Xander Ford's name taken away from Marlou Arizala

24 Apr – Xander Ford is Xander Ford no more, as Star Image Artist Management recently announced that it has taken away the rights to Marlou Arizala's stage name.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the company recently shared a poster bearing the words "Search for the Next Much Deserving Xander Ford", and claiming that Arizala, who was given the name before, has committed a breach of contract.

The Facebook post, which was posted on 22 April, read as follows: "The story started when Marlou Arizala, came to Star Image office and asked for help to revive his dying career. The management seen the potential and convinced with his sincerity so he was signed a management contract. Month after, Star Image immediately started the planning for a transformation to boost his career. This was a big challenge and gamble for Star Image, since Marlou is widely known with his bad image and dubbed by most netizens as "CANCER" in social media.

"The name XANDER FORD has been given to Marlou by his managers Sir David and Sir Vince, owners of Star Image, to introduce his new character / Alter Ego as a Kind, Well-mannered, humble and Responsible Artist, and mainly to set a good example and inspire people especially the Filipino youth.

"The physical transformation was spearheaded and conceptualized by Star Image Artist Management, in cooperation with ABS-CBN TV Program Rated K and through the efforts of our valued brand partners such as The Icon Clinic, Prettylooks, Dr. John Crespo Dental Center and others.

"The transformation became a worldwide phenomenon. But unfortunately, Marlou slowly been consumed by his temporary fame and the attitude towards work and colleagues became worse. It came to a point that he said "I never wanted this fame and to work in showbiz. I just wanted to look good!"

The company also listed some of the controversies involving Arizala, including yelling at ABS-CBN Marshals and boastfully asking them if they don't know who he is, getting his "Gandang Gabi Vice" appearance cut from broadcast due to his unprofessionalism towards the production staff, and went missing deliberately hid from his management "due to advices from his friends, peer pressure and allegedly under influence of Marijuana and alcohol (according to a reliable source)".

"As of July 2018, Marlou Arizala was given the highest disciplinary action which is "INDEFINITE SUSPENSION" due to breach of contract, violating the signed Memorandum of Agreement under Section 3 (Confidentiality and Non-disclosure), Section 4 (Exclusivity) and Section 5 (Performance and Attitude). Which means, we cannot allow him to participate any events or engagements without our consent and approval, until we waive the suspension. This is also to give him a lesson. But Marlou is a hopeless case. He can't follow even a simple direction. Such a stubborn unprofessional individual," the company added.

Adding insult to injury, the company also announced that they have decided to find the new and "Rightful Person" to bear the name Xander Ford and become a good role model to all.

At the same time, the company stressed that Arizala is still under Star Image Artist Management and unauthorized bookings and engagements made without the management consent or approval will be recorded as illegitimate and will be used to file a legal case against parties involved.

(Photo Source: Star Image Artist Management)