Wrestling: Daily box scores for GMC, Skyland and Union

EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome, wrestling fans! Each night, the box scores will be added as they come in for the Greater Middlesex Conference, Skyland Conference and Union County Conference.

Box scores will be added to the bottom of the current day as they come in, so scroll down for your school. Additionally, the one file will be updated all season to make it easy to search for a previous day's results.

Saturday, Jan. 15

GMC/Skyland Crossovers

Franklin 54, Edison 27

144: Justin Vargas (FRAN) over Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) (Fall 0:25) 150: Christopher Garcia (FRAN) over Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) (Fall 1:30) 157: Melvin Melgar (FRAN) over Richard Rebeck (EDIS) (Fall 0:33) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over Nykir Eato (EDIS) (Fall 1:04) 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over Brett Pallay (FRAN) (Dec 8-6) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) (Fall 1:42) 215: Elijah Roberts (FRAN) over Amritpal Singh (EDIS) (Fall 0:29) 285: Marvin Noyola (FRAN) over (EDIS) (For.) 106: Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) over Eli Sanchez (EDIS) (Fall 5:20) 113: Stevens Vazquez (EDIS) over Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) (Fall 2:34) 120: Julian Dawson (EDIS) over Jayden Moore (FRAN) (Fall 1:45) 126: Johan Aguilar (FRAN) over Matt Tufano (EDIS) (Fall 1:45) 132: Javier Reategui (FRAN) over Diego Fernandez (EDIS) (Fall 1:26) 138: Savion Colon (EDIS) over Christian Martinez (FRAN) (Fall 1:37)

Franklin 56, Piscataway 24

138: Justin Vargas (FRAN) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Fall 0:20) 144: Christopher Garcia (FRAN) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Dec 10-8) 150: Melvin Melgar (FRAN) over (PISC) (For.) 157: Garrett Pech (PISC) over (FRAN) (For.) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over Carlos Baez (PISC) (Fall 2:25) 175: Brett Pallay (FRAN) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) over Jadon McCoy (PISC) (Fall 0:49) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Elijah Roberts (FRAN) (Fall 4:08) 285: Malachi Wyatt (PISC) over Marvin Noyola (FRAN) (Fall 0:50) 106: Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) over Marco Meneses (PISC) (TF 16-1 5:08) 113: Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) over (PISC) (For.) 120: Johan Aguilar (FRAN) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Jayden Moore (FRAN) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Brian Butler (PISC) over Javier Reategui (FRAN) (Fall 1:00)

Manville 70, Highland Park 6

113: Nick Lombardino (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 120: Ernie Botteon (HIPA) over Anthony Drake (MAHS) (SV-1 5-3) 126: Brandon Rivera (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 132: Brian Fisher (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Michael Sommers (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 144: Brandon Flores (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 150: David Peterson (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 157: Trip Freitag (MAHS) over Henry Roesener (HIPA) (MD 11-3) 165: Lucas Velando (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.) 175: Calvin Clark (HIPA) over Danny Wildgoose (MAHS) (Dec 6-5) 190: Jacob Reilly (MAHS) over Ben Beyer (HIPA) (Fall 2:43) 215: Geoffrey Mathis (MAHS) over Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) (Fall 2:52) 285: Marvin Valverde-Bonilla (MAHS) over Christian Gomez (HIPA) (Fall 1:58) 106: Justin Petti (MAHS) over (HIPA) (For.)

Manville 67, New Brunswick 12

120: Anthony Drake (MAHS) over Vladimir Garcia (NEBR) (Fall 4:47) 126: Brandon Rivera (MAHS) over Jaime Santiago (NEBR) (Fall 2:32) 132: Kevin Rodriguez (NEBR) over Brian Fisher (MAHS) (Fall 0:37) 138: Michael Sommers (MAHS) over Daivid Cruz (NEBR) (Fall 2:57) 144: Brandon Flores (MAHS) over Darwin Cuadrado (NEBR) (Fall 3:37) 150: David Peterson (MAHS) over Edgar Rosales (NEBR) (MD 11-0) 157: Trip Freitag (MAHS) over Luis Pena (NEBR) (Fall 3:02) 165: Lucas Velando (MAHS) over (NEBR) (For.) 175: Danny Wildgoose (MAHS) over (NEBR) (For.) 190: Jacob Reilly (MAHS) over Nelson Canales (NEBR) (Fall 1:19) 215: Geoffrey Mathis (MAHS) over Henry Cuadrado (NEBR) (Dec 7-1) 285: Bryand Garcia (NEBR) over Marvin Valverde-Bonilla (MAHS) (Fall 0:22) 106: Justin Petti (MAHS) over (NEBR) (For.) 113: Nick Lombardino (MAHS) over (NEBR) (For.)

Montgomery 57, Highland Park 12

120: Ty Greenberg (MONT) over Ernie Botteon (HIPA) (Fall 4:41) 126: Jackson Obe (MONT) over (HIPA) (For.) 132: Luke Greenberg (MONT) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Konstantin Clark (MONT) over (HIPA) (For.) 144: Double Forfeit 150: Gabe Rohmeyer (MONT) over Brian Mahoney (HIPA) (Fall 1:52) 157: Henry Roesener (HIPA) over Soham Karakoti (MONT) (Fall 1:02) 165: Michael Troisi (MONT) over (HIPA) (For.) 175: Elhadji Diara (MONT) over Calvin Clark (HIPA) (Dec 6-2) 190: John Lawler (MONT) over Ben Beyer (HIPA) (Fall 1:50) 215: Lucas Allen (MONT) over Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) (Fall 0:19) 285: Juan Alvarado (HIPA) over (MONT) (For.) 106: Nicholas Reyes (MONT) over (HIPA) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit

Greater Middlesex Conference

Monroe Township 49, Hightstown 24

175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over Franki Garcia (HIGH) (Fall 0:54) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Kevin Lancaster (HIGH) (Fall 1:57) 215: Chris Stavrou (HIGH) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (Fall 1:00) 285: Brenden Hansen (HIGH) over (MOTO) (For.) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over Jason DeSantis (HIGH) (Fall 1:10) 113: Jack Kane (HIGH) over Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) (Fall 3:53) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over Christopher Cropanese (HIGH) (Fall 1:34) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Dennis Bustos, Jr. (HIGH) (Fall 0:49) 132: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over Matthew Ramos (HIGH) (Dec 10-7) 138: Chase Montgomery (HIGH) over Jovanny Vera (MOTO) (Dec 6-2) 144: Devron Lewis (HIGH) over Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) (Dec 7-1) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Jacob Kochberg (HIGH) (Fall 2:16) 157: Colm Boyle (MOTO) over Isaiah Thornton (HIGH) (Inj. [time]) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Liam O`Donnell (HIGH) (MD 10-1)

Monroe 63, Hamilton North 16

165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over (HNN) (For.) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over (HNN) (For.) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Sofian Rashid (HNN) (Fall 3:30) 215: Dorian Henry (HNN) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (MD 9-0) 285: Larry Cortez (HNN) over John Douglas (MOTO) (Fall 0:58) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (HNN) (For.) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over Sean Hunt (HNN) (MD 10-0) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over Curtis Selmon (HNN) (TF 16-1 0:00) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Aidan Babkowski (HNN) (Fall 1:01) 132: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over Dennis Palencia (HNN) (Fall 3:46) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Lucas Selmon (HNN) (Fall 3:17) 144: Jacob Van Der Horn (HNN) over Josh Bouchard (MOTO) (Fall 0:24) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over William Chrysler (HNN) (Fall 2:45) 157: Colm Boyle (MOTO) over William Chrysler (HNN) (Fall 2:45)

Monroe 63, Peddie 8

157: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Connor Pawliczak (PEDD) (Fall 1:02) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over (PEDD) (For.) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over (PEDD) (For.) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Becker Reiner (PEDD) (Fall 0:28) 215: Chris Guzzo (MOTO) over Matthew Yang (PEDD) (Dec 9-4) 285: John Douglas (MOTO) over (PEDD) (For.) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (PEDD) (For.) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over (PEDD) (For.) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over Jack Stewart (PEDD) (Fall 3:53) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Donovan Mavoides (PEDD) (Dec 5-3) 132: Gavin Mavoides (PEDD) over Eshan Kadam (MOTO) (TF 16-1 4:00) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Luke Garcia (PEDD) (Dec 5-2) 144: Josh Bouchard (MOTO) over Jerry Tian (PEDD) (Fall 1:03) 150: Andy Poljevka (PEDD) over Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) (Dec 8-3)

Old Bridge 36, Freehold Borough 33

138: Michael Connelly (FRBO) over Rocco Celentano (OLBR) (Fall 5:36) 144: Austin Miller (OLBR) over Andrew Fata (FRBO) (Dec 5-4) 150: Jake Turner (FRBO) over Isa McMillan (OLBR) (Fall 3:38) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Joesph Berryman (FRBO) (Fall 2:44) 165: Brandon Smith (FRBO) over Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) (Dec 3-2) 175: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over Edgar Amaro (FRBO) (Fall 0:57) 190: Avery Mack (OLBR) over Brian Snyder (FRBO) (Fall 4:55) 215: Alberto Pantoja (FRBO) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (SV-1 3-1) 285: Jonathon Johnson (FRBO) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (Fall 5:21) 106: Sam Sheridan (FRBO) over Daniel Ferraro (OLBR) (Fall 2:23) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Colton Lawler (FRBO) (TF 17-2 4:50) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over Riley Tate (FRBO) (MD 12-0) 126: Angelo Messina (FRBO) over Jesse Koczon (OLBR) (Dec 8-5) 132: Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) over (FRBO) (For.)

South Plainfield 50, Newton 21

120: Jacob DelVecchio (SOPL) over (NEWT) (For.) 126: Julian Irizarry (SOPL) over (NEWT) (For.) 132: Andrew Loniewski (SOPL) over Demarius Posey (NEWT) (Fall 1:08) 138: Michael Melillo (NEWT) over Daniel Gonzalez-Ross (SOPL) (MD 12-1) 144: J.J. Giordano (SOPL) over Thaylor Sibblies (NEWT) (MD 13-1) 150: Nicholas Campagna (SOPL) over Takeo Sibblies (NEWT) (TF 18-3 5:48) 157: Aidan Murtagh (NEWT) over Vincent Conselina (SOPL) (MD 8-0) 165: Mark Molinaro (SOPL) over (NEWT) (For.) 175: Ryan Balent (SOPL) over Daniel Barry (NEWT) (Fall 1:05) 190: Melkart Abou-Jaoude (NEWT) over Manuel Alvaranga (SOPL) (MD 11-3) 215: Brody Guerra (NEWT) over Aidan MacKenzie (SOPL) (Dec 1-0) 285: Patrick Teets (NEWT) over (SOPL) (For.) 106: Nicholas Irizarry (SOPL) over Mason Bucci (NEWT) (TF 16-0 3:48) 113: Jeffrey Jacome (SOPL) over Keegan Murtagh (NEWT) (Fall 0:45)

Middlesex/Dunellen 35, Metuchen 29

113: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Matt Bianchini (METU) (Fall 42:00) 120: Nate DeCoite (METU) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 4:23) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Bryan McCarthy (METU) (Fall 1:07) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over Christian Pareja (METU) (Dec 4-2) 138: Francesco Rossiter (METU) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (TF 18-3 3:10) 144: Phillip Williams (METU) over Luke Shealy (MIDD) (Fall 3:04) 150: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over Jack McGowan (METU) (Dec 7-4) 157: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over Kendall Johnston (METU) (Fall 1:46) 165: Yanni Mitossis (MIDD) over Michael Montemuro (METU) (Fall 2:56) 175: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Marvin Malino (METU) (TF 18-3 3:57) 190: Stephen Michaliszyn (METU) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Dec 12-5) 215: Matt Bianchini (METU) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (Dec 6-0) 285: Kevin Stoecker (METU) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:31) 106: Double Forfeit

Middlesex/Dunellen 54, West Windsor-Plainsboro North 13

120: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Zachary Owens (WWPN) (Fall 3:03) 126: Justin Musmanno (WWPN) over Sam Kleiber (MIDD) (Dec 5-2) 132: Kieran Sattiraju (WWPN) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (MD 11-1) 138: Jack Griffin (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 144: Luke Shealy (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 150: Jonathan Hines (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 175: Dakota Clark (MIDD) over Jacob Lasky (WWPN) (Fall 3:17) 190: Authur Eder (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 215: Aditya Tripathi (WWPN) over (MIDD) (For.) 285: Jason Scott (MIDD) over (WWPN) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Ryan Brown (WWPN) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 3:19)

Robbinsville 58, Middlesex/Dunellen 15

106: Blaise Grippa (ROBB) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Anthony Viscido (ROBB) (Dec 4-3) 120: Giacomo Bottoni (ROBB) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 0:58) 126: David Kanner (ROBB) over (MIDD) (For.) 132: Michael Manieri (ROBB) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (Dec 3-0) 138: Dylan Cifrodelli (ROBB) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (Fall 0:28) 144: Alex Messinger (ROBB) over Luke Shealy (MIDD) (Fall 0:49) 150: Cole Cifrodelli (ROBB) over RJ Stradling (MIDD) (MD 8-0) 157: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over Nolan O`Grady (ROBB) (Fall 2:48) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over John Bartzak (ROBB) (Fall 0:49) 175: Nick Migliaccio (ROBB) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Fall 2:32) 190: Thomas Jennings (ROBB) over Authur Eder (MIDD) (Dec 7-5) 215: Richard Esterly (ROBB) over (MIDD) (For.) 285: Kevin Siminske (ROBB) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 2:32)

Metuchen 53, West Windsor-Plainsboro North 15

106: Double Forfeit 113: Danny Capron (METU) over Ryan Brown (WWPN) (Fall 2:55) 120: Zachary Owens (WWPN) over Nate DeCoite (METU) (Fall 5:15) 126: Justin Musmanno (WWPN) over Bryan McCarthy (METU) (Dec 7-1) 132: Kieran Sattiraju (WWPN) over Christian Pareja (METU) (Fall 3:03) 138: Francesco Rossiter (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) 144: Jack McGowan (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) 150: Double Forfeit 157: Ben Michaliszyn (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) 165: Michael Montemuro (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) 175: Marvin Malino (METU) over Jacob Lasky (WWPN) (Fall 1:00) 190: Stephen Michaliszyn (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) 215: Kevin Stoecker (METU) over Aditya Tripathi (WWPN) (Fall 0:58) 285: Matt Bianchini (METU) over (WWPN) (For.) (METU penalty -1.0)

Robbinsville 43, Metuchen 33

120: Giacomo Bottoni (ROBB) over Nate DeCoite (METU) (Fall 1:05) 126: David Kanner (ROBB) over (METU) (For.) 132: Michael Manieri (ROBB) over Christian Pareja (METU) (TF 16-0 6:00) 138: Francesco Rossiter (METU) over Dylan Cifrodelli (ROBB) (Dec 8-2) 144: Cole Cifrodelli (ROBB) over Jack McGowan (METU) (Dec 12-6) 150: Alex Messinger (ROBB) over Phillip Williams (METU) (Fall 1:00) 157: Kendall Johnston (METU) over Nolan O`Grady (ROBB) (Fall 1:30) 165: John Bartzak (ROBB) over Michael Montemuro (METU) (Fall 0:46) 175: Nick Migliaccio (ROBB) over Marvin Malino (METU) (Fall 4:57) 190: Stephen Michaliszyn (METU) over Richard Esterly (ROBB) (Fall 4:16) 215: Matt Bianchini (METU) over Thomas Jennings (ROBB) (Fall 1:40) 285: Kevin Stoecker (METU) over Dominic Cataldo (ROBB) (Fall 0:45) 106: Danny Capron (METU) over Blaise Grippa (ROBB) (Fall 1:09) 113: Anthony Viscido (ROBB) over (METU) (For.) (ROBB penalty -1.0)

Edison 51, Piscataway 27

132: Diego Fernandez (EDIS) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Fall 1:03) 138: Brian Butler (PISC) over Savion Colon (EDIS) (Fall 1:17) 144: Jacob Martes (PISC) over Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) (Dec 8-7) 150: Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) over (PISC) (For.) 157: Garrett Pech (PISC) over Richard Rebeck (EDIS) (Fall 5:35) 165: Nykir Eato (EDIS) over Carlos Baez (PISC) (Dec 21-16) 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over Lesly Antoine (PISC) (Fall 0:22) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Gael Luna (EDIS) (Inj. [time]) 285: Malachi Wyatt (PISC) over Amritpal Singh (EDIS) (Fall 0:31) 106: Eli Sanchez (EDIS) over Marco Meneses (PISC) (Fall 4:20) 113: Stevens Vazquez (EDIS) over Ajay Persaud (PISC) (Fall 4:25) 120: Julian Dawson (EDIS) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Matt Tufano (EDIS) over (PISC) (For.)

Delsea 42, St. Joseph Metuchen 23

285: Rocco Bennett (DELS) over Jake Tulli (SJM) (Fall 1:44) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Gage Summers (DELS) (Fall 3:29) 113: Zavier Stokes (DELS) over John Whitacre (SJM) (Fall 1:03) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Jacob Hassett (DELS) (TF 19-4 4:46) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over Alex Zimmerman (DELS) (Dec 8-2) 132: Jamar Dixon (DELS) over Anthony Bistany (SJM) (Dec 5-0) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Giovanni Degeorge (DELS) (Dec 7-5) 144: Marius Fennal (DELS) over Vincent Genna (SJM) (Fall 1:26) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over Riley Boos (DELS) (Dec 13-12) 157: Austin Boos (DELS) over Mekai Mathews (SJM) (MD 11-2) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over Tyson Derenberger (DELS) (SV-1 7-5) 175: Jared Schoppe (DELS) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 0:18) 190: Danny Digiovacchino (DELS) over Brian Christie (SJM) (Fall 2:27) 215: Luke Maxwell (DELS) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (TF 16-0 3:00)

Middletown South 39, St. Joseph Metuchen 27

215: Matthew Cody (MISO) over Anthony Roige (SJM) (Fall 1:43) 285: Dante Miranda (MISO) over Jake Tulli (SJM) (Fall 5:11) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Zachary Veniskey (MISO) (Fall 1:10) 113: Ryan Madden (MISO) over John Whitacre (SJM) (MD 11-3) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Kaden King (MISO) (Dec 4-2) 126: Jack Zaleski (MISO) over Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) (Dec 1-0) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over Alec Holland (MISO) (Dec 8-4) 138: Robert Generelli (MISO) over Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) (MD 13-5) 144: David Hussey (MISO) over Vincent Genna (SJM) (MD 17-4) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over Alex Quintano (MISO) (Dec 7-2) 157: Mekai Mathews (SJM) over Jack Nelson (MISO) (Fall 5:30) 165: Nick Holland (MISO) over Andrew Bouchard (SJM) (Fall 5:31) 175: Jack Reiter (MISO) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 0:27) 190: Brian Christie (SJM) over Jack Willi (MISO) (Fall 1:55)

Paramus Catholic 55, St. Joseph Metuchen 15

190: Xavier Williams (PACA) over Brian Christie (SJM) (Dec 8-4) 215: Matthew Murray (PACA) over Anthony Roige (SJM) (Fall 5:30) 285: Max Acciardi (PACA) over Jake Tulli (SJM) (Fall 2:53) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Preston Montague (PACA) (Fall 0:28) 113: Dylan Ross (PACA) over John Whitacre (SJM) (MD 9-0) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Abe Zarestski (PACA) (TF 19-4 5:48) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over John Zero (PACA) (MD 13-2) 132: George Hufnagel (PACA) over Anthony Bistany (SJM) (Fall 5:45) 138: John Quinonez (PACA) over David Rosenfarb (SJM) (TF 15-0 5:45) 144: Zach Ballante (PACA) over Vincent Genna (SJM) (MD 11-3) 150: Daniel Rella (PACA) over Evan Mendez (SJM) (Fall 3:34) 157: Kyle Reiter (PACA) over Mekai Mathews (SJM) (Fall 0:28) 165: Kostantinos Mavrikidis (PACA) over Andrew Bouchard (SJM) (Dec 2-1) 175: Edward Terrieri (PACA) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 1:15)

Woodbridge 72, East Brunswick 12

106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over (EBHS) (For.) 113: Dyanne Pelaez (WOOD) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 0:40) 126: Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 2:09) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 0:30) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over James Milligan (EBHS) (Fall 3:00) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 3:50) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Fall 2:30) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 3:40) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 1:20) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Andrew Como (EBHS) (Fall 0:29) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:34) 285: Emmanuel Medina-Rodriguez (WOOD) over (EBHS) (For.)

Woodbridge 38, Point Pleasant Beach 30

113: Aidan Loughran (PPBH) over Dyanne Pelaez (WOOD) (Fall 0:13) 120: PJ Niethe (PPBH) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 2:55) 126: Rowan McLoughlin (PPBH) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 3:55) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Owen Debenedett (PPBH) (MD 8-0) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Jack Schulter (PPBH) (Fall 0:43) 144: Jonah Bowers (PPBH) over Jacob Torres (WOOD) (Dec 11-4) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Joe Beley (PPBH) (Fall 1:20) 157: Connor Loughran (PPBH) over Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) (Fall 3:26) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Radek Kacmarsky (PPBH) (Fall 1:06) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Sam Yedman (PPBH) (Fall 1:22) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over Marcos Kaiafas (PPBH) (Dec 10-3) 215: Ryley Thomas (PPBH) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Dec 3-1) 285: Emmanuel Medina-Rodriguez (WOOD) over Reid Niebling (PPBH) (TB-1 4-2) 106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over Gavin McLoughlin (PPBH) (MD 10-1)

Sayreville 57, East Brunswick 21

113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over John Metz (SWM) (Fall 0:12) 126: Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) over William Marks (SWM) (Dec 10-3) 132: Chris Schmitt (SWM) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 5:54) 138: James Milligan (EBHS) over Gabriel Folchi (SWM) (Fall 3:58) 144: Michael Zaunczkowski (SWM) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 2:56) 150: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Dec 9-2) 157: Edward Willams (SWM) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 0:00) 165: Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) over (SWM) (For.) 175: Bryce Bouchard (SWM) over Andrew Como (EBHS) (Fall 0:54) 190: Sean Sylvester (SWM) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:19) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over (EBHS) (For.) 106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over (EBHS) (For.)

Sayreville 37, Point Pleasant Beach 35

106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over Gavin McLoughlin (PPBH) (Dec 6-1) 113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over Aidan Loughran (PPBH) (MD 11-3) 120: PJ Niethe (PPBH) over John Metz (SWM) (Fall 0:20) 126: Jude Bowers (PPBH) over William Marks (SWM) (Dec 6-3) 132: Chris Schmitt (SWM) over Rowan McLoughlin (PPBH) (Fall 3:20) 138: Owen Debenedett (PPBH) over Gabriel Folchi (SWM) (TF 17-2 4:19) 144: Jonah Bowers (PPBH) over Michael Zaunczkowski (SWM) (Fall 1:17) 150: Jariel Severino (SWM) over (PPBH) (For.) 157: Joe Beley (PPBH) over Logan Appleby (SWM) (Fall 2:55) 165: Connor Loughran (PPBH) over (SWM) (For.) 175: Bryce Bouchard (SWM) over Radek Kacmarsky (PPBH) (Fall 1:50) 190: Ryley Thomas (PPBH) over Sean Sylvester (SWM) (Dec 4-3) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Reid Niebling (PPBH) (Fall 4:00) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Andrew Cole (PPBH) (Fall 1:20)

Point Pleasant Beach 78, East Brunswick 4

120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over PJ Niethe (PPBH) (MD 13-3) 126: Rowan McLoughlin (PPBH) over Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) (Fall 1:53) 132: Jude Bowers (PPBH) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 1:21) 138: Logan Devirgilis (PPBH) over James Milligan (EBHS) (Fall 1:37) 144: Jack Schulter (PPBH) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 1:29) 150: Jonah Bowers (PPBH) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Fall 1:30) 157: Joe Beley (PPBH) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 0:56) 165: Connor Loughran (PPBH) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 1:06) 175: Radek Kacmarsky (PPBH) over Andrew Como (EBHS) (Fall 1:55) 190: Marcos Kaiafas (PPBH) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Ryley Thomas (PPBH) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 1:16) 285: Reid Niebling (PPBH) over (EBHS) (For.) 106: Gavin McLoughlin (PPBH) over (EBHS) (For.) 113: Aidan Loughran (PPBH) over (EBHS) (For.)

Highland Park 36, New Brunswick 30

106: Lindsay Stoll (HIPA) over (NEBR) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Ernie Botteon (HIPA) over RODGER VASQUEZ (NEBR) (Fall 3:48) 126: Ben Weiner-Goldsmith (HIPA) over Dorian Pena (NEBR) (Fall 2:15) 132: Kevin Rodriguez (NEBR) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Daivid Cruz (NEBR) over (HIPA) (For.) 144: Darwin Cuadrado (NEBR) over (HIPA) (For.) 150: Luis Pena (NEBR) over Brian Mahoney (HIPA) (Fall 1:15) 157: Henry Roesener (HIPA) over KEVIN GARRIDO (NEBR) (Fall 3:01) 165: Double Forfeit 175: Calvin Clark (HIPA) over (NEBR) (For.) 190: Nelson Canales (NEBR) over Ben Beyer (HIPA) (Dec 7-1) 215: Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) over Henry Cuadrado (NEBR) (Fall 5:06) 285: Bryand Garcia (NEBR) over Christian Gomez (HIPA) (Fall 2:30)

Jackson Memorial 54, Perth Amboy 6

100: Double Forfeit 107: Ahsia Torres (PEAM) over Casey Holmes (JMH) (Fall 1:22) 114: Angelia Tandari (JMH) over Rachel Iglesia (PEAM) (Fall 0:36) 120: Dominique Lopez (JMH) over (PEAM) (For.) 126: Chloe Lawler (JMH) over (PEAM) (For.) 132: Miranda Zona (JMH) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Kamila Bieszczad (JMH) over Nicole Hernandez (PEAM) (Fall 1:45) 145: Skyelar Smith (JMH) over Narlie Diaz (PEAM) (Fall 1:42) 152: Jordyn Katz (JMH) over (PEAM) (For.) 165: Abigail Stanberry (JMH) over Yuma Vidal (PEAM) (Fall 5:55) 185: Briana Fairchild (JMH) over (PEAM) (For.) 235: Double Forfeit

Skyland Conference

Franklin 70, North Plainfield 6

132: Christian Martinez (FRAN) over (NOPL) (For.) 138: Javier Reategui (FRAN) over Johan Elizondu (NOPL) (Fall 1:30) 144: Justin Vargas (FRAN) over Henry Cummings (NOPL) (Dec 9-5) 150: Christopher Garcia (FRAN) over Raja Hussain (NOPL) (Dec 12-5) 157: Jonathan Josias (NOPL) over Melvin Melgar (FRAN) (Fall 2:24) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over Alexis Guzman (NOPL) (Fall 0:43) 175: Brett Pallay (FRAN) over Mathew Salinas (NOPL) (MD 8-0) 190: Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) over Iam Mendoza (NOPL) (Fall 4:29) 215: Elijah Roberts (FRAN) over Lenner Mejia (NOPL) (Fall 1:12) 285: Marvin Noyola (FRAN) over Brian Santos (NOPL) (Fall 1:33) 106: Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) over (NOPL) (For.) 113: Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) over (NOPL) (For.) 120: Jayden Moore (FRAN) over (NOPL) (For.) 126: Johan Aguilar (FRAN) over (NOPL) (For.)

Manville 39, Montgomery 24

106: Justin Petti (MAHS) over Nicholas Reyes (MONT) (Dec 8-7) 113: Nick Lombardino (MAHS) over (MONT) (For.) 120: Ty Greenberg (MONT) over Anthony Drake (MAHS) (Fall 3:48) 126: Jackson Obe (MONT) over Brandon Rivera (MAHS) (Dec 6-3) 132: Luke Greenberg (MONT) over Brian Fisher (MAHS) (Fall 3:20) 138: Michael Sommers (MAHS) over Konstantin Clark (MONT) (Dec 11-4) 144: Brandon Flores (MAHS) over Gabe Rohmeyer (MONT) (Fall 2:45) 150: David Peterson (MAHS) over Logan Muraszko (MONT) (Dec 7-3) 157: Trip Freitag (MAHS) over Edward Cunningham (MONT) (Fall 3:19) 165: Lucas Velando (MAHS) over Michael Troisi (MONT) (Dec 8-2) 175: Elhadji Diara (MONT) over Danny Wildgoose (MAHS) (Dec 10-7) 190: Jacob Reilly (MAHS) over John Walter (MONT) (Dec 11-7) 215: Marvin Valverde-Bonilla (MAHS) over (MONT) (For.) 285: Lucas Allen (MONT) over Geoffrey Mathis (MAHS) (Fall 3:55)

Depaul Catholic 54, Rutgers Prep 22

106: Ethan Zepeda (DECA) over (RPS) (For.) 113: Zach Burden (RPS) over Sophia Lentine (DECA) (MD 14-2) 120: Joe McManus-Shortt (DECA) over (RPS) (For.) 126: Austin Werner (DECA) over (RPS) (For.) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Nick Bottazzi (DECA) over Daniel Espinoza (RPS) (Fall 0:16) 144: Preston Harduby (RPS) over (DECA) (For.) 150: Evan Bekos (RPS) over (DECA) (For.) 157: Ryan Burton (DECA) over Payce Lamb (RPS) (Fall 0:57) 165: Jackson Littman (RPS) over (DECA) (For.) 175: Michael Mignone (DECA) over Jaden Mendez (RPS) (Fall 5:32) 190: Jacob Gerish (DECA) over (RPS) (For.) 215: Michael Orlando (DECA) over (RPS) (For.) 285: Josh Turner (DECA) over Matteo Stryshak (RPS) (Fall 0:13)

Bernards 54, Arthur Johnson 24

106: Zachary Belverio (ARJO) over (BERN) (For.) 113: Owen Baird (BERN) over (ARJO) (For.) 120: Anthony Caceres (BERN) over (ARJO) (For.) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over (ARJO) (TF 17-2 0:00) 132: Jake Vito (ARJO) over (BERN) (For.) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Nicholas Pipala (ARJO) (MD 10-1) 144: Tyler Austin (BERN) over Joey Ortega (ARJO) (Dec 7-6) 150: Dylan Perrotto (ARJO) over Jake Caldwell (BERN) (Fall 3:10) 157: Alex Fragassi (BERN) over Emilio Menicucci (ARJO) (Fall 2:42) 165: Henry Nordstrom (ARJO) over David Cabrera (BERN) (Fall 1:55) 175: David Brothers (BERN) over Brandon Brown (ARJO) (Inj. [time]) 190: Liam Annette (BERN) over Vincent Pisano (ARJO) (Fall 1:24) 215: Brandon Zarin (BERN) over Aaron Tapia (ARJO) (Fall 4:55) 285: Pablo Britez (BERN) over Dante Montouri (ARJO) (Fall 5:09)

Pingry 51, Elizabeth 21

113: Double Forfeit 120: Matteo Littman (PISC) over Daniel Morantes-Villanueva (ELIZ) (Fall 5:31) 126: Jack Goodwin (PISC) over Claudio C Sanchez (ELIZ) (Fall 0:32) 132: Charles Levine (PISC) over Sharan Jit (ELIZ) (Fall 0:51) 138: Ben Strasser (PISC) over Charles Diaz (ELIZ) (Dec 9-4) 144: Jose Lamela (ELIZ) over (PISC) (For.) 150: Jason Weaver (PISC) over Amancio Remigio (ELIZ) (Fall 0:36) 157: Jahsim Williams (ELIZ) over JD Twilley (PISC) (Dec 9-4) 165: Jack Martin (PISC) over Freddy Gabin (ELIZ) (Fall 0:43) 175: Jacob Ventura (PISC) over Varson Siryon (ELIZ) (Fall 2:36) 190: Zach Ventura (PISC) over Gheisha Daniel (ELIZ) (Fall 1:43) 215: Reilly Cavanaugh (PISC) over Ryan Black-Nealis (ELIZ) (Fall 5:12) 285: Timothy Smith (ELIZ) over (PISC) (For.) 106: Isabela Santos (ELIZ) over Logan Spacek (PISC) (Fall 0:21)

Pingry 66, Nutley 9

120: Matteo Littman (PISC) over Matthew Nocerino (NUTL) (Fall 2:23) 126: France Graffeo (NUTL) over Jack Goodwin (PISC) (Dec 7-0) 132: Charles Levine (PISC) over (NUTL) (For.) 138: Ben Strasser (PISC) over Vincenzo Rizzuto (NUTL) (Fall 1:30) 144: Connor Harlow (NUTL) over (PISC) (For.) 150: Jason Weaver (PISC) over Anthony Olalla (NUTL) (Fall 1:20) 157: JD Twilley (PISC) over Michael Zitola (NUTL) (Fall 5:20) 165: Jack Martin (PISC) over Joshua Padilla (NUTL) (Fall 0:48) 175: Clint Robinson (PISC) over (NUTL) (For.) 190: Jacob Ventura (PISC) over William Jennings (NUTL) (Fall 1:57) 215: Zach Ventura (PISC) over (NUTL) (For.) 285: Reilly Cavanaugh (PISC) over (NUTL) (For.) 106: Logan Spacek (PISC) over Mariah Koster (NUTL) (Fall 4:30) 113: Double Forfeit

Pingry 43, Rahway 33

106: Josh Garcia (RAHW) over Logan Spacek (PISC) (Fall 0:41) 113: Amadi Murray (RAHW) over Matteo Littman (PISC) (Dec 1-0) 120: Eoghan O`Hara (RAHW) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Jack Goodwin (PISC) over Javier Gonzalez (RAHW) (Fall 0:35) 132: Charles Levine (PISC) over Aidan Yurick (RAHW) (Fall 0:57) 138: Ben Strasser (PISC) over Destin Vincent (RAHW) (Fall 5:49) 144: Raffaele Dotro (RAHW) over (PISC) (For.) 150: Jason Weaver (PISC) over Robert Macaluso (RAHW) (MD 11-2) 157: Joshua Tilton (RAHW) over JD Twilley (PISC) (Fall 1:58) 165: Jack Martin (PISC) over Clive Campbell (RAHW) (Fall 1:52) 175: Jacob Ventura (PISC) over Steven Green (RAHW) (Fall 2:47) 190: Zach Ventura (PISC) over Austin Tilton (RAHW) (SV-1 8-6) 215: Reilly Cavanaugh (PISC) over Terrance Avent (RAHW) (Fall 2:59) 285: Ja`Von Harris (RAHW) over (PISC) (For.)

Sparta 48, Rutgers Prep 16

120: Emma Reder (SPAR) over (RPS) (For.) 126: Double Forfeit 132: Blake Brodersen (SPAR) over (RPS) (For.) 138: Logan Hrenenko (SPAR) over Daniel Espinoza (RPS) (Fall 1:11) 144: Preston Harduby (RPS) over Ben Bialkin (SPAR) (Fall 0:08) 150: Evan Bekos (RPS) over Anthony Petrock (SPAR) (MD 11-2) 157: Nick Hwang (SPAR) over Payce Lamb (RPS) (Fall 1:18) 165: Sebastian Gomez (SPAR) over Jackson Littman (RPS) (Fall 3:25) 175: Jaden Mendez (RPS) over John Langeraap (SPAR) (Fall 1:52) 190: Blake Winberry (SPAR) over (RPS) (For.) 215: Double Forfeit 285: Bradley Maines (SPAR) over Matteo Stryshak (RPS) (Fall 0:11) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Andrew Weinzetl (SPAR) over Zach Burden (RPS) (Fall 0:56)

Friday, Jan. 14

Greater Middlesex Conference

South Plainfield 60, South Brunswick 24

285: Adam Debarla (SBH) over (SOPL) (For.) 106: Nicholas Irizarry (SOPL) over (SBH) (For.) 113: Jeffrey Jacome (SOPL) over (SBH) (For.) 120: Jacob DelVecchio (SOPL) over Garv Sen (SBH) (Fall 2:55) 126: Julian Irizarry (SOPL) over Omar Adam (SBH) (Fall 0:41) 132: Andrew Loniewski (SOPL) over Brandon Castro (SBH) (Fall 0:51) 138: Daniel Gonzalez-Ross (SOPL) over Andrew Hobbs (SBH) (Fall 0:27) 144: J.J. Giordano (SOPL) over (SBH) (For.) 150: Shahnawaz Asif (SBH) over Vincent Conselina (SOPL) (Fall 1:58) 157: Nicholas Campagna (SOPL) over (SBH) (For.) 165: Tyler Balent (SOPL) over Aybars Tabur (SBH) (Fall 0:40) 175: Armaan Khatri (SBH) over (SOPL) (For.) 190: Manuel Alvaranga (SOPL) over Hemanth Pachade (SBH) (Fall 0:41) 215: Nicholas Wisbeski (SBH) over (SOPL) (For.)

Colonia 54, JFK-Iselin 30

106: Cameron Daniels (JFIS) over (COLO) (For.) 113: Ayaan Aziz (COLO) over Aiden Roche (JFIS) (Fall 2:18) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) (Fall 3:12) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over Mateus Pessanha (COLO) (Fall 1:55) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Gavin Yannetta (COLO) (Fall 2:33) 138: Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) over Alexander Rosario (JFIS) (Fall 1:59) 144: Mark Roche (JFIS) over Spiro Theologis (COLO) (Fall 3:35) 150: Vincent Diaz (COLO) over Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) (Fall 2:28) 157: Logan Goncalves (COLO) over Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) (Fall 0:44) 165: Michael Feliciano (COLO) over Moustafa Salama (JFIS) (Fall 0:10) 175: Michael Torres (COLO) over Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) (Fall 1:57) 190: Shawn Amer (COLO) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Fall 0:54) 215: Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) over Mazen Shatter (COLO) (Fall 1:59) 285: Ahmed Mohamed (COLO) over Yanuth Nanthakumar (JFIS) (Fall 1:25)

Old Bridge 66, Piscataway 12

175: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Avery Mack (OLBR) over Lesly Antoine (PISC) (Fall 0:20) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (Dec 3-2) 285: Malachi Wyatt (PISC) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (Fall 2:28) 106: Daniel Ferraro (OLBR) over Marco Meneses (PISC) (Fall 2:19) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over (PISC) (For.) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Jesse Koczon (OLBR) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Brian Butler (PISC) over Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) (Dec 5-1) 138: Rocco Celentano (OLBR) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Fall 1:17) 144: Austin Miller (OLBR) over (PISC) (For.) 150: Isa McMillan (OLBR) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Fall 1:55) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Garrett Pech (PISC) (Fall 1:11) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Carlos Baez (PISC) (Fall 5:30)

Saint Thomas Aquinas 78, Carteret 0

106: Beniamino DiCocco (STA) over (CART) (For.) 113: Shray Patel (STA) over (CART) (For.) 120: Reed Kerstetter (STA) over Jetzeel Huertas (CART) (Dec 5-0) 126: Vincent Gioffre (STA) over (CART) (For.) 132: Samridth Keerthi (STA) over (CART) (For.) 138: Landon Kearns (STA) over Xavier Villalongo (CART) (Fall 3:43) 144: Liam Zeh (STA) over (CART) (For.) 150: John Howarth (STA) over Siddiq Qasim (CART) (Fall 0:44) 157: Brian Mohabeer (STA) over Rasheim Price-Jones (CART) (Dec 6-1) 165: Owen Disbrow (STA) over (CART) (For.) 175: Kenny Coghan (STA) over (CART) (For.) 190: Aiden Sim (STA) over (CART) (For.) 215: Steven Coghan (STA) over Hassan Khan (CART) (Fall 5:00) 285: Brian Moyer (STA) over (CART) (For.)

Shore Regional 51, Middlesex/Dunellen 19

75: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Liam Rosa (SHRE) (MD 11-0) 190: Jamie Mazzacco (SHRE) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Fall 1:19) 215: Bashaar Ismail (SHRE) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (Fall 4:59) 285: Layne Raposo (SHRE) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:28) 106: Phoebe Nguyen (SHRE) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over (SHRE) (For.) 120: Hunter Katz (SHRE) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 2:52) 126: Antonio Scalise (SHRE) over Sam Kleiber (MIDD) (Fall 0:57) 132: Gabe Scalise (SHRE) over (MIDD) (For.) 138: Jacob Herschenfeld (SHRE) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (Dec 4-0) 144: Luke Shealy (MIDD) over Domenico Sciarappa (SHRE) (Dec 8-5) 150: Ty Koch (SHRE) over Alfred Platten (MIDD) (Dec 8-5) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over (SHRE) (For.) 165: Lucas White (SHRE) over Yanni Mitossis (MIDD) (Dec 8-3)

Monroe 54, J.P. Stevens 24

Monroe Township (MOTO) 54.0 John P. Stevens (JPS) 24.0

190: Jahwill Palmer (JPS) over Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) (Dec 6-1) 215: Joshua Juzefyk (JPS) over (MOTO) (For.) 285: Kwabena Afrifah (JPS) over John Douglas (MOTO) (Fall 3:34) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (JPS) (For.) 113: Nick Sousa (MOTO) over (JPS) (For.) 120: Adolfo Malabanan (JPS) over Sam Alkema (MOTO) (Dec 4-3) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Michael Mazza (JPS) (Fall 4:09) 132: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over Akshat Ananthu (JPS) (Fall 0:39) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Baseer Kakar (JPS) (Fall 5:16) 144: Kyle Tierney (JPS) over (MOTO) (For.) 150: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Raghav Chalageri (JPS) (Fall 1:22) 157: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over (JPS) (For.) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Kevin Savoth (JPS) (Fall 2:48) 175: Colm Boyle (MOTO) over Sachit Nigam (JPS) (Fall 1:22)

Perth Amboy 48, East Brunswick 30

106: Double Forfeit 113: Ahsia Torres (PEAM) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over (PEAM) (For.) 126: Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) over Xiomar Pena (PEAM) (Fall 1:22) 132: Devan Monahan (EBHS) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Jamelle Cockren (PEAM) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 2:03) 144: Mark Andres (EBHS) over Gael Noyola (PEAM) (Fall 1:57) 150: Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) over Jasid DeCastro (PEAM) (Fall 2:45) 157: Luis Aybar (PEAM) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 0:34) 165: Gustavo Arenas (PEAM) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 3:04) 175: Albin Castano (PEAM) over (EBHS) (For.) 190: Nazarath Pina (PEAM) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Bryan Fernandez (PEAM) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:00) 285: Wardy Osorio (PEAM) over (EBHS) (For.)

St. Joseph Metuchen 61, Woodbridge 9

106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over (WOOD) (For.) 113: John Whitacre (SJM) over Angelo Campos (WOOD) (Fall 4:18) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 0:16) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 1:30) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over Michael Kalfa (WOOD) (Dec 12-6) 138: David Rosenfarb (SJM) over Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) (MD 11-3) 144: Vincent Genna (SJM) over Jacob Torres (WOOD) (MD 17-5) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) (TF 15-0 4:05) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Mekai Mathews (SJM) (Dec 4-2) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over James Boelhower (WOOD) (Fall 1:13) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 1:16) 190: Brian Christie (SJM) over Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) (Fall 0:12) 215: Anthony Roige (SJM) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Fall 3:53) 285: Joe Tulli (SJM) over Emmanuel Medina-Rodriguez (WOOD) (Dec 3-1)

Skyland Conference

Manville 69, West Windsor-Plainsboro North 12

126: Brandon Rivera (MAHS) over Justin Musmanno (WWPN) (Dec 4-2) 132: Kieran Sattiraju (WWPN) over Brian Fisher (MAHS) (Fall 2:55) 138: Brandon Flores (MAHS) over Victor Su (WWPN) (Fall 4:38) 144: Michael Sommers (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 150: David Peterson (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 157: Trip Freitag (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 165: Lucas Velando (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 175: Danny Wildgoose (MAHS) over Jacob Lasky (WWPN) (Fall 4:20) 190: Jacob Reilly (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 215: Marvin Valverde-Bonilla (MAHS) over Aditya Tripathi (WWPN) (Fall 0:20) 285: Geoffrey Mathis (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 106: Justin Petti (MAHS) over (WWPN) (For.) 113: Nick Lombardino (MAHS) over Ryan Brown (WWPN) (Fall 2:39) 120: Zachary Owens (WWPN) over Anthony Drake (MAHS) (Fall 3:10)

North Hunterdon 51, Watchung Hills 21

126: John VanDoren (NOHU) over Clayton Brown (WHR) (Fall 1:12) 132: Nick DeLorenzo (NOHU) over Steven Lisbona (WHR) (MD 14-2) 138: Ian Hewitt (NOHU) over Lorenzo Percario (WHR) (MD 10-0) 144: Daniel DeLusant (NOHU) over Christian Calvo (WHR) (Dec 5-1) 150: Brian Wilson (NOHU) over Nevin Echavarria (WHR) (MD 9-0) 157: Harry Liu (WHR) over Tucker Lewis (NOHU) (Dec 10-3) 165: Nirio Garcia (WHR) over James Wachenheim (NOHU) (Fall 1:35) 175: Christopher Baker (WHR) over (NOHU) (For.) 190: Alex Uryniak (NOHU) over (WHR) (For.) 215: Brendan Raley (NOHU) over (WHR) (For.) 285: Liam Akers (NOHU) over Jack Stinson (WHR) (Fall 1:02) 106: Joseph Celentano (NOHU) over Nick Valenti (WHR) (Fall 5:57) 113: Logan Wadle (NOHU) over Luke Mazza (WHR) (Fall 1:17) 120: Jordan Bash (WHR) over Grant Goldan (NOHU) (Fall 0:26)

Warren Hills 35, Phillipsburg 15

144: Jared Lee (WAHI) over Liam Packer (PHIL) (MD 12-3) 150: Cody Miller (WAHI) over Matthew Donofrio (PHIL) (MD 15-7) 157: Michael Drazek (WAHI) over Hunter Cleaver (PHIL) (Dec 11-7) 165: Stephen Malia (WAHI) over Nate Zastowny (PHIL) (Dec 6-2) 175: Owen Frizzell (WAHI) over Caleb Rivera (PHIL) (Dec 1-0) 190: Ryan Galka (WAHI) over Connor Hille (PHIL) (Dec 5-4) 215: Jarett Pantuso (WAHI) over David Pierson (PHIL) (Dec 1-0) 285: Tyler McCatharn (WAHI) over John Wargo (PHIL) (Dec 5-1) 106: Charlie Piccione (WAHI) over Dawson McWilliams (PHIL) (Dec 7-0) 113: Kevin Riedinger (WAHI) over Miguel Lopez (PHIL) (Dec 7-0) 120: Gavin Hawk (PHIL) over Josh Lee (WAHI) (MD 13-1) 126: James Day (PHIL) over Tyler Redfield (WAHI) (TF 22-5 6:00) 132: Shawn Redfield (WAHI) over Luke Geleta (PHIL) (Dec 7-6) 138: Joe Innamorato (PHIL) over Ryan Lundy (WAHI) (Fall 0:59)

Union County

Scotch Plains-Fanwood 45, Rahway 34

106: Josh Garcia (RAHW) over Ryan Ricci (SPF) (Fall 2:55) 113: Amadi Murray (RAHW) over Tristan Sirmans (SPF) (MD 17-5) 120: Eoghan O`Hara (RAHW) over Michael Brennan (SPF) (Fall 3:05) 126: Vincent Amato (SPF) over Javier Gonzalez (RAHW) (Fall 1:23) 132: Michael Estevez (SPF) over Aidan Yurick (RAHW) (Fall 1:57) 138: Benjamin Root (SPF) over Destin Vincent (RAHW) (Fall 2:47) 144: Charles Becker (SPF) over Raffaele Dotro (RAHW) (Fall 1:47) 150: Jack Burke (SPF) over Robert Macaluso (RAHW) (Dec 6-4) 157: Joshua Tilton (RAHW) over Jordan Zambell (SPF) (Fall 0:16) 165: Brodie Robertson (SPF) over David Rosky (RAHW) (Fall 0:26) 175: Anthony Robinson (SPF) over Clive Campbell (RAHW) (Fall 1:21) 190: Austin Tilton (RAHW) over Robert Koch (SPF) (Fall 2:00) 215: Robert Lerner (SPF) over Terrance Avent (RAHW) (Fall 1:06) 285: Ja`Von Harris (RAHW) over Thomas Ricci (SPF) (Fall 1:48)

Union 30 New Providence 18

120: Yehia Abdelrahman (NEPR) over Woodley Auciel (UNIO) (Fall 4:18) 126: Daniel Diaz (UNIO) over Antonio Gallo (NEPR) (Fall 1:00) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Matthew Sheeran (NEPR) over (UNIO) (For.) 144: Lucas Pedroso (UNIO) over Liam Smith (NEPR) (Fall 0:29) 150: Double Forfeit 157: Double Forfeit 165: Daniel Shade (UNIO) over (NEPR) (For.) 175: Aidan Lazas (NEPR) over Daniel Collin (UNIO) (Fall 5:59) 190: Double Forfeit 215: Xavier Walton (UNIO) over (NEPR) (For.) 285: Darius Quarshie (UNIO) over Daniel Seib (NEPR) (Fall 1:38) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit

Thursday, Jan. 13

Greater Middlesex Conference

Spotswood 57, Highland Park 12

106: Double Forfeit 113: Lindsay Stoll (HIPA) over (SPOT) (For.) 120: Colton Schmitz (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Ben Weiner-Goldsmith (HIPA) (Fall 3:13) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Double Forfeit 144: Sean Ignotis (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 150: Nick Marin (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 157: Matt Varga (SPOT) over Henry Roesener (HIPA) (Dec 3-2) 165: Korben Gibb (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 175: Nick Andre (SPOT) over Ben Beyer (HIPA) (Fall 1:15) 190: William Schwemmer (SPOT) over (HIPA) (For.) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Fadhil Abdullatif (HIPA) (Fall 1:10) 285: Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) over Quarwee Walker (SPOT) (Fall 1:45)

Middlesex/Dunellen 54, South River 12

106: Double Forfeit 113: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Dylan Soares (SORI) (Fall 0:32) 120: Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Joseph Lepore (SORI) (Dec 4-1) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over Dylan Zargo (SORI) (Dec 6-2) 138: Jack Griffin (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 144: Ryan Lee (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 150: Jonathan Hines (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 157: Oscar Wasilewski (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 165: Double Forfeit 175: Dakota Clark (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.) 190: Pedro Oliveira (SORI) over Authur Eder (MIDD) (Fall 2:49) 215: Marcus Granadeiro (SORI) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (Fall 4:34) 285: Jason Scott (MIDD) over (SORI) (For.)

Howell 52, Saint Thomas Aquinas 18

120: Michael Edmundson (HOWE) over Reed Kerstetter (STA) (Dec 9-5) 126: JJ Machnik (HOWE) over (STA) (For.) 132: Kieran Bruen (HOWE) over Samridth Keerthi (STA) (Fall 0:40) 138: Landon Kearns (STA) over Giovanni Scafidi (HOWE) (Dec 2-1) 144: Rob Wiessel (HOWE) over Liam Zeh (STA) (Dec 8-2) 150: Gavin Merkel (HOWE) over John Howarth (STA) (Fall 4:18) 157: Nick Acque (HOWE) over Brian Mohabeer (STA) (Fall 1:25) 165: Hunter Mays (HOWE) over Owen Disbrow (STA) (MD 18-7) 175: DJ Henry (HOWE) over Kenny Coghan (STA) (Inj. [time]) 190: Ian Soutar (HOWE) over Aiden Sim (STA) (Fall 1:15) 215: Steven Coghan (STA) over Dane Colfer (HOWE) (Fall 1:26) 285: Brian Moyer (STA) over Thomas Richards (HOWE) (Dec 5-3) 106: Mason Hultman (HOWE) over (STA) (For.) 113: Rudra Patel (STA) over (HOWE) (For.)

Metuchen 46, North Brunswick 25

138: Christian Pareja (METU) over Jason Estrada (NBT) (Fall 1:30) 144: Francesco Rossiter (METU) over Jomar Mena (NBT) (Fall 5:49) 150: Phillip Williams (METU) over Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) (Fall 1:23) 157: Jack McGowan (METU) over Anthony Garcia (NBT) (Fall 1:23) 165: Kendall Johnston (METU) over (NBT) (For.) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over Marvin Malino (METU) (Fall 1:34) 190: Stephen Michaliszyn (METU) over Joshua Mendoz (NBT) (Fall 1:50) 215: Hans Tejada (NBT) over (METU) (For.) 285: Fernando Augustimiano Bautista (NBT) over Kevin Stoecker (METU) (Dec 9-2) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Danny Capron (METU) over (NBT) (For.) 120: Andre Hamm (NBT) over Nate DeCoite (METU) (MD 12-3) 126: Bryan McCarthy (METU) over Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) (MD 11-2) 132: Omar Elhomossy (NBT) over Sebastian Wadolowski (METU) (Fall 4:22)

Skyland Conference

Bernards 42, Mountain Lakes 33

106: Rohan Sheth (MOLA) over Owen Baird (BERN) (Fall 0:56) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Anthony Caceres (BERN) over (MOLA) (For.) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over Dylan Dancsecs (MOLA) (Fall 1:12) 132: Austin McBride (MOLA) over Mitch Dakin (BERN) (Fall 4:11) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Jordan Hernando (MOLA) (Fall 1:11) 144: Tyler Austin (BERN) over Nick Fayo (MOLA) (Fall 1:07) 150: Jake Caldwell (BERN) over Rinaldo DiGiacopo (MOLA) (Fall 3:26) 157: Alex Fragassi (BERN) over Sebastian Borie (MOLA) (Fall 1:24) 165: Rennato Febbi (MOLA) over David Brothers (BERN) (Dec 7-4) 175: Spencer Merritt (MOLA) over Brady Walsh (BERN) (Fall 5:59) 190: Michael McAleer (MOLA) over Liam Annette (BERN) (Fall 2:23) 215: Dylan Maier (MOLA) over Brandon Zarin (BERN) (Fall 3:13) 285: Pablo Britez (BERN) over (MOLA) (For.)

Rutgers Prep 30, Hopatcong 27

106: Double Forfeit 113: Zach Burden (RPS) over (HHS) (For.) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Double Forfeit 132: Manny Stupar (HHS) over (RPS) (For.) 138: Blake Brown (HHS) over Daniel Espinoza (RPS) (Fall 0:48) 144: Preston Harduby (RPS) over (HHS) (For.) 150: Evan Bekos (RPS) over (HHS) (For.) 157: Payce Lamb (RPS) over (HHS) (For.) 165: Tommy Feinberg (HHS) over Jackson Littman (RPS) (Dec 8-1) 175: Michael Mastroeni (HHS) over (RPS) (For.) 190: Jose Lagunes (HHS) over (RPS) (For.) 215: Double Forfeit 285: Matteo Stryshak (RPS) over (HHS) (For.)

Wednesday, Jan. 12

Greater Middlesex Conference

South Brunswick 53, Piscataway 10

175: Armaan Khatri (SBH) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Hemanth Pachade (SBH) over Lesly Antoine (PISC) (Fall 0:57) 215: Nicholas Wisbeski (SBH) over Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) (Fall 2:38) 285: Adam Debarla (SBH) over Kai Decoteau (PISC) (Fall 0:33) 106: Rose Marie Pavley (SBH) over (PISC) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Garv Sen (SBH) over Ajay Persaud (PISC) (Fall 0:55) 126: Omar Adam (SBH) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Brian Butler (PISC) over Brandon Castro (SBH) (MD 12-4) 138: Andrew Hobbs (SBH) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Dec 14-8) 144: Jackson Ratcliffe (SBH) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (TF 15-0 2:25) 150: Double Forfeit 157: Mateo Rojas-Robles (SBH) over Garrett Pech (PISC) (Dec 9-2) 165: Carlos Baez (PISC) over Aybars Tabur (SBH) (Fall 0:31)

Woodbridge 54, JFK-Iselin 27

106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over Cameron Daniels (JFIS) (Fall 2:40) 113: Aiden Roche (JFIS) over Dyanne Pelaez (WOOD) (Fall 0:31) 120: Andrew Roy (WOOD) over (JFIS) (For.) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 2:30) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Tyler Simkovich (WOOD) (Fall 1:30) 138: Mark Roche (JFIS) over Michael Kalfa (WOOD) (Dec 4-2) 144: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Alexander Rosario (JFIS) (Fall 1:20) 150: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) (Fall 3:40) 157: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) (Fall 5:40) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Moustafa Salama (JFIS) (Fall 0:44) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) (Fall 0:45) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Fall 1:37) 215: Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Fall 2:40) 285: Emmanuel Medina-Rodriguez (WOOD) over Yanuth Nanthakumar (JFIS) (Fall 2:40)

Edison 63, New Brunswick 18

106: Eli Sanchez (EDIS) over (NEBR) (For.) 113: Stevens Vazquez (EDIS) over (NEBR) (For.) 120: Matt Tufano (EDIS) over RODGER VASQUEZ (NEBR) (Fall 2:23) 126: Julian Dawson (EDIS) over Jaime Santiago (NEBR) (Fall 1:40) 132: Kevin Rodriguez (NEBR) over Lucas Almonte (EDIS) (Fall 2:49) 138: Savion Colon (EDIS) over Daivid Cruz (NEBR) (Fall 3:30) 144: Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) over Darwin Cuadrado (NEBR) (Dec 10-4) 150: Luis Pena (NEBR) over Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) (Fall 2:19) 157: Richard Rebeck (EDIS) over Edgar Rosales (NEBR) (Fall 1:47) 165: Nykir Eato (EDIS) over KEVIN GARRIDO (NEBR) (Fall 0:11) 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over Nelson Canales (NEBR) (Fall 2:44) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over LUIS CAMARILLO (NEBR) (Fall 1:04) 215: Gael Luna (EDIS) over Henry Cuadrado (NEBR) (Fall 4:30) 285: Bryand Garcia (NEBR) over Nicholas Mendez (EDIS) (Fall 2:46)

Monroe 73, East Brunswick 4

106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (EBHS) (For.) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over Sam Alkema (MOTO) (MD 14-6) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) (Dec 7-0) 132: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Devan Monahan (EBHS) (Fall 1:21) 138: Wyatt Olma (MOTO) over James Milligan (EBHS) (MD 8-0) 144: Josh Bouchard (MOTO) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 1:07) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Fall 2:44) 157: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 5:35) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 3:50) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over (EBHS) (For.) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Chris Guzzo (MOTO) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:34) 285: John Douglas (MOTO) over (EBHS) (For.)

Colonia 66, Parsippany 18

106: Frank Demary (PARS) over (COLO) (For.) 113: Ayaan Aziz (COLO) over Mason Vandunk (PARS) (Fall 2:41) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over (PARS) (For.) 126: Mateus Pessanha (COLO) over (PARS) (For.) 132: Gavin Yannetta (COLO) over Andre Abdalla (PARS) (Fall 0:58) 138: Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) over Damon Soto (PARS) (Fall 1:04) 144: Dante Imperiose (PARS) over Spiro Theologis (COLO) (Fall 2:16) 150: Vincent Diaz (COLO) over Yuhao Jiang (PARS) (Fall 3:26) 157: Logan Goncalves (COLO) over Abdalla Elbermawy (PARS) (Fall 1:59) 165: Michael Feliciano (COLO) over (PARS) (For.) 175: Michael Torres (COLO) over Malik Alzubi (PARS) (Fall 1:00) 190: Shawn Amer (COLO) over (PARS) (For.) 215: Mazen Shatter (COLO) over Noah Getahoun (PARS) (Fall 4:22) 285: Mohanad Elzain (PARS) over Ahmed Mohamed (COLO) (Fall 1:32)

South Plainfield 67, J. P. Stevens 9

126: Julian Irizarry (SOPL) over (JPS) (For.) 132: Andrew Loniewski (SOPL) over Akshat Ananthu (JPS) (Fall 0:23) 138: Daniel Gonzalez-Ross (SOPL) over Syed Jeelani (JPS) (Fall 1:44) 144: J.J. Giordano (SOPL) over Kyle Tierney (JPS) (TF 19-2 3:13) 150: Vincent Conselina (SOPL) over (JPS) (For.) 157: Nicholas Campagna (SOPL) over (JPS) (For.) 165: Tyler Balent (SOPL) over Kevin Savoth (JPS) (Fall 1:47) 175: Adam Bowles (SOPL) over Sachit Nigam (JPS) (Fall 1:29) 190: Joshua Juzefyk (JPS) over Manuel Alvaranga (SOPL) (Dec 2-0) 215: Aidan MacKenzie (SOPL) over Jahwill Palmer (JPS) (Dec 7-4) 285: Kwabena Afrifah (JPS) over Mike Zavala (SOPL) (Inj. [time]) 106: Nicholas Irizarry (SOPL) over (JPS) (For.) 113: Jeffrey Jacome (SOPL) over (JPS) (For.) 120: Jacob DelVecchio (SOPL) over Adolfo Malabanan (JPS) (TF 17-1 4:00)

St. Joseph Metuchen 62, Sayreville 15

106: Tyler LeBrocq (SJM) over (SWM) (For.) 113: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Cj McCrea (SWM) (MD 10-2) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over (SWM) (For.) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over William Marks (SWM) (Fall 1:58) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over (SWM) (For.) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Chris Schmitt (SWM) (TF 17-2 4:00) 144: Vincent Genna (SJM) over (SWM) (For.) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over David Sandoval (SWM) (TF 16-1 2:00) 157: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Mekai Mathews (SJM) (Dec 9-6) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over Paul Arias (SWM) (Fall 2:00) 175: Bryce Bouchard (SWM) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 5:49) 190: Anthony Roige (SJM) over Sean Sylvester (SWM) (Fall 1:00) 215: Brian Christie (SJM) over Ryan Bouchard (SWM) (Fall 0:55) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over (SJM) (For.)

Old Bridge 74, Perth Amboy 6

113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over Xiomar Pena (PEAM) (Fall 1:31) 126: Jesse Koczon (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 132: Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Gabby Miller (OLBR) over Jamelle Cockren (PEAM) (Dec 10-5) 144: Rocco Celentano (OLBR) over Gael Noyola (PEAM) (Fall 0:21) 150: Austin Miller (OLBR) over Jasid DeCastro (PEAM) (TF 15-0 2:29) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Gustavo Arenas (PEAM) (Fall 0:34) 175: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over Albin Castano (PEAM) (Fall 0:41) 190: Nazarath Pina (PEAM) over Dylan Fontana (OLBR) (Fall 0:19) 215: Robert Orzol (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 285: Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.) 106: Daniel Ferraro (OLBR) over (PEAM) (For.)

Skyland Conference

Somerville 37, Hillsborough 31

113: Joe Aldrich (SOME) over (HILL) (For.) 120: Zachary Iannucci (HILL) over Ahmed Amin (SOME) (Dec 3-0) 126: Christopher Spinelli (HILL) over Aiden Constant (SOME) (MD 9-0) 132: Elijah Hoarle (SOME) over Corey Iannucci (HILL) (Dec 7-0) 138: Lucas Marchese (SOME) over Alex Villa (HILL) (Fall 2:35) 144: Jaimen Bryant (SOME) over Matthew Miller (HILL) (Fall 1:53) 150: Ryan Closterman (SOME) over Sullivan McNerney (HILL) (Fall 1:18) 157: Owen Herrera (SOME) over Jacob McNerney (HILL) (MD 11-2) 165: Jonathan Lozano (SOME) over Jack Miller (HILL) (TB-1 3-2) 175: Joseph Witcoski (HILL) over (SOME) (For.) 190: Kevin Acuna (SOME) over Peter Quandt (HILL) (SV-1 4-2) 215: Matthew Jones (HILL) over (SOME) (For.) 285: Christian Quandt (HILL) over Daniel Paglia (SOME) (Fall 1:00) 106: Logan McDermid (HILL) over Lukas Neves (SOME) (Fall 2:45)

Manville 58, Belvidere 12

215: Geoffrey Mathis (MAHS) over Jacob Hachtmann (BELV) (SV-1 3-1) 285: Russell Pantuso (BELV) over Marvin Valverde-Bonilla (MAHS) (Dec 9-6) 106: Justin Petti (MAHS) over Gerald Magyar (BELV) (Dec 7-5) 113: Patrick Horvath (BELV) over Nick Lombardino (MAHS) (Fall 0:23) 120: Anthony Drake (MAHS) over (BELV) (For.) 126: Brian Fisher (MAHS) over (BELV) (For.) 132: Brandon Rivera (MAHS) over Antonio Nikolopoulos (BELV) (Fall 1:23) 138: Michael Sommers (MAHS) over (BELV) (For.) 144: Brandon Flores (MAHS) over Deven Pagach (BELV) (MD 11-2) 150: David Peterson (MAHS) over Cameron Yeisley (BELV) (Fall 3:28) 157: Trip Freitag (MAHS) over (BELV) (For.) 165: Kyle Blew (BELV) over Danny Wildgoose (MAHS) (Dec 4-3) 175: Lucas Velando (MAHS) over Pedro Dos Santos (BELV) (Fall 3:00) 190: Jacob Reilly (MAHS) over Yousuf Syed (BELV) (Fall 1:18)

North Hunterdon 53, Montgomery 16

106: Joseph Celentano (NOHU) over Nicholas Reyes (MONT) (Fall 2:13) 113: Shane Wysocki (NOHU) over Chase Rodriguez (MONT) (Dec 8-4) 120: Ty Greenberg (MONT) over Ben Makaritis (NOHU) (Fall 0:46) 126: Jackson Obe (MONT) over John VanDoren (NOHU) (Dec 7-2) 132: Nick DeLorenzo (NOHU) over Luke Greenberg (MONT) (TF 18-2 4:24) 138: Daniel DeLusant (NOHU) over Konstantin Clark (MONT) (Fall 0:50) 144: Ian Hewitt (NOHU) over Gabe Rohmeyer (MONT) (Dec 6-4) 150: Brian Wilson (NOHU) over Edward Cunningham (MONT) (Fall 3:29) 157: Aaron Yarnell (NOHU) over Shabbir Ali (MONT) (Fall 1:56) 165: Tucker Lewis (NOHU) over Michael Troisi (MONT) (Fall 4:10) 175: Collin Diggan (MONT) over James Wachenheim (NOHU) (MD 10-2) 190: Alex Uryniak (NOHU) over John Walter (MONT) (Fall 0:21) 215: Lucas Allen (MONT) over Louis White (NOHU) (Dec 9-3) 285: Liam Akers (NOHU) over (MONT) (For.)

Bridgewater-Raritan 39, Franklin 33

175: Brett Pallay (FRAN) over Tanay Mehrish (BRRA) (Dec 3-0) 190: Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) over Nick Heuner (BRRA) (Fall 3:49) 215: Christian Gallegos (BRRA) over Elijah Roberts (FRAN) (Fall 1:35) 285: Marvin Noyola (FRAN) over Owen Simanjuntak (BRRA) (Fall 0:35) 106: Logan Levine (BRRA) over (FRAN) (For.) 113: Charles Borchert (BRRA) over Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) (Fall 2:36) 120: Johan Aguilar (FRAN) over Brady Hnasko (BRRA) (Fall 3:02) 126: Jayden Moore (FRAN) over Michael Marsigliano (BRRA) (Dec 14-9) 132: Daniel Smith (BRRA) over Javier Reategui (FRAN) (Fall 2:11) 138: Justin Vargas (FRAN) over Matthew Di Eduardo (BRRA) (Fall 3:35) 144: Casey Spina (BRRA) over (FRAN) (For.) 150: James Kilgallon (BRRA) over Christopher Garcia (FRAN) (Dec 4-1) 157: Justin Ziss (BRRA) over Melvin Melgar (FRAN) (Fall 1:37) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over Steven Shimko (BRRA) (Dec 9-4)

Delaware Valley 57, Voorhees 10

165: Noah Sheeley (DVR) over Tyler Kinney (VGG) (Fall 3:35) 175: Anderson Olcott (DVR) over Luke Hufford (VGG) (Fall 3:02) 190: Matt Schneider (DVR) over Gavin Pascale (VGG) (Fall 1:00) 215: Trevor Bowen (DVR) over Jack Mosier (VGG) (Fall 2:52) 285: Cameron Baumann (VGG) over Kyle Cooke (DVR) (Dec 8-4) 106: Owen Kucharski (DVR) over Matt Levy (VGG) (Fall 1:27) 113: Jake Taylor (DVR) over Logan Bush (VGG) (Fall 0:47) 120: Jaden Perez (DVR) over Josh Evers (VGG) (SV-1 7-5) 126: Jackson Bush (DVR) over Hunter Cryan (VGG) (SV-1 5-3) 132: Sam Kirkpatrick (DVR) over Travis Cryan (VGG) (Fall 5:29) 138: Logan Wiecoreck (VGG) over Luke Sinkewicz (DVR) (MD 11-1) 144: Ben Levy (DVR) over Mike Mosier (VGG) (Dec 4-3) 150: Darin Ladin (VGG) over Jaden Corbin (DVR) (Dec 5-0) 157: Chris Colasurdo (DVR) over Brandon Kurzeja (VGG) (Fall 1:55)

Watchung Hills 51, Bound Brook 27

132: Steven Lisbona (WHR) over (BBH) (For.) 138: Tyler Hays (BBH) over Lorenzo Percario (WHR) (Dec 4-0) 144: Christian Calvo (WHR) over (BBH) (For.) 150: Nevin Echavarria (WHR) over Youssef Sorour (BBH) (Fall 0:41) 157: Alexander Martinez (BBH) over Harry Liu (WHR) (Fall 3:28) 165: Nirio Garcia (WHR) over Brian Bautista Mancilla (BBH) (Fall 0:47) 175: Christopher Baker (WHR) over Jeremiah Perez (BBH) (Fall 0:35) 190: Joseph Vargas (BBH) over Joseph Richardson (WHR) (Fall 0:41) 215: Carlos Angel (BBH) over Dylan Meng (WHR) (Fall 3:19) 285: Ronald Chinchilla (BBH) over (WHR) (For.) 106: Nick Valenti (WHR) over (BBH) (For.) 113: Luke Mazza (WHR) over Lennix Horsburgh (BBH) (Fall 3:46) 120: Jordan Bash (WHR) over Sean Markey (BBH) (Dec 10-3) 126: Clayton Brown (WHR) over Daniel Simmons (BBH) (Fall 1:17)

Pingry 65, Rutgers Prep 9

106: Logan Spacek (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 113: Matteo Littman (PISC) over Zach Burden (RPS) (Fall 3:38) 120: Double Forfeit 126: Jack Goodwin (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 132: Charles Levine (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 138: Ben Strasser (PISC) over Daniel Espinoza (RPS) (Fall 3:45) 144: Preston Harduby (RPS) over Andrew Schauers (PISC) (Fall 1:45) 150: Jason Weaver (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 157: Payce Lamb (RPS) over JD Twilley (PISC) (Dec 5-2) 165: Jack Martin (PISC) over Ryan Bathan (RPS) (Fall 0:59) 175: Jacob Ventura (PISC) over Jackson Littman (RPS) (TF 20-5 4:23) 190: Nicolas Sendon (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 215: Zach Ventura (PISC) over (RPS) (For.) 285: Reilly Cavanaugh (PISC) over Matteo Stryshak (RPS) (Fall 1:11)

Phillipsburg 67, Ridge 6

175: Nate Zastowny (PHIL) over Spenser Thoma (RIDG) (Fall 1:00) 190: Jake Fern (RIDG) over Caleb Rivera (PHIL) (Dec 3-0) 215: David Pierson (PHIL) over Ryan Turner (RIDG) (MD 9-1) 285: John Wargo (PHIL) over James West (RIDG) (Fall 2:19) 106: Dawson McWilliams (PHIL) over (RIDG) (For.) 113: Antonio Garcia (PHIL) over (RIDG) (For.) 120: Charlie Corbett (RIDG) over Kyle Beenders (PHIL) (Dec 6-4) 126: James Day (PHIL) over Tim Kolshorn (RIDG) (Dec 11-5) 132: Luke Geleta (PHIL) over Gavin Duran (RIDG) (Fall 0:32) 138: Joe Innamorato (PHIL) over (RIDG) (For.) 144: Johnathon Roth (PHIL) over Gavin Turner (RIDG) (Fall 3:37) 150: Matthew Donofrio (PHIL) over Kevin Taylor (RIDG) (Fall 3:21) 157: Hunter Cleaver (PHIL) over Joe Samaan (RIDG) (Fall 1:40) 165: James Palitto (PHIL) over (RIDG) (For.)

Warren Hills 66, Bernards 9

106: Charlie Piccione (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 113: Kevin Riedinger (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 120: Josh Lee (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over Tyler Redfield (WAHI) (Fall 4:44) 132: Shawn Redfield (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Ryan Lundy (WAHI) (Dec 7-3) 144: Jared Lee (WAHI) over Tyler Austin (BERN) (Dec 5-3) 150: Cody Miller (WAHI) over Jake Caldwell (BERN) (Dec 9-2) 157: Michael Drazek (WAHI) over Alex Fragassi (BERN) (Fall 0:55) 165: Stephen Malia (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 175: Owen Frizzell (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 190: Ryan Galka (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 215: Jarett Pantuso (WAHI) over (BERN) (For.) 285: Tyler McCatharn (WAHI) over Pablo Britez (BERN) (Fall 0:25)

Union County

Governor Livingston 73, Brearley/Dayton 6

190: Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) over Brandon Espinhal (BRDA) (MD 24-14) 215: James Rubino (GLRH) over Brandon Pires (BRDA) (Fall 0:26) 285: Patrick Sheehan (GLRH) over (BRDA) (For.) 106: Christian Sabatino (GLRH) over (BRDA) (For.) 113: Julian McGarry (BRDA) over Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) (Fall 4:42) 120: Scott Rayack (GLRH) over Michael Rabec (BRDA) (Fall 0:41) 126: Christian Cottam (GLRH) over Paul Stillman (BRDA) (Fall 3:17) 132: Salvatore Caminiti (GLRH) over (BRDA) (For.) 138: Jack Sergio (GLRH) over Vaughn Marranca (BRDA) (Dec 10-5) 144: Dante Gioia (GLRH) over (BRDA) (For.) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over (BRDA) (For.) 157: Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) over Ryan Fitzsimmons (BRDA) (Fall 0:37) 165: Theodore Scalora (GLRH) over Abdelraham Soliman (BRDA) (Fall 0:42) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over Reagan Streko (BRDA) (Fall 5:00)

Cranford 45, Roselle Park 26

138: quentin Connolly (CRAN) over Ryan Leiva (ROPA) (Fall 2:59) 144: Angel Mejia (ROPA) over Dylan Jones (CRAN) (TF 18-3 0:00) 150: Conor Hoefling (CRAN) over Julian Colon (ROPA) (Fall 3:57) 157: Jordan Chapman (CRAN) over (ROPA) (For.) 165: Lucas Esposito (CRAN) over (ROPA) (For.) 175: Colin Murray (CRAN) over (ROPA) (For.) 190: John Ranieri (ROPA) over shane Kanterman (CRAN) (Dec 2-1) 215: dylan McDonald (CRAN) over Thomas Jaskula (ROPA) (Fall 0:20) 285: Kevin Shriner (CRAN) over Kevin Osorio (ROPA) (Dec 3-2) 106: Matthew Griffin (ROPA) over Joey Tona (CRAN) (Fall 1:38) 113: Jake Zarzecki (CRAN) over Julian Alston (ROPA) (Fall 1:07) 120: Salvatore Randazzo (ROPA) over Michael Tona (CRAN) (Dec 6-4) 126: Nick Torino (ROPA) over Ronan Waters (CRAN) (Dec 12-5) 132: Mayson Harms (ROPA) over (CRAN) (For.)

Summit/Chatham 48, Union 24

120: Woodley Auciel (UNIO) over Markel Aliende (SUMM) (Fall 1:25) 126: Mateo Mcnamara (SUMM) over Daniel Diaz (UNIO) (Fall 3:06) 132: Double Forfeit 138: Double Forfeit 144: Bresman Canda (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 150: Michael Chasin (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 157: Samuel Gouveia (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 165: Chris Gomez (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 175: Daniel Collin (UNIO) over Ryan Graziano (SUMM) (Fall 2:13) 190: Gabe Hathaway (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 215: Xavier Walton (UNIO) over Santiago Figueroa (SUMM) (Fall 4:36) 285: Darius Quarshie (UNIO) over Samuel Henry (SUMM) (Fall 0:34) 106: Quinn McNamara (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.) 113: Diego Rojas-Martinez (SUMM) over (UNIO) (For.)

Scotch Plains-Fanwood 57, New Providence 12

106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Michael Brennan (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 126: Antonio Gallo (NEPR) over Carys Browne (SPF) (Fall 3:05) 132: Vincent Amato (SPF) over Yehia Abdelrahman (NEPR) (Fall 1:30) 138: Benjamin Root (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 144: Charles Becker (SPF) over Liam Smith (NEPR) (Dec 13-10) 150: Jordan Zambell (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 157: Brodie Robertson (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 165: Anthony Robinson (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 175: Aidan Lazas (NEPR) over Robert Koch (SPF) (Fall 5:10) 190: Robert Lerner (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 215: Giacamo Pares (SPF) over (NEPR) (For.) 285: Ryan Ricci (SPF) over Daniel Seib (NEPR) (Fall 1:36)

Irvington 60, Plainfield 6

106: Double Forfeit 113: Rayvon Wilson (IRVI) over (PLAI) (For.) 120: David Broadway (PLAI) over (IRVI) (For.) 126: Jason Desir (IRVI) over (PLAI) (For.) 132: Aveason Maxy (IRVI) over (PLAI) (For.) 138: Jayson Turner (IRVI) over Justin Sanchez (PLAI) (Fall 1:22) 144: Lorvey Toupuissant (IRVI) over Tahrae Brown (PLAI) (Fall 1:16) 150: Markel Simeon (IRVI) over Jaden Castro (PLAI) (Dec 9-3) 157: Zaahmir Anderson (IRVI) over Brenden Burgess (PLAI) (Dec 7-3) 165: Demo Clenord (IRVI) over Brandon Bright (PLAI) (Fall 1:06) 175: Jachai Littlejohn (IRVI) over Josiah Hutcheson (PLAI) (Fall 1:58) 190: Isaiah Augustin (IRVI) over Alijah Burnett (PLAI) (Fall 1:21) 215: Lensley Therlonge (IRVI) over Jayden McIver (PLAI) (Fall 0:58) 285: Double Disqualification

Tuesday, Jan. 11

Greater Middlesex Conference

Middlesex/Dunellen 51, Spotswood 20

106: Double Forfeit 113: Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) over (SPOT) (For.) 120: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 1:11) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Sam Kleiber (MIDD) (Dec 7-2) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (Fall 2:44) 138: Jack Griffin (MIDD) over (SPOT) (For.) 144: Luke Shealy (MIDD) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 3:02) 150: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over Nick Marin (SPOT) (Fall 0:35) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over Matt Varga (SPOT) (Fall 1:43) 165: Yanni Mitossis (MIDD) over Korben Gibb (SPOT) (Fall 4:16) 175: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Nick Andre (SPOT) (Dec 4-1) 190: Authur Eder (MIDD) over (SPOT) (For.) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (TF 15-0 4:25) 285: Quarwee Walker (SPOT) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:32)

Saint Thomas Aquinas 78, Highland Park 3

106: Beniamino DiCocco (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 113: Shray Patel (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 120: Reed Kerstetter (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 126: Vincent Gioffre (STA) over Ben Weiner-Goldsmith (HIPA) (Fall 3:21) 132: Samridth Keerthi (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Landon Kearns (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 144: Liam Zeh (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 150: John Howarth (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 157: Henry Roesener (HIPA) over Brian Mohabeer (STA) (Dec 3-2) 165: Owen Disbrow (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 175: Kenny Coghan (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 190: Aiden Sim (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 215: Steven Coghan (STA) over (HIPA) (For.) 285: Brian Moyer (STA) over Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) (Fall 2:21)

Metuchen 60, Carteret 10

106: Double Forfeit 113: Danny Capron (METU) over (CART) (For.) 120: Jetzeel Huertas (CART) over Nate DeCoite (METU) (Fall 0:00) 126: Bryan McCarthy (METU) over Gianfranco Romero-Perez (CART) (Fall 0:00) 132: Sebastian Wadolowski (METU) over (CART) (For.) 138: Christian Pareja (METU) over (CART) (For.) 144: Francesco Rossiter (METU) over Xavier Villalongo (CART) (Fall 0:00) 150: Phillip Williams (METU) over Siddiq Qasim (CART) (Fall 0:00) 157: Jack McGowan (METU) over Rasheim Price-Jones (CART) (Fall 0:00) 165: Kendall Johnston (METU) over (CART) (For.) 175: Double Forfeit 190: Marvin Malino (METU) over Jeremiah Baptiste (CART) (Fall 0:00) 215: Stephen Michaliszyn (METU) over Cameron Browne (CART) (Fall 0:00) 285: Hassan Khan (CART) over Kevin Stoecker (METU) (MD 13-4)

Raritan 47, Old Bridge 28

106: Aidan Davis (RARI) over Jacob Lucash (OLBR) (DQ) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Avery Rafalko (RARI) (Fall 2:46) 120: Ryan Mansueto (RARI) over Brandon Koczon (OLBR) (MD 17-6) 126: Jesse Koczon (OLBR) over Jake McCully (RARI) (Fall 0:34) 132: Braden Kmak (RARI) over Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) (Fall 3:26) 138: Zach Reilley (RARI) over Rocco Celentano (OLBR) (Fall 0:30) 144: Alex Auletta (RARI) over Austin Miller (OLBR) (Fall 3:44) 150: Quinn Peters (RARI) over Isa McMillan (OLBR) (Fall 3:57) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Nicholas Cadoo (RARI) (Fall 2:57) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Jack Devaney (RARI) (DQ) 175: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over Robert Mulligan (RARI) (Fall 3:13) 190: Kieran Falzon (RARI) over Avery Mack (OLBR) (Dec 9-6) 215: Nicholas Burns (RARI) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (Fall 4:42) 285: Sean Lane (RARI) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (MD 9-1) (OLBR bite -2.0)

Union County

Westfield 39, Governor Livingston 30

120: Brandon Ribiero (WEST) over Scott Rayack (GLRH) (Dec 3-1) 126: Ethan Composto (WEST) over Christian Cottam (GLRH) (Fall 0:00) 132: Aidan Harper (WEST) over Salvatore Caminiti (GLRH) (Fall 0:00) 138: Jack Sergio (GLRH) over Tyler Sontz (WEST) (Dec 7-4) 144: Luke Jacobs (WEST) over Dante Gioia (GLRH) (Dec 3-1) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over Richard DeRick (WEST) (Dec 7-2) 157: Michael Murphy (WEST) over Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) (Fall 0:00) 165: Cottler Vierschilling (WEST) over Theodore Scalora (GLRH) (Dec 8-7) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over (WEST) (For.) 190: James McDermott (WEST) over Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) (Fall 0:00) 215: James Rubino (GLRH) over (WEST) (For.) 285: Sergio Cabrera (WEST) over Patrick Sheehan (GLRH) (Fall 0:00) 106: Christian Sabatino (GLRH) over Max Rotter (WEST) (Fall 0:00) 113: Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) over (WEST) (For.)

Monday, Jan. 10

Greater Middlesex Conference

Franklin 52, Colonia 24

106: Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) over (COLO) (For.) 113: Ayaan Aziz (COLO) over Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) (Fall 4:35) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over Johan Aguilar (FRAN) (SV-1 7-5) 126: Jayden Moore (FRAN) over Mateus Pessanha (COLO) (Fall 3:54) 132: Christian Martinez (FRAN) over Gavin Yannetta (COLO) (Fall 2:59) 138: Justin Vargas (FRAN) over Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) (Fall 1:35) 144: Christopher Garcia (FRAN) over David Meier (COLO) (MD 11-3) 150: Melvin Melgar (FRAN) over Spiro Theologis (COLO) (Fall 3:04) 157: Logan Goncalves (COLO) over Jacob Andal (FRAN) (Fall 0:53) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over (COLO) (For.) 175: Michael Torres (COLO) over Brett Pallay (FRAN) (Dec 5-2) 190: Shawn Amer (COLO) over Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) (Fall 3:18) 215: Elijah Roberts (FRAN) over Mazen Shatter (COLO) (Fall 1:51) 285: Marvin Noyola (FRAN) over (COLO) (For.)

South Brunswick 57, Spotswood 15

106: Rose Marie Pavley (SBH) over (SPOT) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Garv Sen (SBH) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 0:29) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Omar Adam (SBH) (Fall 2:10) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over Brandon Castro (SBH) (Fall 3:40) 138: Andrew Hobbs (SBH) over (SPOT) (For.) 144: Jackson Ratcliffe (SBH) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 0:47) 150: Shahnawaz Asif (SBH) over Nick Marin (SPOT) (Fall 0:34) 157: Mateo Rojas-Robles (SBH) over Matt Varga (SPOT) (Fall 3:23) 165: Aybars Tabur (SBH) over Korben Gibb (SPOT) (Fall 1:44) 175: Nick Andre (SPOT) over Armaan Khatri (SBH) (Dec 15-10) 190: Hemanth Pachade (SBH) over (SPOT) (For.) 215: Nicholas Wisbeski (SBH) over Connor West (SPOT) (Dec 8-3) 285: Adam Debarla (SBH) over (SPOT) (For.)

Princeton 45, Edison 35

120: Julian Dawson (EDIS) over Tyler Ehee (PRIN) (TF 17-0 0:00) 126: Blase Mele (PRIN) over (EDIS) (For.) 132: Martin Brophy (PRIN) over Lucas Almonte (EDIS) (Fall 2:12) 138: Savion Colon (EDIS) over Harrison Ehee (PRIN) (Fall 4:22) 144: Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) over Basil Rieger (PRIN) (Fall 3:24) 150: Christian Paul (PRIN) over Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) (Fall 2:30) 157: Josiah Schemmann (PRIN) over (EDIS) (For.) 165: Aaron Munford (PRIN) over (EDIS) (For.) 175: Matt Ellsworth (PRIN) over Hany Ghazy (EDIS) (Dec 9-3) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over Jordy Paredes (PRIN) (Fall 1:27) 215: Gael Luna (EDIS) over Noah Kassas (PRIN) (Fall 0:31) 285: Nicholas Mendez (EDIS) over (PRIN) (For.) 106: Cole Rose (PRIN) over Eli Sanchez (EDIS) (Fall 1:47) 113: Ava Rose (PRIN) over Stevens Vazquez (EDIS) (Fall 1:07)

Union County

Rahway 66, Plainfield 12

190: Austin Tilton (RAHW) over Alijah Burnett (PLAI) (Fall 1:35) 215: Terrance Avent (RAHW) over Jayden McIver (PLAI) (Fall 5:15) 285: Josue Cordoba (PLAI) over Ja`Von Harris (RAHW) (Fall 0:20) 106: Josh Garcia (RAHW) over (PLAI) (For.) 113: Amadi Murray (RAHW) over (PLAI) (For.) 120: Eoghan O`Hara (RAHW) over David Broadway (PLAI) (Fall 2:09) 126: Javier Gonzalez (RAHW) over (PLAI) (For.) 132: Jade Wong (RAHW) over (PLAI) (For.) 138: Justin Sanchez (PLAI) over Destin Vincent (RAHW) (Fall 2:56) 144: Raffaele Dotro (RAHW) over Tahrae Brown (PLAI) (Fall 1:11) 150: Robert Macaluso (RAHW) over Jaden Castro (PLAI) (Fall 5:12) 157: Joshua Tilton (RAHW) over Brenden Burgess (PLAI) (Fall 2:02) 165: David Rosky (RAHW) over Brandon Bright (PLAI) (Fall 2:49) 175: Steven Green (RAHW) over Josiah Hutcheson (PLAI) (Fall 1:32)

Cranford 83, Elizabeth 0

106: Jake Zarzecki (CRAN) over (ELIZ) (For.) 113: Michael Tona (CRAN) over (ELIZ) (For.) 120: Ronan Waters (CRAN) over Joshua Estacio (ELIZ) (Fall 0:18) 126: Braedan Waters (CRAN) over Daniel Morantes-Villanueva (ELIZ) (Fall 1:44) 132: Ryan Kilbashian (CRAN) over Sharan Jit (ELIZ) (Fall 2:43) 138: quentin Connolly (CRAN) over Charles Diaz (ELIZ) (Fall 0:54) 144: Dylan Jones (CRAN) over Wesley Correa (ELIZ) (Fall 3:10) 150: Conor Hoefling (CRAN) over Amancio Remigio (ELIZ) (Fall 0:18) 157: Jordan Chapman (CRAN) over Jahsim Williams (ELIZ) (Fall 1:19) 165: Colin Murray (CRAN) over Michael Sagues (ELIZ) (Fall 1:05) 175: Lucas Esposito (CRAN) over Freddy Gabin (ELIZ) (Fall 4:10) 190: shane Kanterman (CRAN) over Varson Siryon (ELIZ) (TF 20-5 0:00) 215: dylan McDonald (CRAN) over Ryan Black-Nealis (ELIZ) (Fall 1:24) 285: Kevin Shriner (CRAN) over Timothy Smith (ELIZ) (Fall 3:22)

Saturday, Jan. 8

Greater Middlesex Conference

South Brunswick 47, Colonia 36

106: Rose Marie Pavley (SBH) over (COLO) (For.) 113: Ayaan Aziz (COLO) over (SBH) (For.) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over Garv Sen (SBH) (Fall 2:22) 126: Mateus Pessanha (COLO) over Omar Adam (SBH) (Fall 2:58) 132: Brandon Castro (SBH) over Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) (Fall 3:00) 138: Gavin Yannetta (COLO) over Andrew Hobbs (SBH) (Fall 1:02) 144: Jackson Ratcliffe (SBH) over David Meier (COLO) (Fall 1:03) 150: Spiro Theologis (COLO) over Amal Joshy (SBH) (Fall 2:00) 157: Shahnawaz Asif (SBH) over Logan Goncalves (COLO) (Fall 2:32) 165: Mateo Rojas-Robles (SBH) over (COLO) (For.) 175: Michael Torres (COLO) over Aybars Tabur (SBH) (Fall 0:30) 190: Armaan Khatri (SBH) over Shawn Amer (COLO) (Fall 5:27) 215: Nicholas Wisbeski (SBH) over Mazen Shatter (COLO) (Fall 0:19) 285: Adam Debarla (SBH) over Ahmed Mohamed (COLO) (Fall 2:51) (SBH unsportsmanlike -1.0)

Middlesex/Dunellen 47, Arthur Johnson 33

106: Zachary Belverio (ARJO) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) over (ARJO) (For.) 120: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over (ARJO) (For.) 126: Matthew Lordi (ARJO) over Sam Kleiber (MIDD) (Dec 7-4) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over Ihor Parashchak (ARJO) (Fall 1:31) 138: Jake Vito (ARJO) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (Fall 1:06) 144: Nicholas Pipala (ARJO) over Ryan Lee (MIDD) (Fall 0:25) 150: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over Dylan Perrotto (ARJO) (Fall 1:09) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over Emilio Menicucci (ARJO) (Fall 0:45) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Henry Nordstrom (ARJO) (TF 17-2 4:31) 175: Yanni Mitossis (MIDD) over Mark Hansen (ARJO) (Fall 1:26) 190: Vincent Pisano (ARJO) over Authur Eder (MIDD) (Fall 1:47) 215: Luka Geneo (MIDD) over Sean Asgarlli (ARJO) (Fall 4:26) 285: Dante Montouri (ARJO) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 0:42)

Brick Township 54, Middlesex/Dunellen 27

113: Patrick Shave (BRTO) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 4:39) 120: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over (BRTO) (For.) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Joseph Leskowski (BRTO) (Fall 5:31) 132: Andrew Sherry (BRTO) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (Fall 0:48) 138: Brady Rasnow (BRTO) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (Fall 1:27) 144: Ian Mallon (BRTO) over Luke Shealy (MIDD) (Fall 1:17) 150: Dean Canfield (BRTO) over Alfred Platten (MIDD) (Fall 2:53) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over Sean Zukowitz (BRTO) (Dec 6-0) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Francesco Bevacqua (BRTO) (Fall 2:29) 175: Jake DeDreux (BRTO) over Yanni Mitossis (MIDD) (Fall 2:39) 190: Joshua Candelaria (BRTO) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Fall 5:50) 215: Luka Geneo (MIDD) over William Walsh (BRTO) (Fall 1:13) 285: Giovanni Ruiz (BRTO) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:22) 106: Chelsea Bautista (BRTO) over (MIDD) (For.)

Middlesex/Dunellen 40, Matawan 31

285: Jason Scott (MIDD) over Ali Saglamdemir (MARE) (MD 14-2) 106: Richard Gomez (MARE) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Roman Colleton (MARE) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 0:52) 120: Lawrence Liss (MARE) over Kevin Beck (MIDD) (Fall 4:57) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Jack Vallee (MARE) (Dec 12-5) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over Ryan Liou (MARE) (Dec 6-0) 138: Mark Wicinski (MARE) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (Fall 1:07) 144: Luke Shealy (MIDD) over (MARE) (For.) 150: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over (MARE) (For.) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over William Cox (MARE) (Fall 1:21) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Aidan Kauffman (MARE) (Fall 1:47) 175: Dakota Clark (MIDD) over Gavin Patino (MARE) (Fall 2:40) 190: Josh Pereira (MARE) over Authur Eder (MIDD) (Dec 19-17) 215: Ahmed Hassan (MARE) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (MD 16-7)

North Brunswick Township 51, South River 15

106: Double Forfeit 113: Dylan Soares (SORI) over (NBT) (For.) 120: Andre Hamm (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 126: Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 132: Omar Elhomossy (NBT) over Joseph Lepore (SORI) (Dec 6-3) 138: Jason Estrada (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 144: Jomar Mena (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 150: Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 157: Anthony Garcia (NBT) over (SORI) (For.) 165: Double Forfeit 175: William Wilson (NBT) over Pedro Oliveira (SORI) (Fall 1:11) 190: Pedro Oliveira (SORI) over Joshua Mendoz (NBT) (Fall 0:00) 215: Marcus Granadeiro (SORI) over Hans Tejada (NBT) (Dec 6-3) 285: Fernando Augustimiano Bautista (NBT) over (SORI) (For.)

North Brunswick Township 51, Perth Amboy 18

106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Andre Hamm (NBT) over Xiomar Pena (PEAM) (Fall 0:42) 126: Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) over James Ferrara (PEAM) (Dec 6-5) 132: Omar Elhomossy (NBT) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Jason Estrada (NBT) over Jamelle Cockren (PEAM) (Fall 1:42) 144: Jomar Mena (NBT) over (PEAM) (For.) 150: Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) over Gael Noyola (PEAM) (Fall 0:49) 157: Jasid DeCastro (PEAM) over Anthony Garcia (NBT) (Fall 1:11) 165: Gustavo Arenas (PEAM) over (NBT) (For.) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over Albin Castano (PEAM) (Fall 1:32) 190: Nazarath Pina (PEAM) over Joshua Mendoz (NBT) (Fall 1:31) 215: Hans Tejada (NBT) over Chris Angeles (PEAM) (Fall 3:30) 285: Fernando Augustimiano Bautista (NBT) over (PEAM) (For.)

JFK-Iselin 60, North Brunswick 24

106: Cameron Daniels (JFIS) over (NBT) (For.) 113: Aiden Roche (JFIS) over (NBT) (For.) 120: Andre Hamm (NBT) over Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) (Fall 3:31) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) (Fall 1:14) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Omar Elhomossy (NBT) (Fall 0:47) 138: Alexander Rosario (JFIS) over Jason Estrada (NBT) (Fall 0:52) 144: Mark Roche (JFIS) over Jomar Mena (NBT) (Fall 1:37) 150: Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) over Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) (Fall 0:42) 157: Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) over Anthony Garcia (NBT) (Fall 3:14) 165: Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) over (NBT) (For.) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over Aryan Patel (JFIS) (Fall 0:36) 190: Subtain Ali (JFIS) over Joshua Mendoz (NBT) (Fall 3:33) 215: Hans Tejada (NBT) over Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) (Fall 0:54) 285: Fernando Augustimiano Bautista (NBT) over Yanuth Nanthakumar (JFIS) (Fall 0:45)

JFK-Iselin 72, South River 12

113: Dylan Soares (SORI) over Aiden Roche (JFIS) (Fall 1:39) 120: Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Dylan Zargo (SORI) (Fall 2:28) 138: Mark Roche (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 144: Alexander Rosario (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 150: Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 157: Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 165: Moustafa Salama (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 175: Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 190: Aryan Patel (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.) 215: Marcus Granadeiro (SORI) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Fall 0:39) 285: Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) over Pedro Oliveira (SORI) (Fall 5:01) 106: Cameron Daniels (JFIS) over (SORI) (For.)

JFK-Iselin 57, Perth Amboy 21

120: Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) over Xiomar Pena (PEAM) (SV-1 13-11) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over James Ferrara (PEAM) (Fall 0:27) 132: Jonathan Barreto (JFIS) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Jamelle Cockren (PEAM) (Fall 3:38) 144: Mark Roche (JFIS) over (PEAM) (For.) 150: Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) over Gael Noyola (PEAM) (Fall 0:25) 157: Jasid DeCastro (PEAM) over Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) (Dec 9-6) 165: Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) over Gustavo Arenas (PEAM) (Fall 1:25) 175: Albin Castano (PEAM) over Aryan Patel (JFIS) (Fall 0:30) 190: Nazarath Pina (PEAM) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Fall 1:22) 215: Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) over Bryan Fernandez (PEAM) (Fall 4:45) 285: Yanuth Nanthakumar (JFIS) over (PEAM) (For.) 106: Cameron Daniels (JFIS) over (PEAM) (For.) 113: Ahsia Torres (PEAM) over (JFIS) (For.)

Manalapan 69, East Brunswick 6

126: Anthony Vitola (MANA) over Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) (Fall 0:35) 132: Anthony Mucciolo (MANA) over James Milligan (EBHS) (Fall 0:54) 138: Vincent DePierro (MANA) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 2:32) 144: Anatloy Fidelman (MANA) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 0:28) 150: Daniel Orsen (MANA) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Fall 0:50) 157: Rene Manso (MANA) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 0:30) 165: Seth Scanish (MANA) over Sa`ar Hochman (EBHS) (Dec 12-11) 175: Ryan Wosnitzer (MANA) over (EBHS) (For.) 190: Kenny Wines (MANA) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: John Sullivan (MANA) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 1:25) 285: Matt Damato (MANA) over (EBHS) (For.) 106: Advait Sepuri (MANA) over (EBHS) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over Vincent Balzano (MANA) (Fall 1:03)

Princeton 66, East Brunswick 9

132: Martin Brophy (PRIN) over James Milligan (EBHS) (Fall 3:53) 138: Harrison Ehee (PRIN) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 1:25) 144: Basil Rieger (PRIN) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Def.) 150: Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) over Christian Paul (PRIN) (Fall 5:45) 157: Aaron Munford (PRIN) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 0:06) 165: Matt Ellsworth (PRIN) over (EBHS) (For.) 175: jason ling (PRIN) over (EBHS) (For.) 190: Jordy Paredes (PRIN) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Noah Kassas (PRIN) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:49) 285: Double Forfeit 106: Cole Rose (PRIN) over (EBHS) (For.) 113: Ava Rose (PRIN) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over Tyler Ehee (PRIN) (Dec 6-3) 126: Blase Mele (PRIN) over Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) (Fall 0:42)

Monroe 45, Colts Neck 31

175: Bradford Zajac (CONE) over Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) (Fall 1:54) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Ben Rosen (CONE) (Dec 11-7) 215: Eric Abbud (CONE) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (Dec 11-5) 285: Matthew Jannucci (CONE) over John Douglas (MOTO) (Fall 2:00) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over Alexis Yale (CONE) (Fall 4:30) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over (CONE) (For.) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over Joseph Zamorski (CONE) (Fall 1:06) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Michael Petruzzi (CONE) (Fall 1:26) 132: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over Alexander Rosario (CONE) (Fall 2:00) 138: Michael Lyristis (CONE) over Jovanny Vera (MOTO) (Fall 1:11) 144: Tyler Russ (CONE) over Wyatt Olma (MOTO) (MD 9-0) 150: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Alex Wang (CONE) (Fall 3:50) 157: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Christian Marcus (CONE) (Fall 5:30) 165: Joe Layton (CONE) over Kareem Othman (MOTO) (Fall 5:15)

Monroe 68, Notre Dame 9

190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Frank Hosmer (NODA) (Fall 0:53) 215: Chris Guzzo (MOTO) over (NODA) (For.) 285: John Douglas (MOTO) over Ben Gaylord (NODA) (Fall 2:57) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (NODA) (For.) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over (NODA) (For.) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over (NODA) (For.) 126: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over Josh Ferdetta (NODA) (TF 15-0 2:00) 132: Jack Madigan-Green (NODA) over Aedan Boyle (MOTO) (Dec 2-1) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Nick DiPalma (NODA) (Fall 3:40) 144: Nicholas Franzen (NODA) over Josh Bouchard (MOTO) (Fall 4:56) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Gavin White (NODA) (Fall 0:56) 157: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Ryan Peterson (NODA) (Dec 3-2) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Logan Whitlock (NODA) (Fall 1:27) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over Jeffrey Merendino (NODA) (Fall 1:05)

Monroe 72, West Windsor-Plainsboro South 7

215: Franco Valentine (WWPS) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (Dec 5-1) 285: John Douglas (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 113: Colin Cote (WWPS) over Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) (MD 12-4) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 126: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 132: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Humza Khalid (WWPS) (Fall 1:11) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Christian Tardieu (WWPS) (Fall 1:11) 144: Josh Bouchard (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.) 157: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Keshav Bhavsar (WWPS) (Fall 0:22) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Jason Carroll (WWPS) (Fall 2:42) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over Nayan Yadav (WWPS) (Fall 2:44) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over (WWPS) (For.)

Howell 50, Old Bridge 16

106: Liam Clark (HOWE) over Jacob Lucash (OLBR) (Fall 1:46) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Xavier Ortega (HOWE) (Dec 4-0) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over Michael Edmundson (HOWE) (Fall 5:03) 126: Sawyer Ostroff (HOWE) over Jesse Koczon (OLBR) (Fall 1:22) 132: JJ Machnik (HOWE) over Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) (MD 8-0) 138: Giovanni Scafidi (HOWE) over Gabby Miller (OLBR) (TF 26-11 3:30) 144: Rob Wiessel (HOWE) over Austin Miller (OLBR) (Dec 9-2) 150: Gavin Merkel (HOWE) over Isa McMillan (OLBR) (Fall 3:48) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Nick Acque (HOWE) (MD 11-1) 165: Hunter Mays (HOWE) over (OLBR) (For.) 175: DJ Henry (HOWE) over Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) (TF 15-0 2:57) 190: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over Ian Soutar (HOWE) (Dec 8-5) 215: Dane Colfer (HOWE) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (Dec 3-1) 285: Thomas Richards (HOWE) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (Fall 4:38)

Sayreville 53, Edison 30

106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over Eli Sanchez (EDIS) (Fall 0:43) 113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over Stephen Rodriguez (EDIS) (Fall 0:29) 120: Julian Dawson (EDIS) over John Metz (SWM) (Fall 1:00) 126: William Marks (SWM) over Matt Tufano (EDIS) (Fall 5:03) 132: Chris Schmitt (SWM) over Lucas Almonte (EDIS) (Fall 4:00) 138: Savion Colon (EDIS) over Gabriel Folchi (SWM) (Fall 0:30) 144: Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) over Michael Zaunczkowski (SWM) (Fall 2:00) 150: David Sandoval (SWM) over Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) (Fall 2:00) 157: Edward Willams (SWM) over (EDIS) (For.) 165: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Richard Rebeck (EDIS) (Fall 2:00) 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over Paul Arias (SWM) (Fall 1:00) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over Bryce Bouchard (SWM) (Fall 2:00) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Gael Luna (EDIS) (Fall 5:21) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Jacques Dickerson (EDIS) (Fall 1:10) (SWM Unsportsmanlike conduct on coach -1.0)

Sayreville 63, Spotswood 15

106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over (SPOT) (For.) 113: John Metz (SWM) over (SPOT) (For.) 120: Cj McCrea (SWM) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 0:49) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over William Marks (SWM) (Fall 4:33) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over Chris Schmitt (SWM) (Dec 7-0) 138: Gabriel Folchi (SWM) over (SPOT) (For.) 144: Michael Zaunczkowski (SWM) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 0:36) 150: David Sandoval (SWM) over Nick Marin (SPOT) (Fall 3:27) 157: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Matt Varga (SPOT) (Fall 3:11) 165: Paul Arias (SWM) over (SPOT) (For.) 175: Bryce Bouchard (SWM) over Nate Peck-Garcia (SPOT) (Fall 2:00) 190: Sean Sylvester (SWM) over William Schwemmer (SPOT) (Dec 9-6) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Ryan Bouchard (SWM) (Fall 5:00) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Quarwee Walker (SPOT) (Fall 5:14)

Edison 42, Spotswood 33

106: Eli Sanchez (EDIS) over (SPOT) (For.) 113: Stephen Rodriguez (EDIS) over (SPOT) (For.) 120: Matt Tufano (EDIS) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 1:08) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Julian Dawson (EDIS) (SV-1 7-5) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over Lucas Almonte (EDIS) (Fall 1:58) 138: Savion Colon (EDIS) over (SPOT) (For.) 144: Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 3:12) 150: Nick Marin (SPOT) over Joaquin Cruz (EDIS) (Fall 1:32) 157: Matt Varga (SPOT) over Richard Rebeck (EDIS) (Fall 2:23) 165: Double Forfeit 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over Nate Peck-Garcia (SPOT) (Fall 0:26) 190: Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) over William Schwemmer (SPOT) (Fall 1:12) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Christopher Eagle (EDIS) (Fall 1:39) 285: Quarwee Walker (SPOT) over Nicholas Mendez (EDIS) (Fall 0:41)

St. Joseph Metuchen 75, Piscataway 3

106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over (PISC) (For.) 113: John Whitacre (SJM) over Ajay Persaud (PISC) (Fall 0:55) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over Brian Butler (PISC) (Dec 6-0) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Fall 1:04) 144: Vincent Genna (SJM) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Fall 1:37) 150: Mekai Mathews (SJM) over (PISC) (For.) 157: Evan Mendez (SJM) over Garrett Pech (PISC) (Fall 1:00) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over Carlos Baez (PISC) (Fall 0:35) 175: Giovanni Spallino (SJM) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Vito Giannetta (SJM) over Jadon McCoy (PISC) (Fall 1:17) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (Dec 7-0) 285: Jake Tulli (SJM) over Kai Decoteau (PISC) (Fall 3:06)

St. Joseph Metuchen 48, Marlboro 18

120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Brandon Bayer (MARL) (Fall 2:24) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over (MARL) (For.) 132: Michael Bruno (MARL) over Anthony Bistany (SJM) (Dec 5-4) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Alexander Palagano (MARL) (Dec 10-5) 144: Vincent Genna (SJM) over Amari Benjamin (MARL) (TF 18-2 5:20) 150: Mekai Mathews (SJM) over (MARL) (For.) 157: Evan Mendez (SJM) over (MARL) (For.) 165: Double Forfeit 175: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over Alexander Groesbeck (MARL) (Fall 1:14) 190: Mike Malucelli (MARL) over Brian Christie (SJM) (Fall 1:35) 215: DJ Silvia (MARL) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (Dec 8-6) 285: Christian Steensen (MARL) over Jake Tulli (SJM) (Fall 5:24) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Sean Bayer (MARL) (MD 14-6) 113: John Whitacre (SJM) over (MARL) (For.)

St. Joseph Metuchen 57. Toms River East 18

113: John Whitacre (SJM) over Matthew Zanetti (TREH) (Fall 1:18) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Jaton Wellington (TREH) (MD 11-1) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over Zackary Gorlin (TREH) (Fall 0:36) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over Richie Kulessa (TREH) (MD 14-4) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Michael Pond (TREH) (MD 11-2) 144: Nicholas Delorenzo (TREH) over Vincent Genna (SJM) (Fall 1:55) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over Lester Cook (TREH) (Fall 1:21) 157: Joe McCullough (TREH) over Mekai Mathews (SJM) (Fall 3:29) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over Ariel Lopez (TREH) (Fall 0:40) 175: Giovanni Spallino (SJM) over Hector Milian (TREH) (Dec 5-3) 190: Brian Christie (SJM) over James Lynch (TREH) (Fall 1:11) 215: Gage Grosso (TREH) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (Fall 5:30) 285: Jake Tulli (SJM) over Ivan Vasquaz (TREH) (Fall 3:09) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Logan Bucci (TREH) (Fall 0:15)

Marlboro 56, Piscataway 15

113: Sean Bayer (MARL) over Ajay Persaud (PISC) (Fall 1:46) 120: Brandon Bayer (MARL) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Eric Shternfeld (MARL) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Michael Bruno (MARL) over Brian Butler (PISC) (SV-1 6-4) 138: Alexander Palagano (MARL) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (TF 15-0 0:00) 144: Amari Benjamin (MARL) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Fall 1:37) 150: Hamza Rana (MARL) over (PISC) (For.) 157: Garrett Pech (PISC) over (MARL) (For.) 165: Carlos Baez (PISC) over (MARL) (For.) 175: Alexander Groesbeck (MARL) over (PISC) (For.) 190: Mike Malucelli (MARL) over Jadon McCoy (PISC) (Fall 1:00) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over DJ Silvia (MARL) (Dec 7-5) 285: Christian Steensen (MARL) over (PISC) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit

Toms River East 57, Piscataway 21

120: Jaton Wellington (TREH) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Zackary Gorlin (TREH) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Brian Butler (PISC) over Richie Kulessa (TREH) (Fall 1:41) 138: Michael Pond (TREH) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (Fall 5:57) 144: Nicholas Delorenzo (TREH) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Fall 3:40) 150: Tyler Corblies (TREH) over (PISC) (For.) 157: Joe McCullough (TREH) over Garrett Pech (PISC) (Fall 1:16) 165: Carlos Baez (PISC) over Ariel Lopez (TREH) (Fall 5:05) 175: Hector Milian (TREH) over (PISC) (For.) 190: James Lynch (TREH) over Jadon McCoy (PISC) (Fall 1:15) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Gage Grosso (TREH) (SV-1 4-2) 285: Kai Decoteau (PISC) over Ivan Vasquaz (TREH) (Fall 0:51) 106: Logan Bucci (TREH) over (PISC) (For.) 113: Matthew Zanetti (TREH) over Ajay Persaud (PISC) (Dec 6-5)

Union County

Westfield 51, Clifton 24

113: Jason Cancel (CLIF) over (WEST) (For.) 120: Najati Salim (CLIF) over Brandon Ribiero (WEST) (Dec 3-1) 126: Ethan Composto (WEST) over Deven Desai (CLIF) (Fall 2:17) 132: Aidan Harper (WEST) over Adam Salman (CLIF) (Fall 0:41) 138: Tyler Sontz (WEST) over Ronny Sandoval (CLIF) (MD 18-9) 144: Luke Jacobs (WEST) over Andrew Zawrak (CLIF) (Fall 0:31) 150: Richard DeRick (WEST) over Adem Kitapci (CLIF) (Fall 1:06) 157: Cottler Vierschilling (WEST) over Reily Garcia (CLIF) (Fall 2:00) 165: Michael Murphy (WEST) over Nick Doktor (CLIF) (TF 19-4 3:50) 175: Luke Vaccaro (WEST) over (CLIF) (For.) 190: Jacob Maldonado (CLIF) over James McDermott (WEST) (Dec 7-4) 215: Nick Burgess (CLIF) over Sergio Cabrera (WEST) (Fall 3:14) 285: Joseph Abill (CLIF) over (WEST) (For.) 106: Max Rotter (WEST) over (CLIF) (For.)

Cranford 62, Randolph 9

106: Jake Zarzecki (CRAN) over (RAHS) (For.) 113: Alex LoCascio (RAHS) over Michael Tona (CRAN) (Dec 5-2) 120: Ronan Waters (CRAN) over Giovanni Figueroa (RAHS) (Fall 1:09) 126: Nicholas Gregory (RAHS) over Micheal Ramirez (CRAN) (Fall 5:51) 132: Ryan Kilbashian (CRAN) over Anthony Martinez (RAHS) (Dec 4-1) 138: quentin Connolly (CRAN) over Jason Federico (RAHS) (Fall 0:26) 144: Dylan Jones (CRAN) over Joseph Garry (RAHS) (Fall 0:18) 150: Conor Hoefling (CRAN) over Joseph Geleta (RAHS) (MD 16-5) 157: Jordan Chapman (CRAN) over Jesse Wilfong (RAHS) (Fall 0:42) 165: Colin Murray (CRAN) over Jason Petroski (RAHS) (Dec 5-4) 175: Lucas Esposito (CRAN) over Daniel Kelly (RAHS) (Fall 2:19) 190: shane Kanterman (CRAN) over Dean Mangiocavallo (RAHS) (Fall 2:44) 215: dylan McDonald (CRAN) over Zachary Maqsudi (RAHS) (Fall 1:19) 285: Kevin Shriner (CRAN) over Peter Mendoza (RAHS) (MD 8-0)

Governor Livingston 51, Northern Highlands 27

120: Scott Rayack (GLRH) over Jacob Siegel (NHRS) (Fall 0:41) 126: Jason Rosenberg (GLRH) over Robert Sasso (NHRS) (Fall 0:33) 132: Cristian Gioia (GLRH) over Justin Dario (NHRS) (Fall 2:55) 138: Jack Sergio (GLRH) over (NHRS) (For.) 144: Brendan Connolly (NHRS) over Dante Gioia (GLRH) (Dec 5-2) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over (NHRS) (For.) 157: Logan Hurwitt (NHRS) over Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) (Fall 2:59) 165: Theodore Scalora (GLRH) over Thomas Nemec (NHRS) (Dec 5-0) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over Jake Gray (NHRS) (Fall 1:44) 190: Ethan Mendel (NHRS) over Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) (Fall 1:36) 215: Michael Greenbaum (NHRS) over James Rubino (GLRH) (Fall 1:14) 285: Justin Gradzki (NHRS) over (GLRH) (For.) 106: Christian Sabatino (GLRH) over Justin Iannelli (NHRS) (Fall 5:38) 113: Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) over (NHRS) (For.)

Governor Livingston 40, Saint John Vianney 39

106: Patrick O`Keefe (SJV) over Christian Sabatino (GLRH) (Fall 3:20) 113: Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) over (SJV) (For.) 120: Jake Zaltsman (SJV) over Scott Rayack (GLRH) (Fall 4:55) 126: Anthony Giordano (SJV) over Jason Rosenberg (GLRH) (Fall 1:40) 132: Cristian Gioia (GLRH) over Blake Geibel (SJV) (Dec 5-0) 138: Nico Diaz (SJV) over Jack Sergio (GLRH) (Fall 1:22) 144: Cole Stangle (SJV) over Dante Gioia (GLRH) (Dec 7-3) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over (SJV) (For.) 157: Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) over Gregory Jhanjee (SJV) (DQ) 165: Theodore Scalora (GLRH) over (SJV) (For.) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over Ryan Cawley (SJV) (Fall 1:57) 190: Michael Foley (SJV) over Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) (Fall 0:37) 215: James Rubino (GLRH) over Ellijah Portales (SJV) (Fall 0:36) 285: Ryan Buchanan (SJV) over Patrick Sheehan (GLRH) (Fall 0:10) (GLRH tie breaker 1.0)

River Dell 38, Governor Livingston 30

113: Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) over Nick Kelly (RIDE) (Fall 2:52) 120: Taisei Kurachi (RIDE) over Scott Rayack (GLRH) (TF 17-2 6:00) 126: RJ Weiss (RIDE) over Jason Rosenberg (GLRH) (Dec 4-2) 132: Noah Krawkower (RIDE) over Cristian Gioia (GLRH) (Dec 9-3) 138: Jack Sergio (GLRH) over Dylan Mullen (RIDE) (Dec 13-7) 144: Dante Gioia (GLRH) over Jack Corrigan (RIDE) (Fall 1:05) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over Cavan Hughes (RIDE) (Fall 2:24) 157: Gabe Case (RIDE) over Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) (Fall 3:47) 165: Theodore Scalora (GLRH) over Liam Boyle (RIDE) (Dec 7-6) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over Owen Windram (RIDE) (Fall 0:26) 190: Ren Yoshikubo (RIDE) over Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) (Fall 4:43) 215: Joe Boyle (RIDE) over James Rubino (GLRH) (Fall 1:06) 285: Curtis Reese (RIDE) over James Rubino (GLRH) (Fall 1:04) 106: Evan Krakower (RIDE) over Christian Sabatino (GLRH) (Dec 6-3)

Elizabeth 51, Cedar Grove 27

106: Isabela Santos (ELIZ) over (CEGR) (For.) 113: Zophia Gonzales (ELIZ) over (CEGR) (For.) 120: Daniel Morantes-Villanueva (ELIZ) over (CEGR) (For.) 126: Dynasty Chandler (ELIZ) over (CEGR) (For.) 132: Sharan Jit (ELIZ) over Andrew Buckingham (CEGR) (Fall 0:32) 138: Adolfo Cadillo (CEGR) over Charles Diaz (ELIZ) (Fall 1:13) 144: Nicholas Coletta (CEGR) over Wesley Correa (ELIZ) (Fall 1:45) 150: Chris Babcock (CEGR) over Jose Lamela (ELIZ) (Dec 5-3) 157: Jahsim Williams (ELIZ) over Connor Kerney (CEGR) (Fall 1:16) 165: Robert Kelly (CEGR) over Michael Sagues (ELIZ) (Fall 4:45) 175: Freddy Gabin (ELIZ) over Santino Catalano (CEGR) (Fall 0:50) 190: Varson Siryon (ELIZ) over James Cantarelli (CEGR) (Fall 3:03) 215: Christian Morrice (CEGR) over Ryan Black-Nealis (ELIZ) (Fall 2:24) 285: Timothy Smith (ELIZ) over Mark Ratel (CEGR) (Dec 6-3)

Millburn 60, Union 6

113: Double Forfeit 120: Alex Morales (MILL) over Woodley Auciel (UNIO) (Fall 3:54) 126: Gideon Tsoutsouris (MILL) over Daniel Diaz (UNIO) (Fall 1:04) 132: Michael Policarpio (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.) 138: Bertan Kurtsoy (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.) 144: Grant Sanders (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.) 150: Zachary Pierce (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.) 157: Luke Talbert (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.) 165: Double Forfeit 175: Brett Molka (MILL) over Daniel Collin (UNIO) (Fall 4:34) 190: Double Forfeit 215: Zach Raifman (MILL) over Xavier Walton (UNIO) (Fall 2:23) 285: Darius Quarshie (UNIO) over Ryan Zamarra (MILL) (Fall 1:03) 106: Noah Silber (MILL) over (UNIO) (For.)

Cresskill 54, Union 18

120: Steven Kebabjian (CRES) over Woodley Auciel (UNIO) (Fall 4:59) 126: Luke Stein (CRES) over Daniel Diaz (UNIO) (Fall 0:32) 132: Sid Hamburger (CRES) over (UNIO) (Def.) 138: Jona Kim (CRES) over (UNIO) (Def.) 144: Ben Cardoza (CRES) over (UNIO) (For.) 150: Jack Stovall (CRES) over (UNIO) (For.) 157: Tyler Lam (CRES) over (UNIO) (For.) 165: Dylan Kim (CRES) over (UNIO) (For.) 175: Daniel Collin (UNIO) over Spiros Salonitis (CRES) (Fall 4:22) 190: Stephen Abreu (CRES) over (UNIO) (For.) 215: Xavier Walton (UNIO) over Domenic Wanderlingh (CRES) (Fall 1:11) 285: Darius Quarshie (UNIO) over (CRES) (For.) 106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit

Moorestown 72, Union 9

106: Miles Carey (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 113: Josh Edwards (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 120: D`Mario DeFelice (MOOR) over Woodley Auciel (UNIO) (Fall 1:59) 126: Will Inglis (MOOR) over Daniel Diaz (UNIO) (Fall 2:39) 132: Ethan Tolbert (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 138: Jared Anderson (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 144: Kevin Neves (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 150: Sean Donovan (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 157: Anthony Fierro (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 165: Grady Keebler (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 175: Broznan Williams (MOOR) over Daniel Collin (UNIO) (Fall 1:09) 190: Broznan Williams (MOOR) over (UNIO) (For.) 215: Xavier Walton (UNIO) over Zach Cowchok (MOOR) (Dec 3-1) 285: Darius Quarshie (UNIO) over Jordan Carney (MOOR) (Fall 1:36)

Cranford 72, Glen Ridge 3

106: Sebastian Kristal (GLRI) over Jake Zarzecki (CRAN) (Dec 9-2) 113: Michael Tona (CRAN) over Aaron Amici (GLRI) (Fall 0:31) 120: Ronan Waters (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 126: Micheal Ramirez (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 132: Ryan Kilbashian (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 138: quentin Connolly (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 144: Dylan Jones (CRAN) over Mac Davidson (GLRI) (Dec 5-4) 150: Conor Hoefling (CRAN) over Nicholas Nichols (GLRI) (Fall 2:37) 157: Jordan Chapman (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 165: Colin Murray (CRAN) over Ryder Smith (GLRI) (Fall 0:32) 175: Lucas Esposito (CRAN) over Jacob Chang (GLRI) (Fall 4:27) 190: shane Kanterman (CRAN) over Jesse Gibbs (GLRI) (Fall 2:55) 215: dylan McDonald (CRAN) over (GLRI) (For.) 285: Kevin Shriner (CRAN) over Jake Russell (GLRI) (Dec 3-1)

Friday, Jan. 7

Monroe 40, Voorhees 33

106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over Logan Bush (VGG) (MD 11-2) 113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over Matt Levy (VGG) (Fall 2:36) 120: Josh Evers (VGG) over Sam Alkema (MOTO) (Fall 5:26) 126: Hunter Cryan (VGG) over Eshan Kadam (MOTO) (Dec 5-0) 132: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Travis Cryan (VGG) (Dec 8-3) 138: Logan Wiecoreck (VGG) over Jovanny Vera (MOTO) (Fall 4:45) 144: Mike Mosier (VGG) over Wyatt Olma (MOTO) (Fall 1:46) 150: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Darin Ladin (VGG) (Fall 2:57) 157: Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) over Brandon Kurzeja (VGG) (Dec 6-2) 165: Trevor Zabroski (VGG) over Kareem Othman (MOTO) (Fall 1:16) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over Luke Hufford (VGG) (Fall 2:42) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Zakry Bergmann (VGG) (Fall 3:54) 215: Jack Mosier (VGG) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (Fall 3:19) 285: John Douglas (MOTO) over Kyle Borgh (VGG) (Fall 1:29)

Skyland Conference

North Hunterdon 33, Warren Hills 22

215: Brendan Raley (NOHU) over Jarett Pantuso (WAHI) (Dec 5-0) 285: Liam Akers (NOHU) over Tyler McCatharn (WAHI) (Dec 6-0) 106: Shane Wysocki (NOHU) over (WAHI) (For.) 113: Logan Wadle (NOHU) over Kevin Riedinger (WAHI) (Dec 3-1) 120: Ben Makaritis (NOHU) over Josh Lee (WAHI) (Dec 4-3) 126: John VanDoren (NOHU) over Tyler Redfield (WAHI) (Dec 6-0) 132: Nick DeLorenzo (NOHU) over Shawn Redfield (WAHI) (Dec 5-2) 138: Daniel DeLusant (NOHU) over Ryan Lundy (WAHI) (Fall 3:16) 144: Jared Lee (WAHI) over Jake Infante (NOHU) (MD 11-0) 150: Cody Miller (WAHI) over Brian Wilson (NOHU) (Dec 8-4) 157: Michael Drazek (WAHI) over Tucker Lewis (NOHU) (Fall 1:38) 165: Stephen Malia (WAHI) over (NOHU) (For.) 175: Owen Frizzell (WAHI) over Luke Yager (NOHU) (Dec 7-2) 190: Alex Uryniak (NOHU) over Ryan Galka (WAHI) (Dec 13-7)

Union County

Westfield 37, Roselle Park 35

106: Matthew Griffin (ROPA) over (WEST) (For.) 113: Julian Alston (ROPA) over Max Rotter (WEST) (Fall 1:32) 120: Brandon Ribiero (WEST) over Salvatore Randazzo (ROPA) (MD 12-4) 126: Ethan Composto (WEST) over Brandon Scott (ROPA) (Fall 1:38) 132: Mayson Harms (ROPA) over Aidan Harper (WEST) (MD 23-9) 138: Tyler Sontz (WEST) over Ryan Leiva (ROPA) (Dec 4-3) 144: Luke Jacobs (WEST) over (ROPA) (For.) 150: Angel Mejia (ROPA) over Richard DeRick (WEST) (MD 11-3) 157: Julian Colon (ROPA) over Cottler Vierschilling (WEST) (Fall 1:45) 165: Luke Vaccaro (WEST) over Kyle Debas (ROPA) (Fall 1:44) 175: Michael Murphy (WEST) over (ROPA) (For.) 190: John Ranieri (ROPA) over James McDermott (WEST) (Dec 3-0) 215: Sergio Cabrera (WEST) over Thomas Jaskula (ROPA) (Fall 0:56) 285: Kevin Osorio (ROPA) over (WEST) (For.)

Thursday, Jan. 6

Greater Middlesex Conference

North Brunswick 51, Carteret 21

106: Rama Jalloh (NBT) over (CART) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Jetzeel Huertas (CART) over Andre Hamm (NBT) (Fall 1:30) 126: Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) over Gianfranco Romero-Perez (CART) (Dec 5-2) 132: Omar Elhomossy (NBT) over (CART) (For.) 138: Xavier Villalongo (CART) over Jason Estrada (NBT) (Fall 3:30) 144: Jomar Mena (NBT) over Siddiq Qasim (CART) (Fall 1:52) 150: Natalie Fernandez Taveras (NBT) over (CART) (For.) 157: Anthony Garcia (NBT) over Victor Nyaringo (CART) (Fall 0:35) 165: Rasheim Price-Jones (CART) over Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) (Fall 2:30) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over (CART) (For.) 190: Joshua Mendoz (NBT) over Jeremiah Baptiste (CART) (Fall 0:30) 215: Hans Tejada (NBT) over Cameron Browne (CART) (Fall 0:53) 285: Hassan Khan (CART) over Fernando Augustimiano Bautista (NBT) (Dec 6-4)

Saint Thomas Aquinas 54, Middlesex/Dunellen 27

138: Landon Kearns (STA) over Jack Griffin (MIDD) (Fall 1:05) 144: Liam Zeh (STA) over Luke Shealy (MIDD) (Fall 0:53) 150: John Howarth (STA) over Alfred Platten (MIDD) (Fall 1:53) 157: RJ Stradling (MIDD) over Brian Mohabeer (STA) (Fall 1:45) 165: Owen Disbrow (STA) over Oscar Wasilewski (MIDD) (Fall 0:06) 175: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Aiden Sim (STA) (MD 15-4) 190: Kenny Coghan (STA) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Fall 1:04) 215: Dom Paulino (STA) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (Fall 2:58) 285: Brian Moyer (STA) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 0:41) 106: Chris Fogarile (STA) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Kevin Beck (MIDD) over Shray Patel (STA) (Fall 1:03) 120: Reed Kerstetter (STA) over Steve Limaymanta Perez (MIDD) (Fall 0:30) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Brandon Fuentes (STA) (Fall 1:21) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over Samridth Keerthi (STA) (Fall 1:28) (MIDD Unsportsmanlike Conduct 150lb -1.0)

Skyland Conference

Phillipsburg 70, Watchung Hills 10

132: Luke Geleta (PHIL) over Teagan Wittmaack (WHR) (Fall 3:40) 138: Joe Innamorato (PHIL) over (WHR) (For.) 144: Christian Calvo (WHR) over Jared Frazer (PHIL) (Fall 2:46) 150: Matthew Donofrio (PHIL) over Nevin Echavarria (WHR) (Fall 2:38) 157: Hunter Cleaver (PHIL) over Harry Liu (WHR) (Fall 5:12) 165: Nate Zastowny (PHIL) over Nirio Garcia (WHR) (Fall 0:50) 175: Caleb Rivera (PHIL) over (WHR) (For.) 190: Christopher Baker (WHR) over Connor Hille (PHIL) (MD 16-3) 215: David Pierson (PHIL) over (WHR) (For.) 285: John Wargo (PHIL) over (WHR) (For.) 106: Dawson McWilliams (PHIL) over Nick Valenti (WHR) (Fall 0:39) 113: Miguel Lopez (PHIL) over Vincent Glynos (WHR) (Fall 1:26) 120: Gavin Hawk (PHIL) over Jordan Bash (WHR) (Fall 1:24) 126: James Day (PHIL) over Jack Scuderi (WHR) (MD 12-2)

Wednesday, Jan. 5

Greater Middlesex Conference

Old Bridge 40, Monroe 24

157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Ankur Macha (MOTO) (Fall 0:55) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Kareem Othman (MOTO) (Dec 5-2) 175: Daniel Fishman (OLBR) over Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) (Fall 0:39) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Avery Mack (OLBR) (Fall 6:00) 215: Robert Orzol (OLBR) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (Dec 5-0) 285: Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) over John Douglas (MOTO) (Fall 2:45) 106: Zavier Nicholas (MOTO) over Jacob Lucash (OLBR) (Fall 4:18) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) (Fall 1:14) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over Sam Alkema (MOTO) (Dec 6-4) 126: Aedan Boyle (MOTO) over Jesse Koczon (OLBR) (Dec 2-0) 132: Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) over Jovanny Vera (MOTO) (Dec 7-2) 138: Wyatt Olma (MOTO) over Rocco Celentano (OLBR) (Dec 6-2) 144: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Gabby Miller (OLBR) (Fall 4:46) 150: Isa McMillan (OLBR) over Youseph Abdeljawad (MOTO) (MD 14-5)

St. Joseph 70, Edison 12

144: Vincent Genna (SJM) over Arjun Dubewar (EDIS) (Fall 2:32) 150: Evan Mendez (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 157: Mekai Mathews (SJM) over Richard Rebeck (EDIS) (Fall 4:25) 165: Andrew Bouchard (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 175: Hany Ghazy (EDIS) over Giovanni Spallino (SJM) (Fall 2:13) 190: Brian Christie (SJM) over Abdoo Altieri (EDIS) (Fall 1:02) 215: Gael Luna (EDIS) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (Fall 1:03) 285: Jake Tulli (SJM) over Amritpal Singh (EDIS) (Fall 0:12) 106: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 113: John Whitacre (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 120: Nico Calello (SJM) over Julian Dawson (EDIS) (MD 10-2) 126: Giovanni Alejandro (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over (EDIS) (For.) 138: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Ahmad Ashaq (EDIS) (Fall 0:23)

J.P. Stevens 69, East Brunswick 12

106: Casey Wong (JPS) over Madelina Varenga (EBHS) (Fall 4:22) 113: Ruby Hyman-Cruz (JPS) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Adolfo Malabanan (JPS) over Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) (Dec 8-1) 126: Michael Mazza (JPS) over Connor Zaimov (EBHS) (Fall 2:49) 132: Baseer Kakar (JPS) over Devan Monahan (EBHS) (Fall 0:47) 138: Syed Jeelani (JPS) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (Fall 0:36) 144: Kyle Tierney (JPS) over Mark Andres (EBHS) (Fall 1:12) 150: Brandon Grumet (EBHS) over (JPS) (For.) 157: Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) over Raghav Chalageri (JPS) (Fall 1:16) 165: Kevin Savoth (JPS) over Sa`ar Hochman (EBHS) (Fall 1:55) 175: Sachit Nigam (JPS) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 3:28) 190: Joshua Juzefyk (JPS) over (EBHS) (For.) 215: Jahwill Palmer (JPS) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:35) 285: Kwabena Afrifah (JPS) over (EBHS) (For.)

Sayreville 45, J.F. Kennedy 31

106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over Cameron Daniels (JFIS) (Fall 3:15) 113: John Metz (SWM) over Aiden Roche (JFIS) (Fall 1:30) 120: Cj McCrea (SWM) over Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) (Fall 3:37) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over William Marks (SWM) (MD 9-0) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Chris Schmitt (SWM) (Fall 3:11) 138: Alexander Rosario (JFIS) over Gabriel Folchi (SWM) (Fall 1:04) 144: Mark Roche (JFIS) over James Kehoe (SWM) (Fall 2:38) 150: Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) over David Sandoval (SWM) (Fall 1:39) 157: Edward Willams (SWM) over Moustafa Salama (JFIS) (Fall 1:43) 165: Jariel Severino (SWM) over (JFIS) (For.) 175: Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) over Paul Arias (SWM) (Dec 2-0) 190: Bryce Bouchard (SWM) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Dec 11-8) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Xavier Hernandez (JFIS) (Fall 0:28) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) (Fall 3:58)

South Brunswick 54, Perth Amboy 24

106: Rose Marie Pavley (SBH) over (PEAM) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Xiomar Pena (PEAM) over (SBH) (For.) 126: Garv Sen (SBH) over (PEAM) (For.) 132: Omar Adam (SBH) over (PEAM) (For.) 138: Brandon Castro (SBH) over Jamelle Cockren (PEAM) (Fall 3:02) 144: Gael Noyola (PEAM) over Andrew Hobbs (SBH) (Fall 0:41) 150: Jackson Ratcliffe (SBH) over (PEAM) (For.) 157: Shahnawaz Asif (SBH) over Jasid DeCastro (PEAM) (Fall 3:39) 165: Mateo Rojas-Robles (SBH) over Gustavo Arenas (PEAM) (Fall 2:37) 175: Albin Castano (PEAM) over Aybars Tabur (SBH) (Fall 1:25) 190: Nazarath Pina (PEAM) over Armaan Khatri (SBH) (Fall 1:52) 215: Nicholas Wisbeski (SBH) over Bryan Fernandez (PEAM) (Fall 3:00) 285: Husnain Siddiqui (SBH) over Chris Angeles (PEAM) (Fall 3:30)

Skyland Conference

Bridgewater-Raritan 43, Watchung Hills 25

138: Casey Spina (BRRA) over John Calleo (WHR) (Fall 6:32) 144: Dane Sorensen (BRRA) over Lorenzo Percario (WHR) (Dec 6-1) 150: Christian Calvo (WHR) over James Kilgallon (BRRA) (Fall 2:09) 157: Justin Ziss (BRRA) over Harry Liu (WHR) (Dec 8-7) 165: Steven Shimko (BRRA) over Nirio Garcia (WHR) (Fall 4:43) 175: Christopher Baker (WHR) over Nick Heuner (BRRA) (Fall 2:10) 190: Tanay Mehrish (BRRA) over Joseph Richardson (WHR) (Fall 1:23) 215: Christian Gallegos (BRRA) over Dylan Meng (WHR) (Fall 4:32) 285: Jack Stinson (WHR) over Owen Simanjuntak (BRRA) (Dec 2-1) 106: Logan Levine (BRRA) over Vincent Glynos (WHR) (Fall 1:02) 113: Brady Hnasko (BRRA) over Nick Valenti (WHR) (Dec 5-0) 120: Jordan Bash (WHR) over Mark Marsigliano (BRRA) (Fall 1:03) 126: Jack Scuderi (WHR) over Michael Marsigliano (BRRA) (MD 16-6) 132: Daniel Smith (BRRA) over Teagan Wittmaack (WHR) (MD 15-7)

Somerville 46, Voorhees 21

215: Kyle Borgh (VGG) over (SOME) (For.) 285: Jack Mosier (VGG) over Daniel Paglia (SOME) (Fall 1:08) 106: Matt Levy (VGG) over (SOME) (For.) 113: Jason Daleo (SOME) over Logan Bush (VGG) (Fall 4:55) 120: Joe Aldrich (SOME) over Josh Evers (VGG) (Fall 3:49) 126: Hunter Cryan (VGG) over Aiden Constant (SOME) (Dec 5-2) 132: Elijah Hoarle (SOME) over Travis Cryan (VGG) (Fall 5:17) 138: Lucas Marchese (SOME) over Logan Wiecoreck (VGG) (Dec 6-4) 144: Jaimen Bryant (SOME) over Mike Mosier (VGG) (Dec 8-3) 150: Ryan Closterman (SOME) over Darin Ladin (VGG) (MD 12-1) 157: Owen Herrera (SOME) over Brandon Kurzeja (VGG) (Dec 5-3) 165: Jonathan Lozano (SOME) over Tyler Kinney (VGG) (Dec 8-2) 175: Kevin Acuna (SOME) over Luke Hufford (VGG) (Fall 1:03) 190: Fabian Acuna (SOME) over Zakry Bergmann (VGG) (Fall 2:22)

Delaware Valley 52, Bernards 15

190: Trevor Bowen (DVR) over Liam Annette (BERN) (Fall 1:21) 215: Matt Schneider (DVR) over Sam Weiss (BERN) (Fall 1:58) 285: Pablo Britez (BERN) over Tim Torrey (DVR) (Dec 4-3) 106: Owen Kucharski (DVR) over (BERN) (For.) 113: Jake Taylor (DVR) over (BERN) (For.) 120: Jaden Perez (DVR) over (BERN) (For.) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over Jackson Bush (DVR) (Dec 6-4) 132: Sam Kirkpatrick (DVR) over Mitch Dakin (BERN) (MD 15-2) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Jared Leeds (DVR) (Fall 0:59) 144: Tyler Austin (BERN) over Ben Levy (DVR) (Dec 6-3) 150: Brayden Schneider (DVR) over Jake Caldwell (BERN) (Dec 11-6) 157: Chris Colasurdo (DVR) over Alex Fragassi (BERN) (Fall 5:50) 165: Noah Sheeley (DVR) over David Brothers (BERN) (Fall 0:46) 175: Anderson Olcott (DVR) over Brady Walsh (BERN) (Dec 2-1)

Hunterdon Central 57, Bound Brook 16

132: Evan Thompson (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 138: Tyler Hays (BBH) over Eddie Klein (HCR) (MD 12-0) 144: Aidan Portnoy (HCR) over Youssef Sorour (BBH) (Fall 1:40) 150: Alexander Martinez (BBH) over Jay Wieder (HCR) (Fall 1:00) 157: Nehemiah Bugash (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 165: Thomas Brunetti (HCR) over Jeremiah Perez (BBH) (Fall 1:17) 175: Vincent Brito (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 190: Danny Internoscia (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 215: Ryan Seemon (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 285: Bennett Cayero (HCR) over Ronald Chinchilla (BBH) (Dec 1-0) 106: Peter Plesh (HCR) over (BBH) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Sean Markey (BBH) over Ryan Sherlock (HCR) (Fall 1:38) 126: William Cella (HCR) over (BBH) (For.)

North Hunterdon 45, Hillsborough 21

132: Nick DeLorenzo (NOHU) over Alex Villa (HILL) (Fall 0:46) 138: Daniel DeLusant (NOHU) over Brett Lockburner (HILL) (Fall 1:06) 144: Ian Hewitt (NOHU) over Matthew Miller (HILL) (Dec 5-1) 150: Brian Wilson (NOHU) over Dylan Patel (HILL) (Fall 2:38) 157: Tucker Lewis (NOHU) over Jacob McNerney (HILL) (Fall 3:04) 165: Jack Miller (HILL) over (NOHU) (For.) 175: Joseph Witcoski (HILL) over Luke Yager (NOHU) (Dec 5-4) 190: Alex Uryniak (NOHU) over Peter Quandt (HILL) (Fall 3:23) 215: Brendan Raley (NOHU) over Matthew Jones (HILL) (Dec 1-0) 285: Liam Akers (NOHU) over Christian Quandt (HILL) (Fall 1:53) 106: Logan McDermid (HILL) over Joseph Celentano (NOHU) (Dec 8-6) 113: Zachary Iannucci (HILL) over Grant Goldan (NOHU) (Fall 0:51) 120: Christopher Spinelli (HILL) over Ben Makaritis (NOHU) (Dec 3-1) 126: John VanDoren (NOHU) over Corey Iannucci (HILL) (Dec 7-0)

Union County

Westfield 57, Elizabeth 12

150: Richard DeRick (WEST) over Jacob Carreon (ELIZ) (Fall 2:27) 157: Cottler Vierschilling (WEST) over Jose Lamela (ELIZ) (Dec 6-2) 165: Michael Murphy (WEST) over (ELIZ) (For.) 175: Luke Vaccaro (WEST) over Freddy Gabin (ELIZ) (Fall 4:14) 190: James McDermott (WEST) over Varson Siryon (ELIZ) (MD 17-6) 215: Sergio Cabrera (WEST) over Ryan Black-Nealis (ELIZ) (MD 9-1) 285: Conor Reid (ELIZ) over (WEST) (For.) 106: Isabela Santos (ELIZ) over Max Rotter (WEST) (Fall 1:15) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Brandon Ribiero (WEST) over Joshua Estacio (ELIZ) (Fall 0:54) 126: Ethan Composto (WEST) over Daniel Morantes-Villanueva (ELIZ) (Fall 1:54) 132: Aidan Harper (WEST) over Sharan Jit (ELIZ) (MD 11-0) 138: Tyler Sontz (WEST) over Charles Diaz (ELIZ) (Fall 4:27) 144: Luke Jacobs (WEST) over Wesley Correa (ELIZ) (Fall 1:49)

Plainfield 41, New Providence 6

138: Justin Sanchez (PLAI) over (NEPR) (For.) 144: Tahrae Brown (PLAI) over Liam Smith (NEPR) (Fall 1:50) 157: Brenden Burgess (PLAI) over (NEPR) (For.) 165: Brandon Bright (PLAI) over (NEPR) (For.) 190: Alijah Burnett (PLAI) over (NEPR) (For.) 215: Jayden McIver (PLAI) over (NEPR) (For.) 285: Daniel Seib (NEPR) over Josue Cordoba (PLAI) (DQ) 126: David Broadway (PLAI) over Yehia Abdelrahman (NEPR) (Fall 0:43) (PLAI Unsportmanlike -1.0)

Governor Livingston 71, AL Johnson 6

106: Christian Sabatino (GLRH) over Zachary Belverio (ARJO) (Fall 1:18) 113: Henrique Ribeiro (GLRH) over (ARJO) (For.) 120: Scott Rayack (GLRH) over (ARJO) (For.) 126: Jason Rosenberg (GLRH) over Matthew Lordi (ARJO) (Dec 9-2) 132: Cristian Gioia (GLRH) over Ihor Parashchak (ARJO) (Fall 0:25) 138: Jack Sergio (GLRH) over Jake Vito (ARJO) (Fall 3:35) 144: Dante Gioia (GLRH) over Nicholas Pipala (ARJO) (TF 17-0 0:00) 150: Joseph Dasti (GLRH) over Dylan Perrotto (ARJO) (Fall 4:43) 157: Jake Kreisberg (GLRH) over Emilio Menicucci (ARJO) (Fall 1:42) 165: Theodore Scalora (GLRH) over Henry Nordstrom (ARJO) (Dec 3-1) 175: Nathan Faxon (GLRH) over Brandon Brown (ARJO) (Fall 1:07) 190: Terrence Hanratty (GLRH) over Vincent Pisano (ARJO) (Fall 0:30) 215: James Rubino (GLRH) over Sean Asgarlli (ARJO) (Fall 1:07) 285: Sean Kessock (ARJO) over Patrick Sheehan (GLRH) (Fall 0:38)

Tuesday, Jan. 4

Greater Middlesex Conference

North Brunswick 35, Spotswood 32

106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Andre Hamm (NBT) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 0:00) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) (TF 15-0 4:00) 132: Madden Obado (SPOT) over Omar Elhomossy (NBT) (Fall 0:00) 138: Krsitina Jaimes (NBT) over (SPOT) (For.) 144: Jomar Mena (NBT) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 0:00) 150: Anthony Garcia (NBT) over (SPOT) (For.) 157: Matt Varga (SPOT) over Natalie Fernandez Taveras (NBT) (Fall 0:00) 165: Korben Gibb (SPOT) over (NBT) (For.) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over (SPOT) (For.) 190: William Schwemmer (SPOT) over (NBT) (For.) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Hans Tejada (NBT) (Dec 5-2) 285: Arman Purohit (NBT) over Quarwee Walker (SPOT) (Fall 0:00) (NBT Ineligible Wrestler -1.0)

Saint Thomas Aquinas 66, South River 15

106: Chris Fogarile (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 113: Shray Patel (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 120: Reed Kerstetter (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 126: Brandon Fuentes (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 132: Dylan Zargo (SORI) over Samridth Keerthi (STA) (Fall 4:21) 138: Landon Kearns (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 144: Liam Zeh (STA) over Jake Conrad (SORI) (Fall 3:15) 150: John Howarth (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 157: Brian Mohabeer (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 165: Owen Disbrow (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 175: Kenny Coghan (STA) over (SORI) (For.) 190: Pedro Oliveira (SORI) over Aiden Sim (STA) (Fall 1:46) 215: Marcus Granadeiro (SORI) over Dom Paulino (STA) (Dec 3-2) 285: Brian Moyer (STA) over (SORI) (For.)

Old Bridge 40, Red Bank Catholic 28

106: Jacob Lucash (OLBR) over (RBCH) (For.) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Anthony DeGaetano (RBCH) (TF 16-0 0:00) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over (RBCH) (For.) 126: Jesse Koczon (OLBR) over Ryan Brown (RBCH) (TF 15-0 0:00) 132: Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) over (RBCH) (For.) 138: Marco Conroy (RBCH) over Rocco Celentano (OLBR) (MD 13-3) 144: Austin Miller (OLBR) over Dan Conroy (RBCH) (Dec 7-2) 150: Christian Ungemah (RBCH) over Isa McMillan (OLBR) (Dec 11-4) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Joe Calvacca (RBCH) (Fall 0:56) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Vincent Joseph Muscillo (RBCH) (Dec 5-1) 175: Sabino Portella (RBCH) over Avery Mack (OLBR) (Fall 0:44) 190: Michael Palmieri (RBCH) over Daniel Fishman (OLBR) (Fall 1:52) 215: Davin Brewton (RBCH) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (Fall 3:29) 285: Lorenzo Portella (RBCH) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (Dec 3-1)

Skyland Conference

Phillipsburg 34, Hunterdon Central 30

175: Thomas Brunetti (HCR) over Connor Hille (PHIL) (Dec 2-1) 190: Vincent Brito (HCR) over Caleb Rivera (PHIL) (Dec 1-0) 215: David Pierson (PHIL) over (HCR) (For.) 285: John Wargo (PHIL) over Bennett Cayero (HCR) (Dec 4-1) 106: Peter Plesh (HCR) over Dawson McWilliams (PHIL) (Fall 1:32) 113: Anthony Rossi (HCR) over Miguel Lopez (PHIL) (Fall 1:48) 120: Gavin Hawk (PHIL) over Ryan Sherlock (HCR) (Fall 1:15) 126: James Day (PHIL) over William Cella (HCR) (MD 12-4) 132: Luke Geleta (PHIL) over Evan Thompson (HCR) (Fall 5:48) 138: Henry Wilkinson (HCR) over Joe Innamorato (PHIL) (Inj. [time]) 144: Aidan Portnoy (HCR) over Liam Packer (PHIL) (Dec 1-0) 150: Matthew Donofrio (PHIL) over Jay Wieder (HCR) (Fall 0:25) 157: Hunter Cleaver (PHIL) over Nick Canonica (HCR) (MD 15-7) 165: Tanner Peake (HCR) over Nate Zastowny (PHIL) (Dec 5-0) (PHIL USP -1.0)

Monday, Jan. 3

Greater Middlesex Conference

Colonia 42, Sayreville 40

106: Aiden Petras (SWM) over (COLO) (For.) 113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over Ayaan Aziz (COLO) (Fall 1:37) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over John Metz (SWM) (Fall 0:10) 126: Wiliiam Marks (SWM) over Mateus Pessanha (COLO) (Fall 3:29) 132: Chris Schmitt (SWM) over Gavin Yannetta (COLO) (MD 11-0) 138: Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) over James Kehoe (SWM) (Fall 0:44) 144: Spiro Theologis (COLO) over (SWM) (For.) 150: Vincent Diaz (COLO) over David Sandoval (SWM) (Fall 2:57) 157: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Logan Goncalves (COLO) (Fall 2:42) 165: Michael Feliciano (COLO) over Paul Arias (SWM) (Fall 0:56) 175: Michael Torres (COLO) over Bryce Bouchard (SWM) (Fall 2:52) 190: Shawn Amer (COLO) over Sean Sylvester (SWM) (Fall 0:19) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Mazen Shatter (COLO) (Fall 1:02) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Ahmed Mohamed (COLO) (Fall 0:45)

Thursday, December 30

Greater Middlesex Conference

Sayreville 42, Middlesex/Dunellen 30

106: Double Forfeit 113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over (MIDD) (For.) 120: Kristian Torres (SWM) over (MIDD) (For.) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Wiliiam Marks (SWM) (Fall 1:37) 132: Jacob Platten (MIDD) over (SWM) (For.) 138: Chris Schmitt (SWM) over Brian Vargas Razo (MIDD) (Fall 3:27) 144: Double Forfeit 150: Alfred Platten (MIDD) over Emmanul Kuffour (SWM) (Fall 0:36) 157: Jariel Severino (SWM) over (MIDD) (For.) 165: Paul Arias (SWM) over (MIDD) (For.) 175: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over Luke Lecaros (SWM) (Fall 1:18) 190: Dakota Clark (MIDD) over Bryce Bouchard (SWM) (Fall 3:00) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over Luka Geneo (MIDD) (Fall 3:01) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:06)

Woodbridge 60, Middlesex/Dunellen 17

106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over (MIDD) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Andrew Roy (WOOD) over (MIDD) (For.) 126: Sam Kleiber (MIDD) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 2:50) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Jacob Platten (MIDD) (Fall 3:50) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Brian Vargas Razo (MIDD) (Fall 0:30) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over (MIDD) (For.) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Alfred Platten (MIDD) (Fall 2:50) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Jonathan Hines (MIDD) (Fall 1:00) 165: Nick D`Alessio (MIDD) over James Boelhower (WOOD) (TF 19-3 5:30) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Dakota Clark (MIDD) (Fall 0:47) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over Authur Eder (MIDD) (Fall 2:50) 215: Luka Geneo (MIDD) over (WOOD) (For.) 285: Elias Martinez (WOOD) over Jason Scott (MIDD) (Fall 1:00)

Woodbridge 50, Sayreville 29

106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over (SWM) (For.) 113: Cj McCrea (SWM) over (WOOD) (For.) 120: Xzavier Moe (WOOD) over Kristian Torres (SWM) (Fall 1:54) 126: Wiliiam Marks (SWM) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (TF 16-0 3:00) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Chris Schmitt (SWM) (MD 9-0) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over (SWM) (For.) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over (SWM) (For.) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Emmanul Kuffour (SWM) (Fall 0:21) 157: Jariel Severino (SWM) over Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) (Fall 2:50) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Paul Arias (SWM) (Fall 2:41) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Luke Lecaros (SWM) (Fall 0:03) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over Bryce Bouchard (SWM) (MD 9-0) 215: Ryan Bouchard (SWM) over (WOOD) (For.) 285: Connor Walsh (SWM) over Elias Martinez (WOOD) (Fall 1:54)

Wednesday, December 29

Bernards 45, Colonia

106: Double Forfeit 113: Ayaan Aziz (COLO) over (BERN) (For.) 120: Noah Bone (COLO) over Anthony Caceres (BERN) (Fall 0:50) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over Mateus Pessanha (COLO) (Fall 0:57) 132: Mitch Dakin (BERN) over Gavin Yannetta (COLO) (Fall 1:34) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Ibrahim Ghani (COLO) (Fall 1:26) 144: Jake Caldwell (BERN) over Spiro Theologis (COLO) (Fall 2:19) 150: Tyler Austin (BERN) over Vincent Diaz (COLO) (Dec 5-4) 157: Alex Fragassi (BERN) over Logan Goncalves (COLO) (Fall 2:35) 165: Michael Feliciano (COLO) over David Brothers (BERN) (MD 11-0) 175: Brady Walsh (BERN) over Michael Torres (COLO) (Dec 7-5) 190: Liam Annette (BERN) over Josias Pujols (COLO) (Dec 10-8) 215: Mazen Shatter (COLO) over Brandon Zarin (BERN) (Fall 1:52) 285: Pablo Britez (BERN) over Ahmed Mohamed (COLO) (Fall 1:36)

Wednesday, December 22

Greater Middlesex Conference

St. Joseph 69, New Brunswick 9

106: Tyler LeBrocq (SJM) over (NEBR) (For.) 113: Zachary Beadling (SJM) over Alfredo Lugos (NEBR) (Dec 7-0) 120: John Whitacre (SJM) over RODGER VASQUEZ (NEBR) (Fall 1:10) 126: Ryan Farley (SJM) over Dorian Pena (NEBR) (Fall 1:51) 132: Anthony Bistany (SJM) over Jaime Santiago (NEBR) (Fall 1:22) 138: David Rosenfarb (SJM) over Daivid Cruz (NEBR) (Fall 0:50) 144: Sebastian Blumberg (SJM) over Kevin Rodriguez (NEBR) (Fall 5:13) 150: Vincent Genna (SJM) over Darwin Cuadrado (NEBR) (Fall 0:40) 157: Evan Mendez (SJM) over KEVIN GARRIDO (NEBR) (Fall 0:31) 165: Mekai Mathews (SJM) over Jeffri Franco Figueroa (NEBR) (Fall 2:42) 175: Giovanni Spallino (SJM) over LUIS CAMARILLO (NEBR) (Fall 0:32) 190: Vito Giannetta (SJM) over Nelson Canales (NEBR) (Fall 1:04) 215: Henry Cuadrado (NEBR) over Joe Tulli (SJM) (Dec 12-7) 285: Bryand Garcia (NEBR) over (SJM) (For.)

Skyland Conference

North Hunterdon 67, Bound Brook 5

175: Luke Yager (NOHU) over Joseph Vargas (BBH) (Dec 14-7) 190: Alex Uryniak (NOHU) over Carlos Zamora (BBH) (Fall 0:40) 215: Brendan Raley (NOHU) over Carlos Angel (BBH) (Dec 4-0) 285: Liam Akers (NOHU) over Ronald Chinchilla (BBH) (Fall 1:25) 106: Joseph Celentano (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.) 113: Logan Wadle (NOHU) over Sean Markey (BBH) (MD 11-3) 120: Ben Makaritis (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.) 126: Joshua Joubert (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.) 132: John VanDoren (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.) 138: Nick DeLorenzo (NOHU) over Brian Hernandez (BBH) (Fall 1:16) 144: Evan Kinney (NOHU) over Youssef Sorour (BBH) (Dec 8-1) 150: Alexander Martinez (BBH) over Brian Wilson (NOHU) (TF 16-0 2:38) 157: Tucker Lewis (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.) 165: James Wachenheim (NOHU) over (BBH) (For.)

Hunterdon Central 47, Hillsborough 24

175: Jack Miller (HILL) over Vincent Brito (HCR) (Dec 9-8) 190: Joseph Witcoski (HILL) over Ryan Seemon (HCR) (Fall 1:46) 215: Matthew Jones (HILL) over Bennett Cayero (HCR) (Dec 5-4) 285: Christian Quandt (HILL) over Charles Cowart (HCR) (Fall 1:14) 106: Peter Plesh (HCR) over Logan McDermid (HILL) (MD 19-6) 113: Anthony Rossi (HCR) over Zachary Iannucci (HILL) (TF 16-0 4:26) 120: Christopher Spinelli (HILL) over Ryan Sherlock (HCR) (Fall 1:18) 126: William Cella (HCR) over Corey Iannucci (HILL) (MD 12-2) 132: Evan Thompson (HCR) over Alex Villa (HILL) (Fall 1:07) 138: Henry Wilkinson (HCR) over Brett Lockburner (HILL) (Fall 1:42) 144: Aidan Portnoy (HCR) over Giuseppe Cicciari (HILL) (Fall 1:04) 150: Jay Wieder (HCR) over Sullivan McNerney (HILL) (Fall 0:28) 157: Nick Canonica (HCR) over Jacob McNerney (HILL) (MD 19-5) 165: Tanner Peake (HCR) over Peter Quandt (HILL) (Fall 3:35)

Tuesday, December 21

Greater Middlesex Conference

North Brunswick Township 42, Highland Park 28

106: Double Forfeit 113: Double Forfeit 120: Ernie Botteon (HIPA) over Dayana Hoyos (NBT) (MD 10-0) 126: Ben Weiner-Goldsmith (HIPA) over Joceline Menes (NBT) (Fall 0:34) 132: Timothy DeGaetano (NBT) over (HIPA) (For.) 138: Jason Estrada (NBT) over (HIPA) (For.) 144: Jomar Mena (NBT) over (HIPA) (For.) 150: Xavier Erazo Hilario (NBT) over (HIPA) (For.) 157: Henry Roesener (HIPA) over Anthony Garcia (NBT) (Fall 2:33) 165: Seamus McKinnon (HIPA) over (NBT) (For.) 175: William Wilson (NBT) over Calvin Clark (HIPA) (Fall 3:52) 190: Joshua Mendoz (NBT) over Nick Merino (HIPA) (Fall 3:27) 215: Hans Tejada (NBT) over Fadhil Abdullatif (HIPA) (Fall 0:12) 285: Oscar Wolfe (HIPA) over Jaime Andino (NBT) (Fall 1:24)

J.F. Kennedy 45, Monmouth Regional 33

215: Cesar Bautista-Rojas (MORE) over Xavier Hernandez (JFIS) (Fall 1:45) 285: Emmauel Perez Quijano (JFIS) over Amaz Febles-Hewins (MORE) (Fall 1:32) 106: Ryan Walsh (MORE) over Cameron Daniels (JFIS) (Fall 0:40) 113: Jayden Acevedo (MORE) over Aiden Roche (JFIS) (Fall 1:10) 120: Ian Neill (MORE) over Alejandro Montalvo (JFIS) (Fall 3:18) 126: Markus Crespo (JFIS) over Dean Machado (MORE) (Fall 0:10) 132: Giovanni Maglione (JFIS) over Joshua Fetter (MORE) (Fall 2:25) 138: Mark Roche (JFIS) over Joseph Preziose (MORE) (Fall 1:21) 144: Alexander Rosario (JFIS) over Nasir Watson (MORE) (SV-1 3-1) 150: Johnathan Martinez (JFIS) over (MORE) (For.) 157: Derek Cistrelli (JFIS) over (MORE) (For.) 165: Yousef Abdelaal (JFIS) over Jack Ramsey (MORE) (Fall 1:02) 175: Matthew Britt (MORE) over (JFIS) (For.) 190: Joseph Camilleri (MORE) over Subtain Ali (JFIS) (Dec 8-5)

Old Bridge 44, Colts Neck 33

215: Eric Abbud (CONE) over Robert Orzol (OLBR) (Dec 4-3) 285: Matthew Jannucci (CONE) over Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) (Fall 3:34) 106: Mason Kowalski (OLBR) over Alexis Yale (CONE) (TF 16-0 0:00) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over Joseph Zamorski (CONE) (Fall 0:46) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over Julianna Pabon (CONE) (Fall 0:26) 126: Jesse Koczon (OLBR) over Michael Petruzzi (CONE) (Fall 1:33) 132: Michael Lyristis (CONE) over Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) (Fall 1:17) 138: Tyler Russ (CONE) over Rocco Celentano (OLBR) (Fall 4:00) 144: Austin Miller (OLBR) over Alex Wang (CONE) (Fall 3:09) 150: Isa McMillan (OLBR) over (CONE) (For.) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Christian Marcus (CONE) (Fall 0:55) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Joe Layton (CONE) (Dec 5-2) 175: Bradford Zajac (CONE) over Avery Mack (OLBR) (Fall 1:45) 190: Ben Rosen (CONE) over Daniel Fishman (OLBR) (Fall 3:13)

Skyland Conference

Delaware Valley 49, Hopewell Valley 9

165: Kevin Roman (DVR) over Alejandro Lopez (HVH) (Inj. [time]) 175: Noah Sheeley (DVR) over Chase Overman (HVH) (Fall 2:11) 190: Matt Schneider (DVR) over Dominic Chila (HVH) (Dec 4-1) 215: Sam Ronollo (HVH) over Trevor Bowen (DVR) (Dec 9-5) 285: Tim Torrey (DVR) over Jon Trainor (HVH) (Dec 7-2) 106: Owen Kucharski (DVR) over Luke Caldwell (HVH) (Fall 1:45) 113: Jake Taylor (DVR) over (HVH) (For.) 120: Robert Groogan (DVR) over Kyle Doherty (HVH) (Dec 9-2) 126: Allen Lopez (HVH) over Jackson Bush (DVR) (Dec 5-2) 132: Sam Kirkpatrick (DVR) over Michael Kennedy (HVH) (Fall 3:39) 138: Michael Meissner (HVH) over Russell Prouty (DVR) (Dec 7-1) 144: Ben Levy (DVR) over Tyler Hersh (HVH) (Dec 5-0) 150: Brayden Schneider (DVR) over Kiril Petrosian (HVH) (MD 12-2) 157: Chris Colasurdo (DVR) over Tim McKeown (HVH) (Dec 11-4)

Union County

Roselle Park 54, Scotch Plains-Fanwood 24

190: Robert Lerner (SPF) over (ROPA) (For.) 215: Boushi Siva (SPF) over (ROPA) (For.) 285: Kevin Osorio (ROPA) over Thomas Ricci (SPF) (Dec 5-1) : 106: Matthew Griffin (ROPA) over Ryan Ricci (SPF) (Fall 0:00) 113: Jason Torres (ROPA) over Tristan Sirmans (SPF) (Dec 5-2) 120: Salvatore Randazzo (ROPA) over Anthony Aponte (SPF) (Fall 0:00) 126: Brandon Au (SPF) over (ROPA) (For.) 132: Tyler Signorello (ROPA) over Michael Cantwell (SPF) (Fall 4:00) 138: Ryan Leiva (ROPA) over (SPF) (For.) 144: Angel Mejia (ROPA) over Benjamin Root (SPF) (Fall 2:54) 150: Julian Colon (ROPA) over Jack Burke (SPF) (Fall 2:00) 157: Julian Colon (ROPA) over Jack Burke (SPF) (Fall 4:00) 165: Brodie Robertson (SPF) over Omar Mafarjeh (ROPA) (Fall 0:00) 175: 175: John Ranieri (ROPA) over Robert Koch (SPF) (Fall 2:00)

Monday, December 20

Skyland Conference

Bernards 54, North Plainfield 24

106: David Verdugo (NOPL) over Owen Baird (BERN) (Fall 5:17) 113: Umair Malik (NOPL) over (BERN) (For.) 120: Ryan Vasconez (NOPL) over Anthony Caceres (BERN) (Fall 3:57) 126: Charlie Hunnewell (BERN) over Matthew Verdugo (NOPL) (Fall 1:12) 132: Mitch Dakin (BERN) over (NOPL) (For.) 138: Sean Hunnewell (BERN) over Kevin Villagomez (NOPL) (Fall 0:16) 144: Jake Caldwell (BERN) over Henry Cummings (NOPL) (Fall 4:59) 150: Tyler Austin (BERN) over Raja Hussain (NOPL) (Fall 0:40) 157: Alex Fragassi (BERN) over Abraham Guox (NOPL) (Fall 0:52) 165: David Brothers (BERN) over Jonathan Josias (NOPL) (Dec 8-2) 175: Brady Walsh (BERN) over Yobany Mejia (NOPL) (Fall 0:53) 190: Omar Elkhouli (NOPL) over Liam Annette (BERN) (Fall 0:32) 215: Brandon Zarin (BERN) over Iam Mendoza (NOPL) (Dec 9-7) 285: Pablo Britez (BERN) over Brian Santos (NOPL) (Fall 1:29)

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Saturday, December 18

Woodbridge 39, Hillsborough 37

106: Logan McDermid (HILL) over Angelo Campos (WOOD) (MD 8-0) 113: Dyanne Pelaez (WOOD) over (HILL) (For.) 120: Zachary Iannucci (HILL) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 3:00) 126: Christopher Spinelli (HILL) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 1:00) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Corey Iannucci (HILL) (Dec 5-2) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Brett Lockburner (HILL) (Fall 0:22) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over Matthew Miller (HILL) (Fall 0:33) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Giuseppe Cicciari (HILL) (Fall 0:57) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Sullivan McNerney (HILL) (Fall 3:50) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Jacob McNerney (HILL) (Fall 3:50) 175: Jack Miller (HILL) over Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) (Dec 6-0) 190: Joseph Witcoski (HILL) over Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) (Fall 3:50) 215: Matthew Jones (HILL) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Fall 0:50) 285: Christian Quandt (HILL) over Elias Martinez (WOOD) (Fall 1:40)

Hillsborough 34, Franklin 33

113: Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) over (HILL) (For.) 120: Christopher Spinelli (HILL) over Johan Aguilar (FRAN) (Dec 5-1) 126: Corey Iannucci (HILL) over Jayden Moore (FRAN) (Dec 9-4) 132: Bryant Lam (FRAN) over Brett Lockburner (HILL) (Fall 1:25) 138: Matthew Miller (HILL) over Javier Reategui (FRAN) (Dec 8-4) 144: Fernando Duran Rivera (FRAN) over Giuseppe Cicciari (HILL) (Fall 1:23) 150: Christopher Garcia (FRAN) over Sullivan McNerney (HILL) (Dec 12-10) 157: Malik Reid (FRAN) over Jacob McNerney (HILL) (Fall 3:18) 165: Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) over (HILL) (For.) 175: Jack Miller (HILL) over Brett Pallay (FRAN) (Dec 8-4) 190: Joseph Witcoski (HILL) over Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) (Fall 2:54) 215: Matthew Jones (HILL) over Elijah Roberts (FRAN) (Fall 0:49) 285: Christian Quandt (HILL) over Marvin Noyola (FRAN) (Fall 1:52) 106: Logan McDermid (HILL) over Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) (Dec 8-2) (HILL Criteria Tie Breaker 8-6 matches won 1.0)

Franklin 37, Woodbridge 34

120: Jayden Moore (FRAN) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 0:56) 126: Johan Aguilar (FRAN) over Xzavier Moe (WOOD) (Fall 2:46) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over Javier Reategui (FRAN) (Dec 6-2) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Bryant Lam (FRAN) (Fall 2:56) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over Fernando Duran Rivera (FRAN) (MD 10-0) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Christopher Garcia (FRAN) (Fall 1:49) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Malik Reid (FRAN) (Fall 2:19) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Ntim Afriyie (FRAN) (Dec 14-11) 175: Brett Pallay (FRAN) over Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) (Dec 1-0) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over Abraham Barahona-Ordonez (FRAN) (Fall 2:42) 215: Elijah Roberts (FRAN) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Fall 2:17) 285: Marvin Noyola (FRAN) over Elias Martinez (WOOD) (Fall 1:35) 106: Jahir Aguilar (FRAN) over Angelo Campos (WOOD) (MD 10-2) 113: Elvis Santos Perez (FRAN) over Dyanne Pelaez (WOOD) (Fall 0:13)

Friday, December 17

Greater Middlesex Conference

Monroe 56, Piscataway 13

113: Matthew Shumsky (MOTO) over (PISC) (For.) 120: Sam Alkema (MOTO) over (PISC) (For.) 126: Eshan Kadam (MOTO) over (PISC) (For.) 132: Brian Butler (PISC) over Aedan Boyle (MOTO) (Dec 4-1) 138: Jovanny Vera (MOTO) over Gabriel Lopez-Reyes (PISC) (TF 17-0 5:42) 144: Wyatt Olma (MOTO) over Jacob Martes (PISC) (Fall 2:36) 150: Josh Bouchard (MOTO) over Mikro Arevalo (PISC) (Dec 12-5) 157: Anthony Profaci (MOTO) over Jayden Bimpeh (PISC) (Fall 3:31) 165: Kareem Othman (MOTO) over Kuthab Ibrahim (PISC) (Dec 8-1) 175: Yianni Panzarino (MOTO) over Jude Adekanye (PISC) (Dec 6-1) 190: Omar Cholula-Conde (MOTO) over Jude Adekanye (PISC) (Fall 1:00) 215: Richard Boateng Baah (PISC) over Chris Guzzo (MOTO) (MD 12-1) 285: Malachi Wyatt (PISC) over John Douglas (MOTO) (Fall 1:06) 106: Nick Sousa (MOTO) over Marco Meneses (PISC) (Fall 1:00)

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Woodbridge 62, Spotswood 12

106: Angelo Campos (WOOD) over (SPOT) (For.) 113: Double Forfeit 120: Xzavier Moe (WOOD) over Colton Schmitz (SPOT) (Fall 5:30) 126: Tony Caron (SPOT) over Andrew Roy (WOOD) (Fall 4:00) 132: Michael Kalfa (WOOD) over (SPOT) (For.) 138: Tyler Boelhower (WOOD) over Melissa Wehrle (SPOT) (Fall 0:19) 144: Jacob Torres (WOOD) over Sean Ignotis (SPOT) (Fall 0:34) 150: Anthony Zecchino (WOOD) over Nick Marin (SPOT) (Fall 0:56) 157: Nicholas Di Lauro (WOOD) over Matt Varga (SPOT) (TF 16-1 4:40) 165: James Boelhower (WOOD) over Korben Gibb (SPOT) (Fall 0:12) 175: Gustavo DeOliveira (WOOD) over Nate Peck-Garcia (SPOT) (Fall 0:36) 190: Mario Carbonaro (WOOD) over William Schwemmer (SPOT) (Fall 1:01) 215: Connor West (SPOT) over Kaelyb Barahona (WOOD) (Fall 3:57) 285: Emmanuel Medina-Rodriguez (WOOD) over Quarwee Walker (SPOT) (Dec 3-1)

Old Bridge 71, East Brunswick 3

106: Mason Kowalski (OLBR) over Dylan McCaig (EBHS) (Fall 0:10) 113: Logan Roman (OLBR) over (EBHS) (For.) 120: Brandon Koczon (OLBR) over (EBHS) (For.) 126: Aedan Samson-Huggins (EBHS) over Jesse Koczon (OLBR) (Dec 5-1) 132: Jake Tenebruso (OLBR) over Vincent LaRocca (EBHS) (MD 12-1) 138: Rocco Celentano (OLBR) over Cullen Shamy (EBHS) (MD 16-5) 144: Austin Miller (OLBR) over Ismail Oudeh (EBHS) (Fall 1:47) 150: Isa McMillan (OLBR) over Bailey Cuomo (EBHS) (Fall 3:02) 157: Tyler Sagi (OLBR) over Joseph Quirez (EBHS) (Fall 1:31) 165: Daniel Hennessey (OLBR) over Sa`ar Hochman (EBHS) (Fall 2:56) 175: Avery Mack (OLBR) over Kyle Adrian Imperial (EBHS) (Fall 0:11) 190: Robert Orzol (OLBR) over Russell Novak (EBHS) (Dec 7-4) 215: Giovanni Falcone (OLBR) over Tyler Suhan (EBHS) (Fall 0:47) 285: Nicholas Caruso (OLBR) over (EBHS) (For.)

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Skyland Conference

Voorhees 69, Rutgers Prep 12

106: Logan Bush (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 113: Zach Burden (RPS) over (VGG) (For.) 120: Josh Evers (VGG) over Aryan Thakrar (RPS) (Fall 1:45) 126: Degan Davis (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 132: Hunter Cryan (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 138: Travis Cryan (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 144: Logan Wiecoreck (VGG) over Daniel Espinoza (RPS) (Fall 1:11) 150: Mike Mosier (VGG) over Preston Harduby (RPS) (Dec 5-2) 157: Evan Bekos (RPS) over Trevor Zabroski (VGG) (Fall 3:57) 165: Brandon Kurzeja (VGG) over Ryan Bathan (RPS) (Fall 1:36) 175: Luke Hufford (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 190: Zakry Bergmann (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 215: Jack Mosier (VGG) over (RPS) (For.) 285: Cameron Baumann (VGG) over Michael Onyekwere (RPS) (Fall 4:41)

Union County

Scotch Plains-Fanwood 60, Plainfield 24

150: Jaden Castro (PLAI) over Jack Burke (SPF) (Fall 4:00) 157: Brodie Robertson (SPF) over Michael Burnett (PLAI) (Fall 2:00) 165: Jordan Zambell (SPF) over Josiah Hutcheson (PLAI) (Fall 2:00) 175: Anthony Robinson (SPF) over Brandon Bright (PLAI) (Fall 0:00) 190: Robert Lerner (SPF) over Nelson Ramirez (PLAI) (Fall 0:00) 215: John Boyle (SPF) over (PLAI) (For.) 285: Josue Cordoba (PLAI) over Ethan Raderman (SPF) (Fall 0:00) 120: Ryan Ricci (SPF) over (PLAI) (For.) 126: Tristan Sirmans (SPF) over (PLAI) (For.) 132: Michael Brennan (SPF) over David Sevilla (PLAI) (Fall 0:00) 132: Tahrae Brown (PLAI) over Michael Cantwell (SPF) (Fall 2:00) 138: David Broadway (PLAI) over Brandon Au (SPF) (Fall 2:00) 144: Vincent Amato (SPF) over David Sevilla (PLAI) (Fall 0:00) 144: Benjamin Root (SPF) over Justin Sanchez (PLAI) (Fall 0:00)

The mat setup for the NJSIAA Individual Wrestling Championships at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City.
The mat setup for the NJSIAA Individual Wrestling Championships at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City.

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