World’s first reusable satellite to offer in-space manufacturing

STORY: The company Space Forge is on a mission

to offer in-space manufacturing capabilities

on the world’s first returnable and reusable satellite

(Josh Western, CEO and Co-founder Space Forge)

“To be honest, the best thing and the best benefit of going to space is getting away from the humans. We tend to be the worst thing in most manufacturing loops. We're clumsy, we make mistakes, we can miss handle things, we can add things at the wrong time. So taking something to space and running it robotically allows us to eliminate a lot of those issues when it comes to having a human involved in the manufacturing loop.”

The new small class of spacecraft,

called the ForgeStar platform

can safely return to Earth to be

refurbished and relaunched

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Future ForgeStar missions will be able to autonomously

manufacture metal alloys, pharmaceuticals

and the next generation of quantum computing chips

“In space, everything is much, much cleaner. What that means is that when it comes to building something like a really advanced semiconductor, only the molecules and the elements that you need in that crystal are present.”

The ForgeStar-0 is set to launch

on a test mission in November