The 'world's most expensive' face mask

Behold, the world’s 'most expensive face mask'

With masks now a wardrobe staple

one anonymous art collector

has commissioned an Israeli jeweler

to custom-make one

from 18-karat gold and 3,600 diamonds

It took a team of 25 artisans to create

and will set you back

a cool $1.5 million


"Well, the gentleman that we know from years ago, he lives in the United States, he is a young old customer of ours, very charming, very outgoing, very wealthy and he likes to stand out so I guess this is one of his ways of doing that. He lives in the United States and most probably he is going to use it, I don't know, I don't think he is going to use it going to the supermarket but he is going to use it here and there I'm sure."

The mask will be fitted with an N99 filter

so aside from being fabulous

it will be fully functional