Worst Vacation Ever Continues as Cruise Ship's Bus Ride Home Breaks Down

As a final indignity perpetrated on the passengers of the disabled Triumph cruise ship after it reached port last night, a bus ferrying tired and disheveled tourists back to their homes broke down halfway to New Orleans this morning.

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Following four days trapped aboard a "floating petri dish" without power, air conditioning, or fresh water, the Carnival Cruise Line passengers finally made it back to land around TKTK on Thursday night, except they ended up in Mobile, Alabama — about 500 miles away from the trip's starting point in Galveston, Texas.

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So the passengers disembarked around 1:00 a.m., and many of them boarded buses to return to Galveston. (After sharing their stories with CNN, of course.) Anna Werner of CBS News reports that at least one of the buses in the caravan broke down on the way to New Orleans, stranding the unlucky riders yet again. Hopefully, they were able to have a good laugh about a rather fitting end to their worst vacation ever.