World War II epic 'Wolf Hound' now available on-demand

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Jun. 22—Michael B. Chait is a man of patience.

It has taken the filmmaker eight years to get his latest film, "Wolf Hound," to the masses.

"That's including two years we couldn't do anything because of the pandemic," Chait says. "Thankfully, we were able to work through technology to get the film completed."

"Wolf Hound" is playing in select theaters around the country. It is also available on-demand, where it has risen to the top 5 on digital platforms.

"It's getting a pretty good reception," Chait says. "I'm thankful for the journey we've been on. The first draft of the screenplay was written in 2014. It's been surreal to have it out to the world."

"Wolf Hound" features action sequences using vintage aircraft. It is a World War II epic that shows how one man's courage can change the world.

On a reconnaissance mission over Nazi-occupied France, pilot David Holden, played by James Maslow is shot down along with a B-17 bomber. He lands near an airfield, where he learns the Germans are loading the U.S.-marked aircraft with a city-destroying superbomb that could help the Axis win the war.

Holden must evade search patrols and a vengeful Nazi soldier to rescue the captured crew and stop the doomsday plot.

The idea for the film came about while Chait was working on another project at the Yankee Air Museum in Michigan in 2013.

"I was filming the B-14 in flight that they would invite the public to see," he says. "I figured out that there was a story here and worked with them on letting us film with their B-14."

Chait wanted to focus on this story because of World War II.

"As a Jewish man and director, I didn't mind having the Nazis as our evil villains," he says. "They were and still are enemies."

With the project being an action film, Chait also tried to get away from all the stereotypes — to an extent.

Of course, he wanted plenty of action. Yet, in between those sequences, he also wanted to place fully realized humans on screen.

"I was the one guy in film class that would go for the action short film," he says. "That's a real easy target for lack of story development or character development. I did try to put in as much heart and character into the leads and supporting leads."

Chait grew up loving movies and remembers how he felt watching "Star Wars" and "Top Gun" as a child.

With "Wolf Hound," he wanted to create a similar feeling.

"The entire cast did their own stunts and it was amazing to see," he says. "From the start, each person on cast and crew were in it for the long haul. We all wanted to see the film succeed."

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Chait is looking forward not only to a wider audience seeing "Wolf Hound," but he's concentrating on his next project.

"It's a Western and will be filmed in New Mexico," he says.

Chait says he's teaming up with a New Mexico organization in a similar way he worked with the Yankee Air Museum.

"Though it's in the early stages, we're looking forward to getting out there to film," he says. "I want to create films that entertain as well as make people think. I'm a fan of film and want others to enjoy movies the same way I do."

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On Demand

"Wolf Hound" is available for rental or purchase on digital streaming platforms.