The world’s craziest and smallest Airbnb listing is a site to behold

When one thinks of renting out a place on Airbnb, one’s mind tends to either think of an affordable, yet livable space or a luxurious and gargantuan house. This Airbnb listing, though, doesn’t fall into either category.

Behold. The smallest and craziest Airbnb listing you’ve ever seen and will likely ever see.

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Measuring in at just 1 square meter, the equivalent to 10 square feet, this Airbnb listing from Berlin is something along the lines of art project meets Geico’s Tiny House commercial.

The house description reads:

The One SQM House is a wooden waterproof construction with a slide-window and a lockable slide-door and a small desk perfect for your laptop. There is a chair (Berliner Hocker) and a matress 180 cm x 70 cm inside of it. Don’t worry. You don’t have to sleep standing. You can turn the house easily to the side and then sleep in it with a comfortable angle for your back. It’s perfect for people up to 1.75 m (~ 5 foot 8).

What’s more, the “house” itself is on wheels and can easily fit through doors, elevators, and can even be taken on Berlin’s transit railway. “Whereever you want to go,” the description reads, “this house will always give you privacy and shelter.”

Well, given that someone could just start rolling your house away (with you in it!) during the middle of the night, we’re not sure just how private it is. Still, for just $1 a night, some people will undoubtedly find it to be a wacky experience worth trying out. After all, guests in the minuscule house will be given the opportunity to shower, wash up, and use the bathroom in a nearby hostel. Additionally, free access to Wi-Fi will be available at the BMW Guggenheim Lab.

As for the impetus behind this eyebrow-raising structure, the listing notes:

The One SQM House is a social Do-It-Yourself-project provided by the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Its inventor Van Bo Le-Mentzel, a berlin-based architect, wants to enable people from all over the world with low income but a big curiosity to experience Berlin and the program of the BMW Guggenheim Lab (all workshops free).

Price wise, staying at the tiny house technically costs $11 but that’s only because Airbnb requires a nightly minimum. The listing notes that visitors will receive about $10 back per night following their visit.

And now, for some more photos of this majestic abode.

The space seems decent for lying down, but in the upright position, the “house” might be more than just a bit cramped.

tiny house berlin 1m2 airbnb
tiny house berlin 1m2 airbnb

At the very least, it’s transportable.

house rolls airbnb
house rolls airbnb

The overall space seems nice.

overview small airbnb house
overview small airbnb house

And if you’re small enough to be able to sprawl out, who knows, $1 for an overnight stay is hard to beat.

airbnb lying down
airbnb lying down

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