Woz explains why he loves the Apple Watch

Brad Reed

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has a soft spot for Apple but he also has never been shy about criticizing the company or praising its competitors. Woz has also said in the past that he’s had very bad experiences with smartwatches and called Samsung’s first Galaxy Gear one of the worst gadgets he’s ever owned. Because of this, we were interested to see Wozniak heap praise upon the upcoming Apple Watch in a new interview with BBC News.

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“Apple makes their products more fun than anyone else,” Woz tells the BBC. “If you look at the sort of display… it’s almost like a little piece of art, like a holograph… It’s going to be so special, everyone is going to notice.”

Later in the interview, Woz shows off a… unique… watch that he’s wearing that features three old vacuum tubes “that haven’t been made for 45 years” that light up to tell him the time. The watch is designed only to turn on when Woz moves his wrist, which he says saves a huge amount of battery power.

It’s a pretty safe bet that we won’t see anyone else wearing this device in the near future but it’s obviously something Woz is fond of and we can’t help but like it too. Check out Woz’s full video with the BBC by clicking here.

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