WWE Legend The One Man Gang Needs Your Help In The Wake Of The Devastating Louisiana Floods

Via gofundme

George Gray, aka The One Man Gang, aka my forever problematic fave Akeem the African Dream, needs your help. The pro wrestling legend is one of millions affected by the devastating floods in Louisiana, after what’s being called the worst disaster in the United States since Superstorm Sandy. According to Gray, FEMA declared his neighbourhood a “no flood zone” and thus they did not have flood insurance, nor will their insurance company be covering any of the damages. Now he finds himself unable to recover what his family has lost on his own.

Recently, as many of you know, The Great Flood of ’16 came and smashed into Southern Louisiana where our family home for 25 years in Central, LA received 4′ of water inside it. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to do a 747 Splash and send that water back up the street crying for its momma. Thankfully though our son was house sitting while I was in Georgia doing a meet n greet signing & was able to save all 8 cats, 2 dogs & a lizard. However almost everything my wife & I ever owned was ruined.

All the beds, couches, appliances, electronics, clothes, basically everything in the entire house was destroyed while submerged for 3 days. A lifetime of wrestling memorabilia, wrestling videos & family albums were among the most irreplaceable.

You can donate to his GoFundMe relief fund here, as well as view more updates on his current situation.

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