$287,500, 2 Greenbush Rd, Savolis, Mark W, to Hamelin, Jeffrey A.$275,000, 30 Electric St, Macierowski Jason E Est, and Macierowski, Alice, to Dejesus-Silva, Arilson M.$275,000, 41 Wellington St, Fellowship Health, to Newlife LLC.$265,000, 154 Belmont St, Anoa FT, and Ounsayanh, Annar, to Ashworth, Jacob.$250,000, 6 Irene St, Rivera-Velez, Miguel A, and Rivera, Marylein, to Pacheco, Nelson E.$225,000, 71 Edgeworth St #21, Donikian, Johann, to Lumenello, Scott.$200,000, 608 Lincoln St, Mission E4 Inc, to Agrawal Sisters LLC.$125,000, 46 White Ave, Horton, David G, and Horton, Joyce C, to Normandin Group LLC.$125,000, 80 Stanton St #5, Goldberg, Asher, to Ryan, Erin.$90,000, 7 Lulea St, Dertouzos, Alexander J, and Paris, April L, to Regan, Shane R.

This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Nov. 6