Xscape Addresses The Drama of The Dress Following The Soul Train Awards

Photo:  Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic (Getty Images)
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic (Getty Images)

Though the Soul Train Awards may have aired a week ago, the 2022 Lady of Soul award-winning group Xscape still can’t seem to get past their issues. Recently, three members of the foursome, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Kandi Burress, and Tameka Scott addressed some of the drama they’ve been dealing with during a radio interview, and no, things do not yet seem amicable.

While all of us at home weren’t able to enjoy the awards show until it hit the BET network on the 26th of November, the show was taped nearly two weeks earlier. Almost immediately after, photos of the event’s red carpet started to circulate and people began to wonder if fourth member (and sister to Tameka), LaTocha Scott, deliberately chose to set herself apart from the group by going outside of what seemed to have been a prearranged styling. While the other three members made an appearance in silver-toned and rose-gold dresses with crystal embellishments, LaTocha stood out in a bold and vibrant green number with a wide gold belt. The internet ran wild with its commentary, stating that LaTocha was behaving like a “diva” by not wanting to match the rest of the ladies.

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The estranged singer then wanted to apparently set the record straight by releasing a statement, declaring that she knew nothing of the group’s plan to coordinate. Kandi then refuted this claim by stating that LaTocha chose to have a different stylist than the rest of the women. While LaTocha is having to manage some personal messiness involving her husband’s alleged affair with a woman now claiming to be pregnant, the trio continues to speak on the drama of the dress.

“The mess about the dress,” Tameka Scott begins in the interview clip seen here, “Kandi, Tiny, nor myself said anything about the dress. We actually thought she looked really beautiful.” The other two ladies nod in agreement.

“But to say that the memo wasn’t given…Tiny actually had a conversation” Scott’s voice trails off before Tiny interjects.

“Yeah. Me and her had a conversation just the night before when we were leaving rehearsal.” Tiny shares about the incident. “And she asked me…what everybody was wearing. I just told her that Tameka had a red dress, and…Kandi has a rose gold, and I have on a clear, crystal type [of] dress.”

“She was like, ‘A red dress?’” Tiny begins mimicking LaTocha’s response. “‘She’s gonna stand out. It’s gonna look a mess, we’re not gonna look cohesive, and we’re not gonna look like a group, but whatever.’”

Tiny goes on to recount how she told LaTocha that maybe Tameka would change her mind, but that she’s “stubborn,” and that she might not want to change her look. LaTocha apparently told Tiny that her dress was gold, further prompting her to try to sway Tameka to let the red dress go. While everyone was unsure how it would turn out, it wasn’t until the day of the show that Tiny and Kandi saw that Tameka had changed her mind after all, showing up in a metal toned ensemble very similar to their own. However, when LaTocha showed up on the scene, her look was drastically different than she had initially described it to Tiny.

“I was like T, you told me you had a gold dress on,” Tiny details the communication between the two on the day of the event. She shared that LaTocha brushed it off by saying that she was wearing gold accessories.

The ladies insist throughout the clip that it wasn’t a big deal to them, and that the incident sadly ended up overshadowing the award that they’d been honored with.

“We didn’t realize that it would blow up to be as big of a deal as it was,” Kandi stated. “It was more talk about the dress than it was about the award itself. And that was like a lifetime achievement for us, so…nobody wanted that.”

We hope the ladies can one day resolve their issues. There would be nothing better to see the four of them on tour together.

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