World’s first electric boat high-speed charger

This is the world's first electric boat high-speed charger.

It's located in the harbor of Floro on the west coast of Norway, where some companies are turning their attention from electric cars to electric boats.

The charger is also the world's first combined charger for both electric boats and cars and can be used by anyone via a special app.

The project is a joint effort from energy companies SFE and BKK, the local council and electric motor boat manufacturer Evoy.

Johannes Rauboti is the CEO of SFE:

"In boats this is the very early beginning and I think this small start here in Floro is starting a new chapter in developing green solutions and no emission solutions."

While previously charging at home could take hours, the rapid charger can charge a boat in less than half an hour as the new station has 150 kW of power and upwards.

CEO of Evoy Leif Stavostrand says this could extend the range and usability of electric boats:

"This is the Evoy1. We have up to 800 horsepowers here which makes it actually the fastest electric zero produced boat in the world with 55 knots. We have a 100 kilowatt hours on board here and we can charge up to 300 kilowatts with this battery pack. "//"Of course a lot of people are worried about the range. For most boats and most trips it's not a big deal but I think it's really important that we can also show the customers and the world that it's actually possible to do longer trips if you need to."

And the team plans to extend its charging infrastructure throughout the country.

Maria Bos is the CEO of Plug, a subsidiary of the power company BKK:

"This is only the first of many chargers that we're going to build along the Norwegian coast. We have an ambition to build a network of chargers both here in Norway and also in other countries."