Worker Injured After Semi-Truck Hits Toll Plaza in South Florida

A worker was flown to hospital, the Naples Daily News said, after a semi-truck and trailer slammed into a toll booth on Alligator Alley on September 19.

The Florida Highway Patrol released this video from the scene, urging drivers to take care in the resulting congested traffic.

The Naples Daily News said the crash remained under investigation. However, it cited investigators as saying the driver had been asleep, and awoke as the truck neared the toll lane. He “slammed on the brakes, causing the truck to jackknife and crash into a lane barrier,” the paper said. “The trailer was wrenched off its wheel assembly and spun into another lane, where an SUV was stopped … It crashed into the SUV and toll booth, seriously injuring the worker and causing minor injuries to two occupants of the SUV.” Credit: Florida Highway Patrol via Storyful

Video Transcript