All Your Worst Fears About Google Glass Are Coming True, and It's All Your Fault

All Your Worst Fears About Google Glass Are Coming True, and It's All Your Fault
Rebecca Greenfield

It only took about six weeks for developers to take all of the theoretically creepy things the Internet dreamt up about the face computer of the future and turn those into real-life Google Glass nightmares. In addition to that creepy walking-and-stalking app Wink, Glassholes can look forward to a porn app, plus apps that that take advantage of an upcoming facial recognition API. Yes, the reality of Glass wearers surreptitiously watching sex videos is upon us: "Thanks to the imminent arrival of Google Glass porn, I just got creeped out for the first time about the prospect of a Glass-filled future," writes CNET's Eric Mack. "Now I will forever have a disturbing visual stuck in my head of the disturbing visuals that Glass users will be, well, sticking to the sides of their heads," he continues, after watching this short, pretty SFW promotional video from MiKandi, a top adult Android app provider:

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For most people, however, Google's new facial recognition API presents a more terrifying scenario in terms of creepiness — you know, because of the privacy implications. The technology will enable apps to, know, remember a face, find your friends in a crowd, match your interests to other creeps at networking events, and build intelligent contact books, as Stephen Balaban a co-founder of API builder Lambda Labs explained. Some of that sounds useful, but what if you don't want your face to be recognized? Is there any escape? And surely this is only the beginning of potentially uncomfortable things that coding dorks will build into computer glasses of the future. 

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But we knew this would happen, didn't we? Remember all those articles freaking about Google Glass as a huge privacy violation, so much so that legislators want to make it illegal? Indeed, the bloggers predicted this. Or, another theory: This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. All those freak-out trend stories gave developers all the right ideas for how to use Glass. Way to go, Internet. You've crowdsourced an army of cyborg creeps.