#WorldCup: What You Need To Know

By Katie Couric

It’s the biggest tournament in sports, and nearly a billion fans will be on pins and needles until July 13. But if you don’t know much- or anything- about the World Cup, we’ll give you the basics you need to get in the game.

More people worldwide watch the World Cup than the Super Bowl and the World Series combined, and the stars of soccer (or futbol) are heroes of epic status.

For 32 days, 32 teams and more than 700 players will compete in venues all around Brazil. This amazing spectacle comes at an equally amazing price for that nation—an estimated $11 billion—and protests and police crackdowns there threaten to overshadow the beautiful game, as it is also called.

There’s a lot more to learn about World Cup, and hopefully after you watch this video you’ll say, #NowIGetIt.

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