WWF calls for Government to do more on nature and climate action ahead of Earth Hour

WWF's executive director of advocacy and campaigns, Kate Norgrove, calls for the Government to do more on nature and climate action ahead of Earth Hour - an international event which will see lights go off across the world for an hour from 8.30pm to urge action to save the planet.

Video Transcript

- So Earth Hour is a moment, it is an hour this evening at 8:30 PM, where we're encouraging people to join the big switch off of their lights at home, and then we're asking people to go one step further and do their bit for our planet, which is our shared home. So this last year has shown us how connected we all are, how our actions have an impact on others, and how others impact us. So we're asking people to think about their own environmental footprint and take steps to reduce it with WWF's My Footprint app.

I mean, what a year it's been. 2021 is the start of this critical decade for climate and nature, and this year, leaders from across our world will make decisions on how climate and nature targets that will impact our future and the future of our planet. So if we act now, by 2030, nature and wildlife could be recovering all around us. We could have green jobs, clean air, and a healthier future for the next generation. If we don't take action now and our governments and businesses don't take action now, then it's going to be a difficult future for us also. Now is most definitely the time.

We've also got Cop26 coming up at the end of the year, which is a big, global meeting where governments from all around the world will come to Glasgow, and we need our government to keep 1.5 degrees on the table, so to keep temperature rises at or below 1.5 degrees. It's a big challenge, but we think the government can do it, so that's what we're reaching for.

There is actually quite a lot of approval and support for action on nature and climate in this country. More than 70% of people agree that nature and climate need to be protected, so that's really good news. And now our government needs to do much more to ensure that that is taken forward.