Wuhan Shows the World Its Post-Coronavirus Future

Brendon Hong
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    Missing CoronaVirus 19 Facts by the Media in General

    1. the lack of preparation by governments highlights that the lessons of
    the 2008 SARS epidemic have been ignored
    2. failure to not quarantine Chinese fleeing Wahan was the first major
    mistake that set the epidemic in motion. There were reports of planes
    landing in Los Angeles and Toronto with no quarantine in place
    3. if people were issued masks and everyone wore them, transmission
    of the virus would have been greatly reduced - see Hong Kong stats
    4. the costs of preparation for an epidemic are miniscule in comparison
    to the results of a world wide epidemic
    5. the lack of a plan for an epidemic cost thousands of lives
    6. the failure to grasp the concept of quarantine early when the virus is
    first discovered is inexplicable
    7. the failure of government health advisers to bring the concepts of
    quarantine to the attention of the governments is inexplicable
    8. the failure to prepare for disinfecting used masks/equipement is another
    inexplicable failure by government and health officials
    9. governments were unwilling to impose fines on people who ignored
    the warnings about public gatherings
    10. there were government officials who permitted social gatherings for
    financial gains vs public safety. Spring Break was allowed to happen
    in Florida even after the epidemic was known
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    who knows
    Who honestly believes that they've stopped the virus in Wuhan and everything is just magically back to normal?
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    This is coming from someone who is very pro immigration. My wife is an immigrant. .

    However until China sorts out their issues with whatever is causing constant viral outbreaks to originate there than travel from there to here in the US should be banned. Any other snarrt country should followed suit.

    Offering companies some kind of incentive to move their manufacturing back here would also be great.
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    Astonishing statistic:

    In Queens, over 100,000 people were tested. 57% tested positive.

    Yet, it's supposedly nowhere to be found in Wuhan, China. A city larger than all 5 NYC boroughs combined!
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    Mark J
    Another article praising China, the country who caused this virus to start with!!! Gee thanks!!
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    Dotard Fantesticals
    Wuhan had been under lock down and multiple hospitals were being built in less than a week on Jan. 23. What was America doing at this time besides bragging about how well they have preventative measures in place? 10s of thousands were still enjoying themselves on the beaches at the beginning of April and critically depleted supplies were only ordered about one week ago.

    It's no wonder that China contained the virus in two weeks, had already shut down their temporary fully functioning hospitals one month after opening, and have released everybody from lock down at the beginning of March while America is considering mass graves for dead bodies because they ran out of room to store them in refrigerated semi trailers.

    Maybe it's time to beg them to send some real medical experts from China and South Korea to assess the situation!
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    The end of globalization
    Healthy nationalism
    Self reliance
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    A Yahoo User
    So Wuhan China invented it, leaked it somehow (either by selling contaminated bats, cats and dogs to a meat market for consumption or by some other carelessness.) Then they lied and continue to lie about it for damage control. I read in other articles where their crematorium has been running non stop since this started. Deaths there are most certainly in the 10's of thousands. We should bring all manufacturing back to the USA and tell China where to stick it.
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    Translation: Beijing Hired a Propaganda team to try to convince the west that their 21 mobile phone disappearances and ashes in urns being produced round the clock aren't real. rolf
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    LOL! The only thing the Chinese government has shown the world is that they cannot be depended upon to keep their "bugs" from escaping their level four super-lab, ALSO located in Wuhan