Wristbands helping Delhi Unified return to in-person learning

Delhi Unified is rolling out new Temperature Alert Devices, a simple wristband for both students and staff that can track a fever.

Video Transcript

- A North Valley School District is turning to tech to track changing temperatures while students and staff return to campuses. Action News reporter Nathalie Granda spoke to school leaders at Delhi Unified about how the new wrist wear will ensure safety at schools.

NATHALIE GRANDA: There's already several safety measures in place, including student dividers and air purifiers. But school officials say this wristband is one extra layer of protection that will help keep COVID-19 out of the classroom.

- Just fill it out. And then next to your name, just put your grade.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Delhi High School senior Ivan Maldonado is getting ready to return to campus on Monday, and that includes picking up a new wearable tool that aims to keep him and his classmates safe in school.

IVAN MALDONADO: I just came to pick up my wristband for the temperature check. I mean, I think it's like-- it's smart and like safer for the students.

NATHALIE GRANDA: Delhi Unified is rolling out new temperature alert devices, a simple wristband for both students and staff that can track a fever. The light will stay green when temperatures are normal. It will then vibrate and the light will turn orange as temperatures climb, ultimately turning red if temperatures reach over 100 degrees.

JUAN GARCIA: If it turns a different color, then it's an awareness that the teacher now needs to act upon. And so then other protocols may be put in place.

NATHALIE GRANDA: District health officials say it's not only a way to track temperatures throughout the day, but it also allows them to act quickly and help avoid others from getting sick.

PATRICIA MARSH: Maybe they weren't feeling good, mom gave them a little bit of medicine. Now that medicine is wearing off and they have a temperature. We can tell almost right away. The watch is going to change color.

NATHALIE GRANDA: The added protection is on top of social distancing, Plexiglas, and temperature gun checks that are done as soon as kids step on campus.

ROSA GONZALEZ: It has made our check checking process a lot quicker.

NATHALIE GRANDA: So far 400 of these wristbands have been distributed to students and staff. And school officials say this small tool is going to make a big impact when it comes to getting more kids back in the classroom.

PATRICIA MARSH: It does increase the sense of safety, having the multiple measures in place.

NATHALIE GRANDA: And while the wristbands are optional, the district hopes to give one to every student and staff. In Merced County, Nathalie Granda, ABC 30 Action News.