‘Y’all know I’m crazy:’ Tennessee woman accused of setting father’s home on fire

A Memphis woman was arrested after she allegedly set her father’s home on fire in an attempt to get him to move into a retirement home.

Video Transcript

- Look closely. People living in a North Memphis neighborhood tell us this surveillance video shows the moment a house was set on fire. You can see what looks like a small explosion, then an orange glow in the back of the home, then a person walking away.

This video from moments before shows someone walking to the home with something in their hand. People we talked to say that someone is 27-year-old Cherry Adams. Records show the fire actually happened back in March.

Since then, the damaged home of Hubert Avenue has been undergoing repairs. Memphis Police say Adams' brother told them he was smoking weed with her when she told him she was going to put their dad in a retirement home.

When her brother asked how she was going to do that, Adams told him she was going to get $3 worth of gas, some vodka, and a beer bottle to burn the house down.

He also claims Adams told him, quote, y'all know I'm crazy, so all I will get is six months. Police said the fire did $45,000 worth of damage. Neighbors tell us everyone who was at the home at the time the fire made it out safely.

In North Memphis, Shay Arthur WREG News Channel 3