WVU Tech announces new culinary partnership

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — The Hospitality-Culinary program at WVU Tech welcomed award-winning chef Paul Smith to their ranks in a partnership that holds great promise for the culinary futures of its students.

Chef Smith owns three restaurants in the Charleston area and is chef-partner at several others.

“Well, WVU Tech’s culinary program is already fantastic, the facility is wonderful, it’s probably one of the best in the state,” said Smith. “So, what I think we can do together is utilize the network of restaurants, of chefs, that I have throughout the state, and number one, get the students real world experience while they’re still in school.”

Chef Smith also says he’s hoping to use his connections in the restaurant industry to offer these students a chance to intern at restaurants, hotels, and country clubs around the state.

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“It’s gonna be a great opportunity for our students to work with him and his team, to learn new skills, and just to gain some of his knowledge and experience,” said Director of the Hospitality-Culinary Program, Devin Noor-Mackowiak.

The WVU Tech Hospitality-Culinary program is a two-year program that teaches their students the ins and outs of the culinary, hospitality, and tourism industries.

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