Wuhan residents shop across barriers as lockdown eases

Residents in Wuhan - the original epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic - have been getting used to social-distancing shopping, as they venture back out whilst restrictions remain in place.

Grocery purchases are being made across the top of two-meter tall plastic barriers, with chairs and mobile phones all utilized to ensure they make the most of their elevated vantage points.

Barricades went up across the city after it was shutdown in late January due to the coronavirus, blocking shops from anyone disobeying lockdown orders.

But the restrictions have started easing amid a sharp drop in new local cases of the virus, enabling some to venture out and try to regain some of their normal daily routines.

One pork stall owner said on Wednesday (April 1) that with the barriers in place he was less worried about the infection and he felt safer not have large crowds around.

Sellers hung whiteboard signs saying they had vegetables, rice and oil for sale, and other food items were laid out on tables.

Shoppers then gestured and pointed to what they wanted to buy, with no one using paper money to transact.

Wuhan's lockdown is due to remain in place for another week.