The Xupermask Is Here... Just In Time?

Xupermask - it's xtra xpensive. #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

Video Transcript

- Artist and entrepreneur, unveiling his own high tech face mask. It has three fans along with a high efficiency filter plus Bluetooth, so you could connect it to your phone. The mask also has noise-canceling audio, a mic, and LED lights. Xupermask, that's what I'm going to call it, launches for $300.

BJORN UMLAUT MENDELSHONE: Oh, hello. I'm Bjorn Umlaut Mendleshone. When I heard that the man who wrote my hommes wanted to enter the medical equipment industry, I said boom, boom, pow. Mr. I am's pitch was simple, how do we make something that's very expensive, but it will also be almost immediately obsolete? Introducing Xupermask. And that xuper with an X because it's xtra xpensive.

The Xupermask uses state of the art bandanna technology combined with elements that don't add any health benefits whatsoever. LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, so now you can sink your chin and utilities allowing you to adjust your thermostat with your face. The Xupermask also comes equipped with noise canceling headphones, which dampens all outside sound like people shouting, hey, why are you still wearing that stupid $300 mask when you can't get a free vaccine? The Xupermask by, xafe and xtylish. Let's get it started. And coming soon, Apple the app surround sound pandemic laughs gloves.


It's a late show with Stephen Colbert.