World tops 200 million vaccine doses as G7 boosts funding

Most vaccines have been administered in the world's better-off countries

Video Transcript

- Catholic priests in Slovakia are swapping their cassocks for PPE to bring spiritual and practical support to Covid patients and hospital staff.

- We see that patients get rid of unnecessary fear. This calm creates a completely different atmosphere in the wards. We see that even the health professionals themselves, which is the second point of our activity, the health professionals themselves are more empathetic. We see that they swear less because of the presence of a spiritual person there.

- With churches closed, 77 clergymen are now volunteering in the country's poor east.

- One old lady asked for a shot of rum. I told her we do not serve rum here, only clean water. She would not drink water, she insisted on rum. So I offered her some 'wine' instead. She gladly downed a glass of water with some medicine I gave her. Maybe a merciful lie, but it was also amusing.

- The EU country of 5.4 million currently has the world's highest coronavirus death rate with 24 Covid deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. More than 6,300 people have died from Covid in the country.

- We have priests here who are our angels. I can't imagine what it would be like without them. They are an encouragement to others.