World leaders condemn 'disgraceful' acts in U.S.

World leaders expressed shock and condemnation, after hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol building, protesting the election certification in a chilling assault on American democracy.

NETANYAHU: “…The rampage at the Capitol yesterday was a disgraceful act and it must be vigorously condemned..."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Wednesday's attack:

"I have no doubt that American democracy will prevail, it always has."

A sentiment echoed by French president, Emmanuel Macron:

"We believe in the strength of our democracies, we believe in the strength of American democracy.”

Italy's Far-right leader Matteo Salvini called it "madness" while UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was 'completely wrong' for Trump to cast doubt on the election results, and called the violence a ‘disgrace.’

“I unreservedly condemn encouraging people to behave in the disgraceful way as they did in the Capitol.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the images from Washington made her ‘angry and also sad...’ and said Trump casting doubt on the election results "created an atmosphere that made the events of last night possible.”

Ireland's Foreign Minister Simon Coveney was more blunt in his assessment, calling the Capitol chaos “a deliberate assault on Democracy by a sitting President & his supporters."

America's foes also chimed in. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, assailed Trump in a televised speech on Thursday... describing Western democracy as quote “fragile and in a weak state.”

"We have seen what damage a populist figure (Trump) has done to his country over the last four years. The country's reputation and dignity has been tarnished and America's relations with the entire world have been strained.”

...While Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman on Facebook called the electoral system in the U.S. ‘archaic’.

Despite the uproar at home and abroad - the U.S. Congress early on Thursday formally certified Democrat Joe Biden's election victory, and an aide to President Trump said the 45th president would accept a peaceful transfer of power.