New Workforce Study Assesses How Pandemic Impacted Jobs

How can Dallas focus on jobs of the future?

Video Transcript

KEN MOLESTINA: What kind of jobs are needed to keep North Texans employed? That's the idea behind a new study just announced in Dallas. Brooke Katz is live now to explain, Brooke?

BROOKE KATZ: Thanks, Ken. Even before the pandemic, the workforce landscape was changing with more and more jobs that are being lost to automation. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said that convenience comes at a cost.

ERIC JOHNSON: You can see that when you're in the grocery store at the checkout line. You can see that when you do your banking online. Or when you call a customer service hotline and you struggle to find a human being to actually speak with.

CASEY THOMAS: With a focus on data, and an emphasis on education and training, we can and we will, Mr. Mayor, create a workforce for the 21st century.

BROOKE KATZ: And Mayor Johnson also said jobs like truck drivers, administrative assistants, and payroll staff could be the next to disappear. So how can Dallas focus on jobs of the future? A new grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies will try to answer that question by learning how the pandemic has affected the workforce, assess the gap in skills, and identify growing sectors. Officials say everything will be considered-- supply chains, technology, green jobs, and more. Johnson says the study will provide concrete solutions and recommendations on how to develop the workforce, Ken.

KEN MOLESTINA: All right, Brooke, thank you very much.