Wyoming community raises $3K for owner of stranded car

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Around the turn of the new year, a burgundy Mazda was left in the parking lot of TwoGuys Brewing in Wyoming. The owners didn’t know who it belonged to.

“If it’s yours or you know who it belongs to please reach out ASAP or we will have to have it towed. Our plow service needs to be able to do their job. Thanks!” brewery management wrote in a Facebook post last week.

TwoGuys Brewing eventually found out a young man owned the car but was not able to make contact with him. So after a while, it announced on the Facebook post that the car would be towed. To cover the cost, the brewery took up a collection and contributed the first $50.

“If you want to help out a person struggling in real life even $5-10 would help!” it wrote on Facebook.

Patrons donated some funds.

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Then, on the day the car was set to be towed, the 21-year-old owner showed up with a mechanic, according to brewery owner Amy Payne. Another post went up on Facebook.

“We are asking if you can help a kid out with car repairs. They have no idea what is wrong with it yet or how much it will cost. What we want you to know is any money over and above what he needs will be donated hyper-locally,” the post said.

The community showed up. Through payment apps and in person at TwoGuys’ taproom on Porter Street and Byron Center Avenue, people contributed more than enough money to cover the tow and car repairs. In all, nearly $3,200 had been raised over 150 separate donations by Monday morning.

“They have ranged from one kind lady donating $500 to MANY between $5 and $50,” Payne wrote in an email to News 8.

A couple of guys even showed up to check out the car — though it had already been towed to a shop by then, Payne said. A mechanic offered to do the next oil change for free.

“We are speechless. This young man has been blessed beyond words with a community of loving and generous people. His car repairs will be covered for him. Can you just imagine how blessed he is going to feel? How much love will be in HIS heart? You have improved our city in a huge way!!” the brewery updated its Facebook post.

Payne said what happened speaks to the heart of the community.

“We are in an amazing neighborhood with amazing people and there is nothing they will not do for each other,” Payne wrote.

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The extra money will be donated to The Attic, an after-school program for teens run by Wyoming Harbor Church, which Payne says has been a partner with TwoGuys since the brewery opened.

“(We) find their grassroots approach and their mentality of ‘meeting people right where they are’ aligns with our beliefs very closely. … The Attic was established many years ago at (Beverly Reformed Church) so when Wyoming Harbor took over the space they took over the program as well and have really worked hard to make it a comfortable place and space. And because it is about .25 of a mile from us and they work with local kids it speaks to our hearts,” she wrote.

The 21-year-old car owner “was very emotional,” Payne said.

“I can also say that would have been life altering to myself at 21. We were just out of the military with two babies. A broken-down car was not something we could have handled financially without help and basic living expenses are much higher now than they were then,” she wrote.

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