Yachting - Crew safe after Kiwis capsize in America's Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand skippered by Peter Burling is seen capsizing at the race start in race 5 of the 35th America's Cup Challenger Playoffs Semi-finals on June 6, 2017 in Bermuda's Great Sound. (AFP Photo/Mark Lloyd )

- Emirates Team New Zealand capsized spectacularly to cap a chaotic day of America's Cup racing on the wind-whipped waters of Bermuda's Great Sound. All crew members were reported safe as the race against Ben Ainslie's Land Rover BAR was black-flagged and support crews rushed to the aid of the crippled Kiwi catamaran. The New Zealand boat rose on its hydrofoils rapidly just before the start and lost control, its bows plunging into the water before the boat flipped sideways, its massive fixed wing sail in the water. Three of the crew remained in their cockpits in one hull suspended high above the water, while the other three went overboard. "I was very thankful when I was sitting up top to be able to look out back and see all their heads above water," said New Zealand helmsman Peter Berling. "We've all got a few bruises and cuts and bits and pieces, but nothing major."