World Lab Technologies Offers Financial Assets for 50 Billion for TikTok

Alexandr Jucov

World Lab Technologies
World Lab Technologies
World Lab Technologies

NewYork, USA, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The question of TikTok's fate in the United States has been the most burning issue in the entire financial world for months. Who makes the best offer? Whose offer is pleasing to China? Is there anyone who can compete with tech giants Microsoft and Oracle? Now the answer is clear. Alexandr Jucov, CEO of World Lab Technologies, has stepped into the game.

The American corporation World Lab Technologies, represented by its General Director Alexandr Jucov, announced today that it is ready to provide a financial asset for $ 50 billion to Oracle for the acquisition of Tik Tok in the United States from the Chinese company ByteDance!

The announcement came after the Chinese owner of Tiktok selected Oracle as the technology partner for its US operations on Monday, September 14, and rejected all offers from another tech-giant, Microsoft.

According to negotiators, it is now unclear whether this choice will mean that Oracle will also receive a majority stake in the social network under question.

Earlier, Forbes India reported that Alexandr Jucov entered the race to acquire the social networking platform TikTok in the United States and may be prepared to outbid both Microsoft and Oracle.

Answering the question "Why is TikTok so appealing?” Jucov stated that one of the ideas of the corporation is to unite TikTok and several applications that have been created in Europe under the roof of World Lab Technologies corporation.

Now that the Chinese owner of TikTok choose Oracle as a partner, and rejected the offer of Microsoft, it remains only to know what role Alexandr Jucov and his American corporation World Lab Technologies will play in the deal!

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