Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Was A Standout On The Soul Train Awards' Blue Carpet, But For The Wrong Reason

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Things have been a little rocky lately for the legendary R&B group Xscape, and there has been some miscommunication that has member LaTocha Scott in the spotlight. The latest breakdown involved a wardrobe mishap when the trailblazing girl group was honored at the Soul Train Awards. Scott, along with group members Kandi Burruss, Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle and her sister, Tamika, received the Lady of Soul Award.

The ladies appeared on the blue carpet, with one of them looking a little out of place. Three members showed up in nude-toned, diamond-bedazzled gowns while Scott stuck out in a green silk dress with a gold belt. Although Scott looked just as beautiful, she clearly didn’t get the memo.

Scott posted the carpet appearance of the ladies on her Instagram and had some thoughts about being the odd one out.

The singer captioned the post, “Still on a high from last night.So Grateful to receive the #LadyOfSoul Award. To still be embraced after 29 years is very humbling. Thank you to all of the Xscape Fans who’ve supported us throughout the years, and Thank you to BET for giving us our flowers. Make sure you tune in to the #SoulTrainAwards on November 26th to see us do our thing.”

She added, “Sorry, I didn’t get the memo, but everyone still looked amazing.”


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Fans pointed out how this made Scott look even more out of the loop.

Scott quickly confirmed that she was left in the dark. But then fellow group member Burruss made everyone aware that this was all on Scott.

@TheNeighborhoodTalk captured the moment Burruss called out Scott for spreading false narratives.

In the second slide, a fan came to Scott’s defense on why she didn’t look the part.

User @Latice777 commented, “Maybe @LaTocha didn’t know the dress code or what the other ladies planned on wearing; maybe she honestly didn’t know!! Did you all think of that? And she is not required to dress like the other ladies; none of them had to dress similar!! This is a celebration of Xscape as Artists, their longevity, and their incredible music, not about how they are dressed…”

Scott agreed but didn’t miss the chance to throw a little shade, responding, “@Latice777, thank you! Because they didn’t tell me anything. It’s more to this than people know.”

Burruss caught wind of the jab and threw in her two cents, commenting, “@LaTocha, the only thing for people to know is that you chose to have a separate stylist from the rest of the group. You chose to separate yourself, do not blame us for that. Stop continuing to put out false narratives.”

In an additional slide The Neighborhood Talk blog provided some evidence of the stylist giving direction to Scott about her outfit choice for that night.

They shared a screenshot of a text from @JonTheStylist.

In the text, Jon asked the Scott, “What’s the color scheme for the carpet?”

Scott responded, “No scheme, I would just say now black just a solid color.  I think just glamorous and long.”

Jon, possibly showing some form of intuition, replied, “I was just thinking cohesive picture! But gothca, it will be a gown of some sort.”

It was never made clear if the mix-up was just a matter of miscommunication or if the stylist intentionally wanted his client to stick out.