World's oldest married couple celebrates their 80th wedding anniversary

Catherine Garcia

John and Charlotte Henderson first met at the University of Texas in 1934, and they've been together ever since.

John, 106, was a football player — he's the oldest living former UT player, and still enjoys going to at least one game a year — and Charlotte, 105, was studying to become a teacher. Five years after their first date, on Dec. 22, 1939, they were married.

Last month, Guinness World Records certified the Hendersons as the world's oldest living married couple. To celebrate their upcoming 80th anniversary, friends at their Austin, Texas, retirement community threw a massive party on Dec. 11. Their great-nephew, Jason Free, told KXAN the Hendersons are "an example of a very happy couple — glad to be around each other, travel together, and live life. They've always been very forward-looking people, always very positive about the future, looking forward to tomorrow and what the future holds."

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